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Injuries at children: first aid. Face and head: 6 most dangerous places of

Each parent faced that the child gets different injuries. At once to rush to doctors, to call “ambulance“ or to tell:“ Itself will begin to live“? Not to go into extremes or into panic, to soberly assess a situation and to help the child, the minimum medical knowledge is necessary.

at children`s age are inevitable

of the Trauma. Despite all tricks of parents to secure the house by means of installation of smart locks on boxes, caps on acute angles of furniture, children manage to get “fighting wounds“. Well, and when the child becomes more senior, it is impossible to avoid falling and bruises at all. Hills, roundabouts, bicycles, scooters involve grazes and bruises. You should not worry concerning each scratch, however it is necessary to know about rules of first aid at different types of injuries. Today we will talk from injuries of the head and person.

of the Injury of the head

They happen opened and closed. At open wounds soft fabric and bones of a skull is damaged that can lead to an inflammation in covers and in brain substance. In this situation it is necessary to cause immediately crew of “ambulance“ and to hospitalize the child. At the closed injuries soft fabrics and bones remain whole (small grazes and scratches it is not counted), but the swelling appears. It is possible to remove hypostasis, having put to the place of a bruise for 5 - 10 minutes a bubble with ice or the towel moistened in cold water.

Disturbing symptoms which have to guard parents, - drowsiness, lack of appetite, nausea, a headache. As a rule, it is the signs of the arisen neurologic problems testifying to concussion or hemorrhage. Therefore even at an insignificant trauma it is desirable within 24 - 48 hours after falling to show the kid to the expert and to pass the full inspection including ultrasonography, MRT (magnitno - a resonant tomography), CT (computer tomography) which will allow to establish extent of damages and to develop adequate tactics of treatment.

of the Lip

One of the most widespread injuries - injury of a lip. As a result of unsuccessful falling or blow the hematoma is formed, the lip swells, hurts, bleeds. It is necessary to wash out as soon as possible a wound a large amount of water, to put ice for a stop of bleeding and for several minutes to press a piece of a sterile gauze or a cotton scarf to a lip. When the wound strongly bleeds, it is worth imposing 2 - 3 layers of gauze napkins, having fixed them by a plaster or elastic bandage. Such compress will press slightly on a wound and by that will help to stop bleeding.

Within 3 - 4 days should process a lip the wadded tampon moistened in solution of Furacilin, a fukortsin or camomile broth and to spryskivat miramistiny for disinfection. In case of a serious trauma when the lip strongly of a rassechen, is better to bring the child at once to hospital where the surgeon will examine the kid and if necessary will impose a seam. Otherwise the wound will begin to live, but on its place not esthetic thickening which will be possible to be eliminated only by means of plastic surgery is formed.

the Eyebrow

At an eyebrow section parents are often frightened by

the plentiful bleedings which are followed by hypostasis and hematomas. The cold compress will help to remove hypostasis, and the wound should be washed out hydrogen peroxide to exclude risk of infection and to stop bleeding. When a cut small, it is possible to manage brilliant green and a bactericidal plaster. But in case of a large graze the help of the surgeon is necessary for imposing of a seam. Besides at strong pollution of a wound (we will assume, the eyebrow was a rassechena blow of a stone or owing to falling from the bicycle) it is necessary to define whether it is worth doing a tetanus inoculation.

the Nose

To 7 - summer age nose cartilages very soft and really do not break. Over the years nasal partitions become firm, and even at small blow the change is possible. Frontal arches and nose - areas which most of all swell after blow there is hypostasis and hematomas therefore it is necessary to put to the hurt place ice at once. Hypostases and hematomas keep several days and prevent to estimate degree of a trauma and deformation.

to avoid the wrong merging of bones, by all means it is necessary to show the child to the otorhinolaryngologist who will appoint a X-ray analysis and will perform inspection, establishing change type (with shift, without shift) and expressiveness of hypostasis. After inspection the doctor will make the exact diagnosis. Perhaps, the child will need operation which will be performed in 5 - 7 days when hypostasis falls down.


Choosing a hospital, take an interest where do operations under the general anesthesia. If in hospital carry out the general anesthesia, so in staff specially trained anesthesiologist works, and doctors will be able to perform operation qualitatively and comfortably for the child.

When at the child long there do not pass bruises (or appear in itself without the visible reasons), it is necessary to pass inspection. Perhaps, the kid has violations of functions of platelets - it the disease is quite often descended, and the doctor - the geneticist will be able to determine it by the analysis of DNA.


In rare instances at strong blows the kid can lose tooth. When dairy is beaten out, it is necessary to wash out the child`s mouth water, to put a cold compress and to address the children`s stomatologist.

In the same case when the second tooth took off, should take carefully it for a crown (the top part of tooth which is visible in a mouth), trying not to touch a root not to damage the connecting fabric necessary for healing of tooth. Then accurately to wash cool water without soap or detergents, to pack into the pure container filled with milk, the added some salt water or saliva and to hurry in dental clinic - for carrying out a reimplantation. You remember: tooth is quickly dehydrated therefore it is impossible to hesitate. The forecast of “survival“ of teeth of subjects is higher, than quicker you will come to the expert. Even if subsequently reimplantirovanny tooth will begin to blacken, operation is useful as it helps to avoid atrophy of a bone tissue of a jaw that will give the chance to put an implant at adult age.

of the Cheek

of the Cheek - especially vulnerable part of the face through which there passes the set of blood vessels and nerves. At damage external or inside of a cheek carefully wash out a wound water (at external wound in addition process the sterile gauze tampon moistened in hydrogen peroxide) and within 12 hours show the child to the surgeon. In certain cases hospitalization - for inspection and imposing of a seam will be required.

At slight injuries it is regularly necessary to disinfect within several days a wound. Internal cuts - to rinse broths or infusions of a sage, flowers of a camomile, a calendula, St. John`s Wort. The good effect gives also warm unsweetened tea. If the child is not able to rinse a mouth yet, gather solution antiseptics in a rubber pear or the syringe without needle and inject rinsing into a mouth. Besides, offer the kid warm (but not hot or cold) food of a semi-fluid consistence, for example, cream soups or soft cutlets and boiled vegetables. Temporarily exclude from a pickles diet, sour and sweet dishes.