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Chocolate: decoration of cakes, cakes, candies - the hands of

by means of the French encyclopedia of chocolate we will try to join art to a shokolatya. Yes, some tools will be necessary (for example, the thermometer for measurement of temperature of chocolate), it is necessary to get a certain skill... But from - under your hands there will be thinnest chocolate leaves and scales which so strike us on factory cakes and cakes. And will be to cover with chocolate glaze the candies made by the hands as easy as shelling pears!

Tempering of chocolate for a kuvertyur (chocolate glaze)

Tempering of chocolate - operation as a result of which it gains special gloss and the quality allowing to put it with a thin layer and to make of it various jewelry for cakes, cakes, candies. It is possible to Temperirovat only culinary chocolate which is specially intended for preparation of confectionery as it it is essential more tekuch, than tiled. Process of tempering does not depend on amount of the chocolate necessary for implementation of this or that recipe.

Tile of culinary chocolate (dark, dairy or white) weighing 300 g
15 min.
Preparation: about 5 - 6 min.

  1. Crush bitter chocolate a knife - a file and fill 200 g in a bowl. Kindle chocolate in a pan on a water bath, watching that the bowl did not concern a pan bottom. Slowly stir slowly with a wooden spoon as it is necessary for measurement of temperature of chocolate that it was completely kindled. Temperature is taken by the electronic thermometer and has to reach 55 ° Page.

  1. Immediately remove liquid chocolate from a water bath and pour into it the remained 100 g of the crushed chocolate. Put a bowl with chocolate in other bowl, the bigger size, having filled it with water and having added 4 - 5 cubes of ice. From time to time stir slowly the kindled chocolate as it will begin to stiffen at the edges. Again take temperature: it has to go down to 27 ° S. Vprochem, for cooling up to this temperature it is optional to put chocolate in a bowl with ice - enough it simply from time to time to stir slowly.

  1. As soon as chocolate will cool down up to the specified temperature, again put a bowl on a water bath. Very much you watch closely heating of chocolate as its temperature has to remain low. Slowly stir slowly with a wooden spoon. Take temperature: it has to be in the range of 30 - 33 ° Page. Chocolate of the necessary temperature is ready to application.

Drawing a layer of the chocolate on candies and other sweets

of 400 g of chocolate (dark, dairy or white) kindled and tempered.

  1. Candy or any other similar product intended for drawing a chocolate layer on it put 15 min. on a fork tip. Carefully ship a fork in the kindled and tempered chocolate and take out, having taken several seconds over chocolate that its surplus flew down in a bowl.

  1. Several times carefully carry out

    by the lower party of a fork at the edges of a bowl with the kindled chocolate that the lower layer of a chocolate covering became thin. On a board spread the sheet of culinary paper. Put on it a fork and a tip of a knife shift from a fork on paper the product covered with chocolate.

Chocolate scales

For 80 pieces
of 400 g of the
dark chocolate Preparation:

For production of this and following ornament to you needs 30 min. a leaf of a rodoid. Rodoid - sheet food polyvinylchloride, transparent semifixed material which plates use for molding and hardening of tempered chocolate. Is on sale in specialized shops. Ornament elements easily separate from a leaf of a rodoid and have a brilliant surface.

On a marble slab spread a leaf of a rodoid. Crush chocolate a knife - a file and a temperiruyta. Pour tempered chocolate in a pastry bag with a smooth nozzle № 8 also transplant on rodoid in the portions of the size of hazelnut or gather a spoon and display. The end of a metal shovel press on every portion to give them the form of scales. Keep products in the refrigerator, without removing from a rodoid.

Thin chocolate plates

For 30 leaves from the
milk chocolate of 260 g of the
milk chocolate Preparation: 30 min.

  1. Crush chocolate a knife - a file and a temperiruyta. Cut out squares with the party of 20 cm from 3 sheets of a rodoid. Put one of squares on the sheet of culinary paper. In the center lay out tempered chocolate. By means of a long metal shovel distribute chocolate an even layer. Raise corners of a rodoid two long shovels and quickly take away shovels that the leaf fell to a table again. At the same time the surface of chocolate will be smoothed. Do the same with 2 other sheets of a rodoid.

  1. Place chocolate for several minutes in the refrigerator for hardening. As soon as chocolate slightly hardens, get sheets from the refrigerator. Make a cliche of 4 in size of a cardboard or a rodoid × 10 cm. Put it on chocolate and lead round a knife tip. Again put chocolate bars in the refrigerator for several minutes for hardening.

  1. Each leaf with chocolate cover

    with the second leaf of a rodoid and press from above a baking sheet that edges of sheets were not bent up. Take in the refrigerator several minutes. Remove the second leaf of a rodoid. Cut a rectangle on the planned contours, without waiting until chocolate completely hardens. Before each section carefully wipe a knife.

Chocolate leaves of an ostrolist

of 100 g of chocolate (dark, dairy or white)
Preparation: 30 min.
Cooling: 15 + 30 min.

  1. Crush chocolate a knife - a file and a temperiruyta. Wipe leaves of an ostrolist together with scapes with damp cotton fabric and carefully dry. Dip a tip of a pure and dry brush into tempered chocolate. Carefully shake surplus of chocolate. Holding a leaf for a scape, “paint“ its lower party from the middle to edges, watching that chocolate did not get on other party of a leaf.

  1. the leaves Covered with chocolate spread out

    on the sheet of culinary paper. Place in the refrigerator for 15 minutes that chocolate stiffened. Having taken out from the refrigerator, in just the same way apply on them the second thin film of the kindled and tempered chocolate.

  2. put leaves in the refrigerator Again for 30 minutes. Get them on one from there and, holding with two fingers for a scape, unstick from them chocolate “leaves“, having carefully pulled up.

can cover in the Same way with a chocolate layer leaves of laurels, orange, a lemon, a ficus, a gardenia or a camellia. For this purpose it is possible to use artificial plastic leaves. Depending on leaf type, you apply chocolate or on the smooth party, or on the party with streaks.

From the book “Laruss. Chocolate“