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Wedding hairdresses for long hair: The 2nd master - a class with a photo of

the Wedding hairdress - an important component of an image of the bride, it by all means has to be combined with a wedding dress and with all stylistics of wedding ceremony. If at you long or average length hair, we offer at choice two step-by-step the master - a class from the star stylist Ruslan Tatyanin: according to its “recipes“ the hairdress on a wedding will turn out faultless!

the Graceful decision

  1. the Hairdress for long hair and hair of average length. The original low bunch looks gracefully and is womanly.

  1. It is allocated on a parietal zone a rectangular lock of hair.

Other hair we collect


  1. in a low hard tail.

  1. For creation of this hairdress to us needs one roller.

  1. fixed the roller on the basis of a tail and fix by hairpins.

  1. we Divide a tail into 2 equal locks.

  1. the First lock we comb

    on the roller, closing its half.

  1. From above this lock we fix


  1. the Turned-out element is smoothed by a brush and we fix a varnish.

  1. we Get to work with the second lock.

  1. Also we comb it on the roller.

  1. Hair have to close the roller completely!

  1. All hair on a parietal zone we comb


  1. we Stack a lock on the center of the roller.

  1. the End of a lock we hide

    under the roller, fixing a hairpin.

  1. In addition a hairpin we fix the center of a lock.

  1. our hairdress behind So looks.

, the using low laying and bunches, is especially won in combination with low-necked wedding dresses.

Easy nervousness

  1. Laying in style 30 - x years of the XX century - the most elegant era. Is suitable for long hair, hair of average length and cascade.

we allocate to


  1. In a parietal zone a big lock in the form of a triangle (to a nape). We collect other hair in a low tail.

  1. All hair from a tail we wind

    on electronippers.

  1. I also popryadno we wind all hair from the allocated triangle in the direction from the face.

  1. For creation of this hairdress we use one roller.

  1. we Wrap in

    the roller around a tail and we fix hairpins.

  1. the Tail is divisible

    on 4 equal locks and temporarily we fix them clips.

  1. Each lock we shake up

    a brush.

  1. Then it we smooth

    a little.

  1. I is stacked in the form of volume waves on the roller. All 4 locks from a tail laid thus have to close the roller completely.

  1. When all locks of a tail are laid by

    , we get to work with hair of a parietal zone: popryadno we shake up the wound ringlets.

  1. Then from above we smooth them a brush.

  1. I is stacked in the form of waves back.

  1. we Work as

    in the same equipment with each lock.

  1. All remained locks we stack

    in elegant waves.

  1. our hairdress behind So looks.

From the book “The Best Hairdresses for All Occasions“