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How to plan a sex of the child? Execution of dream - the birth of the boy

to the Daughter was 6 years when we moved to own house. Long before it the husband began to insist on the birth of the second child, but, considering that we live in the house of his parents, agreed to suffer before acquisition of own housing. And here it is our new house, repair is made and already nothing prevents me to delay a question of the birth of one more child.

But how to overcome fear of the second childbirth? The oldest daughter gave rise when to me it was hardly executed 18, to problems at pregnancy and in labor, Cesarean section, hard transferred an anesthesia, after the delivery in general it is terrible to remember the first months. And here still the husband wants not just the child, and the son. Here give birth to it to the son and all here, the son - dream of all his life.

In several months persuaded - to start active actions for achievement of the dream. There passes month, another, and there are no signs that the dream can be achieved, and is not present... And I already according to the table time favorable for conception of the son, calculated; calculated days of an ovulation to use this moment since these days the greatest chance of conception of boys (if to trust information on the Internet). And we began to worry a little why there does not come long-awaited pregnancy.

the husband at work shared meanwhile

A with colleagues the dream to give birth to the successor, and those to it different councils of a distance about it... Now at us in a box under a bed not only the hammer and a saw, but also the fowling piece which was pulled out from the safe closed on 2 locks lay. Still the spouse told that I should eat more meat, fish, to drink even a little beer. Of course, I refused beer, it absolutely to anything, and meat and fish agreed to eat more why though not to please with it the husband? Well, also laughed at it a little and told, that the sex of the child as I consider, depends only on the father and that I will eat and what will lie under a bed - not important.

In whirl of efforts and cares I even noticed a delay and with hope not at once waited for confirmation of the come pregnancy. In a week not to encourage the husband and the daughter unchecked information, secretly made the test for pregnancy. My expectations confirmed two strips which appeared at my stare. The husband very much was delighted. Only told that he hopes that there will be a boy, and joked that for the girl will not go to maternity hospital. It afflicted me: and suddenly second daughter? To me - that all the same that the boy that the girl, is more important health of the child.

On ultrasonography the sex of the child was not defined, the most important, we learned that with the kid everything is all right. So before the childbirth also did not know, the girl or the boy. In the put time by Cesarean section our long-awaited kid, our sonny was born. The husband was moved to tears when learned that at him the son was born. But believed finally in it only when, having driven off several kilometers from regional maternity hospital, asked it to raspelenat! This men - the mistrustful people...

Yesterday while the husband with the son went shooting, did to

clear-out in our room and unintentionally found a saw and the hammer under a bed. This focus! And for the last year never about children also hinted me...