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Carefully, the love at first sight of

is a feeling one of the most surprising and mystical phenomena on this planet.

They say that the love is immortal. I trust.

Is met suddenly the person and we recognize him. Who had this feeling, say that it is necessary no more than a minute. And we learn time, to mean knew it in antecedents.

Yes, is something in love beyond understanding, known only to the Creator. As speak, it is a karma. And still say what love karmic communications can be a little. Too I trust. Itself tested.

Lyubov rules the world. All differently understand it, but clearly one that stronger energy of love there is no power on earth. I do not call

Ya in question that some people did not feel love at first sight, and the part of the population does not know at all what is love. It is a pity to me, but god probably not really loves you or at you still ahead.

It and mad pleasure and feeling of danger and in general such scale of emotions that does not give in to the description. In one day you can feel both the English queen and the God`s darling and the most unfortunate woman on the earth.

And whether there is a love at first sight not mutual? I consider that such love only mutual.

All my serious relations began at first sight. Other relations only hobbies. I understand power of feeling as gravity. Ikhtiandr from “The person - an amphibian“ told

: “And unless there is other love?“

Since the childhood I very well remembered this phrase, and now I completely agree with it.

I want to allocate several stages of love. The first is a presentiment of a fast meeting. It is possible to dream about the person in accuracy with a face of future darling. At the woman the behavior suddenly changes, she shops her not peculiar and other. Preparation for a meeting begins, causeless pleasure appears.

… Alps. Long and painfully rose to “swan“ Neuschwanstein Castle. I felt that at top of the mountain I will meet the love that this fantastic king - the romantic some wonderfully will prompt me a way. Excursion took place quietly and anything special did not occur. Of course, this huge number of questions concerning life and Ludwig II`s death sat down at the head. In total - suicide or murder? And can indeed, safely crossed the lake, and buried absolutely another?

Having returned to hotel, I understood everything. I seriously got sick, here and the puzzle met. I will arrive to Moscow, I will go to the doctor and there - that I will meet darling. Thanks to the most mysterious king of the planet, he indeed created for me a miracle.

The second stage - recognition. Will optional meet views, it is possible even to hear a voice and everything, it is recognized! It turns out that there is not only a love at first sight, but also from the first word.

Views of lovers... How many verses and songs are devoted to this subject! I do not understand

Ya what magic forces to look so fixedly men and women each other in the face. So silently, but it is so clear.

One business - to meet views, and another matter to sink in eyes, it is already aerobatics of love. At least one of these lovers just with the disconnected consciousness at that moment.

At love at first sight there can be following options of feelings:

- impetuous pleasure;

- feeling of fear and the sudden arisen all-consuming passion;

- suddenly felt that found the relative or the relative;

At any option is clear one, without this person farther you will not be able to live.

the person In love throws down a challenge to huge elements, it is possible to compare to the arena of military operations.

But here do not give bullet-proof vests and do not throw humanitarian aid. And all - that it happened, always follow to people the help. Perhaps, you will be helped by absolutely foreign person.

These two unfortunate, got to the bottomless ocean passions, some are wonderfully adjusted on one wave. Wake up together though can be at considerable distance from each other. They read out thoughts of each other.

You flit with happiness, eyes shine and what further?

Can you met in this life finally to leave, and can on the contrary, unite.

is farther at all than the picture different. The outcome of karmic knot begins. It is known that all are happy equally, and are unfortunate in own way.

Look for hints of destiny. Pay attention to dreams, signs, listen to the intuition.

to you and only to you to decide to forgive or be disappointed, cling to love or time to release came.

… We met in the subway. I looked in his eyes and drowned. All my being was filled with unclear, unearthly feeling and was not on this planet of such words that to describe it. At the same time suddenly rug and legs began to shake for fear, something and dangerous came with it. Young and very beautiful … That is why I was so not indifferent

to Sara Montiel`s creativity. She not only played in the movie “the Queen of “Shantekler“ the woman who fell in love with the man is younger than herself, but also in life she also loved this actor. The destructive passion tormented me, but I could not see enough of this person.

Passed years. Now I not only completely recovered from it, but also still received a bonus from destiny. I had just animal desire to work on itself, i.e. in fact what I was deprived all these years.

I will not be able to describe women, but I can allocate some types of men.

Come across men with addictions, they give big percent of sadists.

Happen men like Casanova, now call it sexual dependence.

Is those which got used to live one. The woman, even if also darling, nearby, for them a stress.

Meet misogynists who were once not lucky, now they punish all women.

Is possible, you will get to a love triangle, and also the polygon can. Alas, it is life!

So it turned out that Russia is in a buffer zone, between the West and the East. Respectively and power special, kernel of world spirituality. And still, as Solzhenitsyn told, Russians are the two people in one. Greedy and cruel - on the one hand, disinterested with angelic souls, with another. And foreign grooms heard that in Russia special women.

Well, mysterious Russian soul is not the myth. First of all, it is emotionality and sensuality, the love is higher than benefit and common sense. And the love and emotions are and there is the greatest riddle on the earth.

Met the love, learned from first minute? Accept a godsend with gratitude. And what it is better - that in this world?

Safely we walk towards to the karma, we work sins of antecedents or we accept awards. We are not afraid, forward! Probably, came it is time to see some things easier. It is informed - means it is protected. Store you, god!