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The best children`s books: for kids and preschool children of

How to choose the most worthy editions from a huge number of children`s books? Those which will stand not just on the shelf and to be re-read and to be stored carefully in children`s library. It is possible to trust in own intuition or opinion of acquaintances, and it is possible to look that other parents write about this or that book.

the Internet - Labirint shop buyers leave

On the website comments to the acquired and read books, discuss the most different aspects, from the author`s plan before typographical execution. The edition, the more responses is more interesting it has.

We chose by

books with the most large number of reader`s reviews, having divided them into three groups: books for kids, books for preschool children and the book for children of 7 - 10 years to tell why these editions enjoy the greatest love of parents and children.

What is read to the smallest?

Kids are not able to read

yet and do not perceive big and difficult texts. Aged till 4 years parents place emphasis on development of the child, trusting authors - teachers and books with the training orientation. Such books develop figurative and spatial thinking, a lexicon, tells the child about world around. “My first book. The most favourite“, released “The white city“, became real “a stick - a lifesaver“ for those at whom children of 3 - 6 years grow up. The book was fallen in love by much for availability of a statement and laconicism. Parents call the edition useful.“ The child at the age of one and a half years knows geometrical figures, distinguishes the fire truck from cargo, the crane from the excavator, knows and distinguishes fruit, vegetables and berries“, - one of mothers writes.

Not smaller popularity enjoy

at parents of the book of the School of Seven Gnomes series of Mosaic - Synthesis and Clever Books publishing house for children of 2 - 3 years of Makhaon publishing house. With these books learn the first letters and words, define time, acquaint with elements of logic and mathematics. Training of children in an available and game manner - the basic principle of the developing books for kids, and availability of the stated material, first of all, is appreciated by parents.

of the Book - toys which combine both literary, and training, and game functions buy by everything to kids. For example, the book - a rattle “My first words, Mother and children“ can and be shaken, and even to bite. The main requirements which are imposed by parents on books - toys, - quality, safety and durability of materials.

Some publishing houses offer

new and conceptual approaches of development of creative abilities - the book of the French artist Herve Tulle just from such. Reaction is ambiguous: one feel delight, others show scepticism. The book offers absolutely new and, in too time, the interactive format long ago forgotten without use of any digital devices and other technical means. The main tool - imagination of the child.

Parents not only teach kids to letters and words, but also read them verses and fairy tales.

of the Book of modern writers is not conceded to habitual classics. Elena Rakitina`s tale with Victoria Kirdy`s drawings “Serezhik“ of adventures of a little hedgehog is pleasant to parents at all not less, than to children. Rhymed stories of Julia Donaldson are also popular, as well as stories about Mafin`s burro of Ann Hogard. Poetic or prosaic form - it is unimportant, the main thing that these books learn good.

the Domestic children`s classics is also demanded by parents. High-quality reprintings of old Soviet books are especially popular. On the one hand is hi from own left childhood, on the other hand - really worthy sample of the good text and illustrations under one cover.

“Cat`s house“ of Samuil Marshak with Yury Vasnetsov`s illustrations or “Kot Vasili“ of the Ukrainian poet Alexey Krylov - books which smell not only fresh typographical paint, but also memoirs from own childhood.

the Top - 20 for kids with the most large number of reviews

of the Book for preschool children

of the Book on the shelf become more various: it is more than fairy tales, national and author`s, foreign and domestic, it is more than stories for children and children`s verses, children`s encyclopedias and books from a genre “Children`s leisure“.

“Plasticine secrets“ of Roni Oren are not the first year at top of various lists of popularity. This book how from a piece of plasticine to create surprising, fantastic and, at the same time, the realistic world. It seems that according to Oren`s book adults mold with the same pleasure, as children.“ Plasticine secrets“ - it is more, than the book is an organizer of family leisure, the book behind which children forget about the TV, the computer and other “harm“ which so disturb modern parents.

With the world of literature of children is acquainted through verses and Korney Chukovsky`s fairy tales, work of Alexander Volkov, Eduard Uspensky, Yury Druzhkov, Vladimir Suteev, Boris Zakhoder and other, such acquaintances by all of authors.

However, parents do not neglect also modern names, for example “Fairy tales from tears“ of Maria Kutova parents praise not less, than “Winnie - Down“.

Some parents admit that they buy to children of the book “for growth“: for example, “Wind in Willows“ of Kenneth Graham or “Ballad about a small tow“ of Iosif Brodsky.

the Top - 40 for preschool children with the most large number of reviews

children already begin to read

of the Book for children of younger school age to

at the age of 7 - 10 years actively, though reading by adults remains to children as family tradition. The range of the chosen art and informative literature becomes wider. The same editions can compete among themselves on quality of illustrations, the press, retellings and transfers. What “Alice in Wonderland“ is better? With Robert Ingpen`s illustrations in Nina Demurova`s translation or with Victor Chizhikov`s illustrations in Boris Zakhoder`s retelling?

One parents are guided only by the taste, others suggest to make a choice to the child, the third collect a collection from the most different editions of Lewis Carroll.

Preschool children with pleasure read

about Buratino or Pinocchio, Carlson, Dunno and other classical heroes of the childhood. At the age of 7 - 10 years parents try to acquaint the child with “gold“ fund of children`s literature, books which are kept in mind, make a certain layer of culture and are even re-read by adults.

the Course of many children`s publishing houses towards release of translated children`s books is nice

to most of parents. Some books which became for a long time classics abroad just now appear in Russian. Today the little reader has a chance to get acquainted with all variety of world fiction: Yang - Olaf Ekholm, Kate DiCamillo, Gudrun Mabs, Rotraut Syuzanna Berner and many - many others.

Younger school students are included by

in active social processes, they need to find a common language with peers, the senior children, adults, teachers and parents, the focus of interest of children extends. Now they need not only the surrounding subject world, but also sciences, the human relations, own psychology and physiology. The most different children`s questions are answered by informative encyclopedias. Colourful illustrations, interesting texts, an informational content maximum - it is necessary not only to interest the child, but also to keep his attention.

On an ideal book shelf in the nursery the place to the most different books is: to modern writers and classical works, and, the last - in a priority at parents, all - the classics is checked by time. Many parents like to be engaged in creativity together with children: to mold, draw, design etc. therefore the books devoted to children`s creativity choose and buy at least, than fairy tales. Reading is not just entertainment or training. Thus, the good book unites children and parents and becomes the real family relic.

the Top - 40 for children of 7 - 10 years with the most large number of reviews