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Rain: only pluses! Games and occupations in the rain

What good is in bad weather? It appears, it is a lot of - if to connect the imagination of the child and his parents. Here is how the most usual conversation with the kid can turn into training of positive thinking.

Child: There now, the rain went. Now we will not go for a walk. And why such weather foolish?! It is not lucky us!

Father: the Rain went? It`s cool! You represent how all trees, bushes, a grass and flowers rejoice now?! They so long waited for this rain. Now they will get drunk in plenty and will quicker grow and smell sweet.

Child: Yes, and the truth, to plants it is good. And that too hot was the last days.

Father: the Sonny, look in a window. Look at foliage of trees and at a grass. You see some differences from yesterday?

Child: Yes, as though all greens became brighter. But to us - that is bad. From - for a rain we will not go for a walk.

Father: And who told that it is impossible to walk in the rain?! Or we have no raincoats, gumboots and umbrellas?

Child (almost joyfully): Is! I have excellent new boots. The grandmother bought them to me recently. I yet never put on them.

Father: So, attention! I suggest to arrange to new gumboots the most real test for durability!

Child: It as?

Father: We will go for a walk in the rain, and you will come into pools, into the middle and to stamp there the new boots, checking, they get wet or not, and also measuring by them depth of pools.

the Child (jumping and clapping): it is healthy! Fine!

Father: And you know why still a rain - it is good?

Child: I Know! The rain washes our windows. And it is very interesting to watch how droplets slip down glass, competing with each other who will appear below quicker.

Father: it is Perfectly noticed! And still each rain has very responsible task - to clean all air around.

Child: It as?

Father: Let`s open a window and we will breathe. (Opens a window). Well as, it is fresh?

Child: Yes, truth! At a rain some smell. And from it it is so pleasant to breathe!

(Mother comes into the room).

the Father (addressing mother): And why you love a rain?

Mother: When on the street it is raining, I like to be at home. I am by the window and I think how well at home; as it is remarkable that we have such dry, warm and cozy house.

Child: Mothers, and you when small were, you loved a rain?

Mother: Loved.

Child: And why?

Mother: Because I always with girlfriends played one interesting game in rain time, well, of course, if the rain was not really strong.

Child: In what interesting game?

Mother: We got with legs on benches in the yard and jumped from them with an umbrella in hands on the earth as if the umbrella was a parachute.

Child: Parachute?! Wow! I never jumped with a parachute. Fathers, and it is possible for me today too so to try?

Father: Of course, sonny! Let`s surely try.

Child: Fathers, and you when was small what played under a rain?

Father: I with friends played the game “Escape from a Giant“. When there was a rain, we with friends imagined that the big giant waters the earth from the huge watering can. And we as though the little gnomes living on the earth. And here we began to run on the ground, trying to escape from the giant watering us from the watering can. And the giant was such huge that his trunk and the head was not even since they disappeared highly in clouds visible. But very well it was visible when water flows from where - that from above from a watering can of a giant. Here we with friends from this giant with a watering can also ran.

Mother: And still we with girlfriends always waited when the rain almost came to an end, and went to the fountain on squares “to catch a rainbow“.

Child: As it “to catch a rainbow“? And why at the fountain?

Mother: Therefore, the sonny that after a rain to the sky there is a sun that everything around to dry and warm the light. And rays at the sun - almost magic. When they get on water droplets from the fountain, the sunlight in these droplets refracts, breaking up to different bright colors. And over the fountain the rainbow appears. The same phenomenon can be observed at the river or falls, and sometimes and just in the sky when there at the same time both the sun shines, and the rain still goes. When you see a rainbow, it is necessary to make a wish and to give hands to a rainbow. The rainbow as though passes through your hands, and your desire will come true. We also called it “to catch a rainbow“.

Child: Oh, as fine! I too so want!

Father: So, to us it was very lucky today - the rain went. Therefore we urgently put on and we go for a walk in the rain. We have so many different interesting affairs: to check new gumboots, splashing on pools; to jump from a bench on the earth with an umbrella - a parachute and to catch a rainbow which will grant our desires.

Child: I went rather to put on. As I love when a rain all right!