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Fight for prestigious school or what you are ready for the sake of the child for?

the Beginning

For parents whose children next year go to the first class, come a hard time - it is necessary not only to decide on the place, but also to have training for school “to arrive“ there the child. And about preparation for school the American mothers concerned by the future of the kid think of the choice of suitable educational institution long before the receipt moment. How a nu - York parents storm prestigious schools and for what crimes they are ready for the sake of education of the children, with surprise two Frenchwomen tell.

Kindergarten for the elite, it - private school for kids

(In America to study go from 5 years - therefore both the garden, and school)


If today Charles the Great (in addition, the patron of educational institutions are discussed) lived in New - York, he would be a multimillionaire. And though each family secretly professes its cult, it does not use special honoring as treat him with some mistrust and bias. And that is why.

Once in March, in the second half of day, two mothers watched

how their madcaps play at a playground of the Central park New - York. It is one of the few places of the city where it is possible to meet and have a heart-to-heart talk. Without taking eyes from the kid, one of them spoke:

- you Present to

, it is awful, this morning we received a thin envelope. Trevor will never be able to come to Harvard.

- Yes, it is valid, it is awful.

- But why?! - Mother of the unaccomplished student of Harvard gave to the face the expression corresponding to circumstances.

Trevor does not feel about it any concerns and as the healthy and normal child, runs from a hill to a swing. To put it briefly, how his mother suffered, it was indifferent for it.

As soon as we heard it, we were captured at once by bewilderment. What for an omen bears in itself this thin envelope (the thin envelope)? After small investigation we, at last, understood why Trevor`s mother is convinced that her two-year-old offspring with blond curls will have no chances to come to one of the best universities of the country. To the Nye - York - the city of rituals. And one of the most sacred for a nu - York families drops out on the first Tuesday after Labor Day (The Labor Day which is celebrated on the first Monday of September).

of New - the York chick - very attentive mother pinning all the hopes on the future of posterity. After and entertainments the family (its part) spent the whole summer in Hemptonsa to fun, already since a half of the eighth morning uneasy mothers direct to phones to call private schools and to receive the form for the introduction. The chance to propose the candidacy will appear at that which will be quicker than others most quicker will dial number. As a rule, in the afternoon to call it is useless: all forms are already distributed. Further formal visit to school during which the director of a set of children finds out whether there correspond parents to the general spirit of an institution follows.


A it is followed by the well-known interview. It is necessary to tell that the first interview - York takes place in New when applicants still carry pampers. And since two years it is obligatory for receipt in private school.

How many disorders and alarms parents should worry before interview! On this Mother`s Day speak “yes“ on all requests and requirements of the kids. “You want an eclair from shop at the corner (one thousand calories of fat and ton of sugar) - yes, my love“.“ You want to take a bath together with the teddy bear - well, certainly, my dear“. It is necessary to make every effort that the child did not get into a fuss, did not come to the angry state and it was not hammered in a hysterics what parents most of all are afraid of. Some mothers even give to the children this significant day Ritalinum!

When you will come to school, in a reception of the director parents whose children wait for interview too will already crowd. Charlotte Gould whose daughter by the name of India just came to private preschool institution, remembers:

- Tension of parents reached to such an extent that some grumbled on the children though those any more nearly cried. I tried to start talking, but nobody even opened a mouth.

In the first week of March answers begin to arrive. Each family is in disturbing expectation of obtaining documents on transfer - it is the thick file consisting not less than of fifteen sheets - and shiver for horror at thought that in a mailbox there will be the well-known thin envelope in which the standard letter with refusal is enclosed.

If in France all of us dream of that our children graduated from prestigious school, then in New - York parents sleep and see that their child came to prestigious preschool institution.

Preschool institutions: highly paid consultants for receipt and the parents ready for everything

the List of the preschool institutions entering a rating of Baby Ivy League (children`s “League of an ivy“) as it is called here, is published every year in the press. These institutions are proud before each other of progress of the pupils having the highest percent of receipt already in the real “League of an ivy“ (Princeton, Yale university, Harvard, Braunovsky and Colombian universities, Cornell University, Dartmouth College and Pennsylvanian university).

But dream has the price: from 15 to 28 thousand dollars a year. The place in kindergarten belongs to volume to the little that cannot be bought for money and even for big money though their existence prevented nobody yet. The scandal which burst in December, 2002 is remembered. The famous financial analyst Jack Grubman had to make and publish as much as possible favorable report in exchange for Sandie Vail`s patronage, chapters of Citibank promising it the place at legendary school in Top Ist - Sidon. In this case two places as unlucky Grubman (though very rich) is the father of twins that would facilitate his purse for 30 thousand dollars a year. Here really, the price does not matter when you have couple of charming boys!

the Marathon gained such steam that some agencies offer the help and support to parents in this hard test. Amanda Ukhri, the foundress of Manhattan Private School Advisors agency, does not hide the intentions. The small announcement glorifying advantages of agency says: “The private school is a fourteen years` marriage which will cost you 300 thousand dollars provided that your child will be accepted there. We are necessary to you!“ And on the website on the Internet she even wrote:“ If you do not use our services, be sure that your rivals will not fail to make it“.

At Roxana Reyd from Smart City Kids more attractive approach. It near you at each stage of this running on a long distance. It helps to fill in forms according to the introduction, to be prepared for the first visit to school, for interview...

- Sometimes I even go with them to shops what to help to choose the clothes corresponding to a case. My role is reduced to bringing to a family potential maximum that transfer of the kid did not appear under the threat of failure.

But if it also introduces a little common sense in this madness which captured parents, its services remain expensive: 2500 dollars for arrival of the child in a preschool institution. And here what was told by one of readers of The New York Times after emergence on pages of the newspaper of article about this new type of service:

- the Most remarkable is that the people having an opportunity to pay 300 thousand dollars for education of own child so are not sure of themselves that employ the consultant who explains them such simple things as ability as appropriate to put on or observance of elementary decencies: switching off of the mobile phone during interview, sending the letter with gratitude etc.

you ask

what difference between school for $5000 a year and school for $12 000 a year. The answer is simple: for five thousand your cherub will be engaged in a molding, coloring and drawing up collages, and for twelve will devote himself without the rest - guess to what? - to a molding, coloring and drawing up collages (at the same time its day stay in school can be cut by half).


What caused so impetuous inflation which affected a molding? The place at prestigious university, and also the fact that your kid will have no opportunity to open in itself inclinations of the cook or mechanic. But the main thing is that until your baby lists alphabet letters, you, dear parents, you will be able to brag that at PTA meeting together with you there were Woody Allen, Michael D. Fox and Calvin Klein.

I at last, the last. One our girlfriend, the Frenchwoman, asked why not to send children to the state kindergarten? Yes just because in the city where there is nothing impossible in which there is everything, they just do not exist.

Transfer of the child in school: what to put on interview with the director

- My name is Nancey. My son Dylan is nine months old, and I would like to write down him in school.

At twelve couples of parents who are present here the same purpose and for this reason they came from the most prestigious and rich Areas of Manhattan here: Top Ist - Sidon, Top Vest - Sidon and Traybeka. The same question is at them on the tip of the tongue, the same grief gnaws their heart. whether

Dylan, Henry, Li and others Will go to school? Nine months are just that age when it is already time to ask itself this question though some consider that they were already late.

Uneasy mothers and fathers come for a consolation (certainly, not free) to Victoria Goldman and Roxana Reyd, two leaders of a seminar under the name Getting in. They suggest to seize a set of methods and methods on conducting fight on a survival which, if addressed them, has to end with transfer in school. For 195 dollars these lovely women will help to clear of mines the field on which, being afraid to stumble, parents make the way. They will nearly force them to learn by heart possible answers to the director`s questions, will explain how to fill in forms for receipt and to formulate phrases not on a template and so that in them identity and mind were felt.

- you Give more examples: “When I knead dough, he likes to help me“. Or:“ When we come to the museum, a lot of things interest its“.

it is worse than

I of subjects for you if the baking of pie ends with splodgy flour and the test with walls, and among inspectors of the museum talk on your visit will not cease for a long time.

Strategy and tactics of conducting fight are widely discussed by

. As two Napoleon in skirts, the preparing own Austerlits, Roxana and Victoria start expansion of troops:

- If you want to be admitted to school in Top Ist - Sidon, file documents at least to eight, and it is better - in twelve schools. Next Tuesday after Labor Day employ, at least, four people that they rang round educational institutions. Begin exactly at half past seven. And let the best school will get to those who quicker than others are able to press a key of repeated dialing.

When parents understand that all this should be perceived seriously, their eyebrows discontentedly move, and on faces concern appears. Attendees at a seminar, as if on command, stoop, their cheeks get a greenish shade, and they with even big diligence begin to write down all leaders speak about.

One of fathers, seemingly, on the verge of despair, decides to ask:

- But how schools differentiate children? Look at us, all of us are seemingly identical. How at schools selection is carried out?

Showing to

full understanding and sympathy, being at loss for words that to offend nobody, Roxana answers:

- you - all different, and schools are guided by certain criteria, they want that children were from their quarter. They raise future heads for the city, leaders. But the patronage plays a large role.

one of mothers does not maintain

In a rush of desperate bravery:

- But eventually, the same madness! Anyway our children will go to school even if to undertake nothing.

ten pairs of eyes stared At it in horror. With even more understanding look Victoria appeals to severe reality.

- On two thousand parents who will make everything that is necessary. And you can send the daughter to public school. She will get a bad education and will not enter the prestigious university. And therefore, will not get good job. But I think, if you came here, so it because you want for it the best fate, unless I am not right?

the Rebel with black hair and it is bright - red lips all contracted, having decreased in growth by five centimeters. She sat down on the place, and her face became same pale, as at the others.

From the book “Tiptoes in New - York“