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White, red, freckled … How your child sunbathes? All children love

summer - time when it is possible to play for hours and hours on the beach, and also to lap in the sea or the pool. But it is important to remember that children`s skin burns quicker, than the adult`s skin. Therefore the choice of children`s sun-protection means is the main summer task of each mother (and each father) and depends on type of skin of your kid.


On a susceptibility to sunshine are allocated by 4 types of skin.

1 type of skin - very light, it easily burns and does not become covered by suntan at all. Such type of skin usually occurs at blond and red-haired children. To protect skin of your kid, choose Children`s sun-protection SPF 50 lotion from NIVEA SUN KIDS . Thanks to the UVA/UVB system - filters this means is ideally suited for protection of very gentle and sensitive skin against harmful effects of the sun. The factor 50+ provides a maximum level of protection, and the superwaterproof formula with vitamin E does this lotion by an irreplaceable conditioning agent which will help your kid in a hot sunny day!

2 the skin type - easily burns

and becomes covered by weak suntan. Such type of skin usually occurs at blond and red-haired children, with blue or brown eyes, and freckles. Skin of this phototype can sunbathe, but not to get burn, parents need to let out gradually the kid on the sun. On the beach, also as well as for the first type, it is necessary to use sun-protection lotion SPF 50 from NIVEA SUN KIDS .

3 the skin type - quickly becomes covered by suntan and burns to a lesser extent. It is the most widespread phototype at children in our country. Children with such type of skin sunbathe easily and quickly, often passing an unpleasant stage of reddening of skin. The first days on the sun it is necessary to use means with a factor of protection of not less SPF 30. To kids with the third type of skin Color sun-protection spray from NIVEA SUN KIDS will be ideally suited for . It has myatno - green color which disappears soon after drawing funds for children`s skin. Thanks to this property of color spray parents easily will understand what sites of skin of the child are not protected yet. Color sun-protection spray from NIVEA SUN Kids possesses superwaterproof properties therefore your kid can play and ashore, and in water, without being afraid of solar burns.

4 skin type - it is steady against sunshine and is not subject to almost damaging action of the sun. Such type of skin usually occurs at swarty children - brown-haired persons with darkly - brown eyes and lack of freckles. Little representatives of this phototype sunbathe quickly and easily. And though such skin of the child does not bring upon parents trouble connected with solar burns it it is all the same necessary to protect from an ultraviolet sun-protection means That your fidget was under protection both in water, and on the land, use sun-protection lotion “Play and Bathe“ from NIVEA SUN KIDS . It possesses superwaterproof qualities, and pantenol which is a part of means, in addition protects gentle children`s skin from sunshine and promotes its fast restoration.

the Line of sun-protection means NIVEA SUN KIDS will make by

summer holiday unforgettable for children and rather quiet for parents!