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Day the eleventh...

Today Seryozha woke up before all! well it is necessary! Oh, and me so a reluctance to rise... I roll... Seryozha periodically approaches me and whispers not to wake others: “Mother! Get up...“ “Mother! Let`s go..“ I something illegibly assent. It obviously bothered Sergunke... got into my bed... also began to creep on me:-)) Ah, my sweet kitten... I, of course, get up...

not hot and cool... we sit, we have breakfast on a verandah. It is surprising how it is quiet and peaceful in the village at 10 in the morning... only birdies sing... krasotaaa! And at heart it is quiet... both the soul, and a body have a rest!

the cheerful, ringing voice of Lisa Is heard

... Seryozha was delighted:“ Mother! Lizonka woke up! Hurrah!!! Went to the small river!“ Have breakfast... ran on the small river to sunbathe, the sun not such strong so far. Today we have an open-air ! Took paints and brushes, took supports for leaflets... and forward! So... what will we decorate? Of course, small fishes... we at the small river! And still leaflets which “poor“ falls from trees, being exhausted from a heat. And Lisa draws something... so... it is a circle... and it is a stick... it is a circle again... and again stick.

Mother Yulya: “Lizonka, what you draw it?“
Lisa: “It is balloons... you see?“

Here what artists at us! And Seryozha wanted to decorate a mushroom... with a nice snail on it. Drawings dry, we sunbathe... Oh, the sun painfully burns something... a time in tenek... and on lateral:-) You know how it is fine slept in the fresh air!... Moreover and in the cool wooden house, when on the street in a shadow about 30... and into the house you come - it is good, fresh and is cozy!

Evening... our children found the whole heap of empty plastic bottles.

Lisa offers

: “Give, to play in shop!“ Seryozha picks up
: “We with Lisa will be sellers!“
Exposed variegated bottles. Seryozha cheerfully invites
: “Buy beer “in Russian“ - soul on plowing“!!!“:-))
Father Dima: “Give, give... to me 2 small bottles, please!“ Lisa loudly invites
: “Buy aerated water... To a forfeit... and here still sunflower seeds...“ :-))
Mother Lena: “To me sunflower seeds, please!“

Here to the father Dima the idea came... to make ships and balsas of plastic bottles... Hurrah!. and to children new entertainment! Having armed with bottles, sticks for masts, pieces of a package for flags and plasticine, the father Dima skillfully and quickly builds plastic FLEET. And children attentively look and set tricky questions...:-))

the Fleet is ready

... forward on the small river! Found a bank (more true part of the river which is fenced off by a small braid) that the small river did not carry away our fleet... The river - that strong... the current bears powerfully! The father Dima starts up ships, and below on a current there are we with Seryozha and try to stop the ships... That wind throws them into one party, about a current in another... Seryozha everything worries that we will not catch a ship... but mother Yulya smartly ran on the small river:-) also caught fast plastic fleet:-) Lisa became interested in the ships too... looks, helps to start.

Well that... were indulged with ships on small water... it is time to send fleet to long voyage now. The father Dima comes more deeply into the river and starts up the ships... Children look in a trace to the departuring ships... on wind flags develop... sails are inflated... wind and a current bears our fleet further and further...

the Fleet floats to the native earth.
the Flag by each ship.

of the Child with grief wave handles: “So long!“ Ïîêà!... The father Dima promises children to make new ships... Children, having cheered up, cheerfully run to mothers with exclamations: “Mother! Look! How far our ships departured!“ ... What happiness to watch at radiant faces of our children!

we Sit ashore... silence... the nature to prepare for a dream... We catch beams of the coming sun which is rolling up for the mountain which begins on the opposite river bank at once. Evenings interesting here... the sun sets for the high mountain very much early... and here it seems the sun already set, it it is not visible to us... and there is no twilight yet very long... that`s when there comes the long-awaited cool! And the sun everything slides and slides on a mountain slope invisible to us, will not reach the basis yet... that`s when there comes night which turns over the next page of our encyclopedia.

Day the twelfth...

The closer to the end of holiday, the uzyansky days run quicker... Wow! already 12 - y day of our vacation... there were only two days - it is necessary to spend them to the full extent...

were on the small river in the Morning - floated, sunbathed, right there at the coast played squares and Nikitin`s cubes...

Till a lunch bypassed all neigbours who with pleasure invited us on a visit, and. naturally everywhere there are entertainments: entertainments from a kitchen garden, tea, pies, cookies, and. candies!:-). An ear ring, of course, had a really good time, in, the boy gives! Sweet flows like water, and by the Serezhkiny mouth, of course, does not spill (to chagrin of mother). And in general... procedure of circulation for guests very much was pleasant to kids. And... now, having brought still very far-reaching victim - the neigbour, they shout in all throat “Hello!“ Well unless this aunt can - the neigbour not to invite after that kids on a visit?! - with affection invites the little polite boy and the girl to himself... under sighs of mother Yulya and mother Lena`s smile. Ooh, it is good that at my Lizaveta the limiter on absorption of sweet works - the maximum in day eats 2 - 3 candies - I with quiet soul release the daughter in next stay...

the Ear ring at the sight of the next tetechka - neigbours tells

“So, mothers, you sit here, we without you on a visit descend“, probably, already understanding the mother`s relation to overconsumption of sweet.

A in the evening on our pages of the encyclopedia - “at a samovar I and.... my Lisa“ - at us is today one continuous tea drinking:-). We climbed from there is nothing to do on the most real attic, found the most real samovar and the most real boot in a set to it there:-)... and forward - to prepare tea “on the most real“. You sometime prepared tea by means of a samovar, a boot and firewood?:-) I - am not present, I only at cinema saw, and here... all really, on correct. And tea for some reason more tasty turned out... Generally, all this is awfully interesting to me (all that is unknown), and to children and even less so. Prepared tea, all together laid a table - candies (again candies! - The ear ring is excited, of course, not only about candies), steering-wheels, honey, jam - everything that it is necessary... We sit, we speak, we drink tea... Oh, it is good as we sit!...


It is overturned sweet, with continuous tea drinking a page of our encyclopedia... the page, not less interesting, than previous, however, I am sure, and as well as future.

Day the thirteenth...

our two-week vacation Comes to an end... our measured rest quiet and rich with events... tomorrow home. Stop a moment! So there is a wish to prolong the real action - “uzyansky representation“... But life piece such, it is necessary means it is necessary! Tomorrow home, and we want to squeeze out as much as possible from the last day. Weather favors to us, without oversetting our plans. As if the queen the nature feels how to us it is good here and as we want to prolong pleasure.

Everything I forget

... we very much like to consider and discuss all insects. we love them, we protect, we study, we rescue... whether it be a gusenichka on a leaflet, a bee on a flower, a spider in a web corner, the moth which arrived on a night spark, the butterfly who sat down to mother Lena on a braid, the dragonfly who took seat on Lizaveta`s knee, an ant - the athlete or a bug... Bugs are in general special love for some reason, children like them... bugs of all breeds and colors are interesting to them. At the sight of a bug at Lizaveta from lips breaks at once:

the Bug - moustached important, a bug. In yellow specks a frock coat. Key it I deliver
, and it creeps “zhu - zhu, zhu - zhu“.
“And well - make way, elephants and rhinoceroses!“

Or at the sight of the next bug, children sing a duet the famous song after the own fashion:

there Lived on light a kind bug, the old kind friend...
Never he grumbled, did not shout, did not peep,
Loudly wings cracked, strictly forbade quarrels...

generally that I want to tell, personally very much pleases me with

that our little ones at the sight of dumb animals do not jump aside for fear aside, do not stamp on these living beings a leg, showing the superiority... and with love consider, step, and set, ask questions... You remember? As at Mowgli - you and I one blood... here at us quite so...

you often spend by

evening or night with the child under the open sky, covered with stars? I, personally, still never. And here with the husband, to Lizaveta, quite often lay under the open sky, admired stars and were loaded with space energy... Did not try? Try! You like be pleasant...

I want to make

of this final evening of our vacation something special, memorable that it remained in children`s memory... Spending the night (more true, “night-school student“ to late) so to speak, under the open sky - it as well as possible suits my idea especially as the sky is simply covered with stars... as though someone lost them and did not notice this loss... and stars and remained to burn in the sky... Generally, it is solved - we spend evening under the open sky, to silly miss such opportunity. We found the cozy town near an apple-tree in a kitchen garden, built a stove bench there, and settled to examine stars... Someone asked questions, someone hardly got ready to answer them...: -)

On this night page of our encyclopedia we measuredly talked about stars, about the sun, about the moon, about the “star umk“ which is catching up the mother about other planets, and:-))) whether there is life on Mars. And there were moments when all were silent, looked in a chasm of the night sky, and everyone thought of the... Then Lizaveta broke silence of reflections by a ringing voice “Tomorrow I will grow up big - very big, and I will construct plesnyu to the Moon (it means a short flight of stairs to the Moon), - we will go for a walk and there“... The ear ring wanted in the rocket at once and to wave on other planet... Time 12 nights, and nobody wants to sleep... and it is fine, tomorrow we will sleep, there is no place to hurry...

of Op! the star fell... children, of course, did not notice, they only began to wail “Where? Where?...“ and I managed to make a wish: I want to spend the following holidays here in Uzyan and to supplement our encyclopedia with new pages, a lot of things stayed behind scenes, a lot of things are not written...

Communication with the star sky - the remarkable termination of our vacation which will be remembered by all for a long time, and maybe forever....


Oh, wait, it appears, it is not the end yet:-)).... We saw enough of the sky and wanted to sleep. We gather in a log hut, I include a small lamp, and... from nowhere on bright light of a lamp the moth arrives, and flits directly about a ray of light... I speak “About! Look what moth beautiful!“ The ear ring right there asks “And why it is night ?“... And I right there remembered myself when I was three years old (for some reason I remember distinctly this episode of the childhood when I put three fingers on a hand, and spoke to all:“ To me three“) and when I asked the father the same question, sitting at it on knees, there was an evening, we were in a garden... On my question the father told me here such fairy tale which I also tell the children Serezhke and Lizaveta now:

“Once upon a time there were friends: nightingale and butterfly. One night, in the wood when already all slept long ago, the nightingale started singing the beautiful iridescent songs. The butterfly, uslykhav the friend, flied to him, and with surprise asked “For whom you so try? A night, all sleep long ago, and nobody will hear you!“... The nightingale answered it so “And you? Unless you sleep now? Night! I sing for you!!!“... Since then the butterfly does not sleep at night, she listens to night songs of the friend of a nightingale. Such butterflies are also called night.“

Who knows

... can in many years and the Ear ring, and Lizaveta will tell the same fairy tale about a moth the already to children...

Day the fourteenth...

Collecting backpacks, establishing order in the house and a kitchen garden (watering and weeding of beds), and at way the road.

the Best rest when right at the beginning you run from the house in holiday, and at the end - you hurry to the house from holiday... This about us. We missed very much - very much the father, grandmothers - grandfathers, the cozy house. Today it is especially sharply felt for some reason. Lizaveta continually buzzes to me under an ear:“ Mothers, I to the father want, I an animated cartoon want“.

... Still slightly - slightly and we houses. And still it cannot wait to enjoy already finished shooting material: video movie, photos... and to endure this surprising vacation again and again, but... sitting in an easy cozy chair...

3 hours of a driving past

quickly, a way home fast, easy, cheerful and beautiful... Sky today! you will just begin to rock, children sing the song a duet (they trained already, well at them it turns out) “And clouds - belogrivy horses, and clouds that you rush carelessly“... My last in these vacation pressing of the Record and Stop button on a video camera (there was a wish to imprint a few views from the car and, of course, the sky) and we houses!.... The grandmother that ours as was delighted... (I remembered a scene from Prostokvashino at once:-)))... smiles and on a singsong speaks “My family, and recovered that as, and sunbathed that as!“ ... The father embraces us... Oh, as pleasantly when you have on the earth someone who loves you, waits who is always glad to you... and who misses you...

P. S. (two days later)...

Here our Uzyansky rest also ended with

. A lot of things stayed behind scenes, something was not reflected in our pages, but remember about my desire?:-) We will return to Uzyan, and we will write new beautiful pages...

A in general in two weeks we became absolutely native... It seems only arrived home, and in an hour already we call each other - missed strongly!

In 2 uzyansky weeks we got rid of incessant snivels and cough (it is absolute without drugs - pure, only clean air, clear water and the sea of positive energy), we have a rest, we matured and learned a lot of new. Well unless it is not healthy when your baby knows that the sun over there behind the mountain rose - means, morning!. and now the sun directly over us, a heat - now is better to play or have a sleep in a tenechka:-)... and here now the sun for the mountain to sleep to lay down - evening means, and mother will tell the fairy tale or will sing a song and... to sleep.

Me it seems to

more usefully and more pleasantly rest does not happen. The nature cultivates in us (both in the child, and in the adult) absolutely other qualities, than the city. In the city all of us hurry somewhere - work, a garden, again work... Here in Uzyan, time as if stops, we enjoy the nature, with each other, we have a rest in a word. Such here situation brings up in the child one of important, in my opinion to opinion, qualities - kindness . Here all are equal - and you, both a muravyishka, and a huge old tree... you remember, how in “Mowgli“... “we are with you one blood...“ ... That`s it so.


week dbut there will pass a little time and we again here will return, to the nature... you remember “And I one blood“.... We already missed, and we look forward to a meeting with this amazing town of Uzyan, with this live encyclopedia.

Mothers Lena and Yulya