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Maternity allowance - to a lump, when and how many? Family legal consultation is capable to illuminate

on a wide range of questions. What rights the jobless pregnant woman has? Whether the school student in policlinic can independently receive the reference for the pool? And where to look for a justice on too noisy neighbors?

went on a maternity leave Recently. What single payments and in what size to me are put? Where to address if give not all sum?

the Employer grants

and pays to the employee maternity allowance. It pays off proceeding from its average earnings (p.1 Art. 14 of Federal Law № 255 - Federal Law “About Obligatory Social Insurance on a Case of Temporary Disability and in connection with Motherhood“).

you have the right for a lump sum at the child`s birth. In 2013 its size makes 13 087 rub. Any allowance is granted if the request for them followed no later than six months since the birth of the child.

in case of violation by the employer of an established period of payment you have the right to demand from it compensation at a rate of not less than the one three-hundredth rate of refinancing of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation from the sums which are not given in due time for each day of a delay. You can demand protection of the rights in a judicial proceeding or appeal to the prosecutor`s office with a request to carry out an inspection.

During what term the quota of EKO is valid

? The clinic told that only 30 days, but I will not even manage to make tests!

in the presence of the disease included in the list for receiving a quota, the patient is put in the current turn. Therefore period of validity of a quota per se is not established and is defined by the movement of turn.

- y to week of pregnancy I was dismissed by

On 12 in connection with liquidation of the enterprise. To get new job it did not turn out. Prompt what my further actions have to be?

to you should address in public service of employment of the population at the place of residence (registration). The reference from this organization on recognition of the woman of the unemployed - the obligatory document for registration of maternity allowance.

According to Art. 6 of the Federal law from 19. 05. 1995 № 81 - The women dismissed in connection with liquidation of the organizations, the termination by natural persons of activity as individual entrepreneurs within 12 months preceding day of recognition them in accordance with the established procedure the unemployed have Federal Law “About Welfare Payments to the Citizens Having Children“, the right for maternity allowance.

the Unemployed woman maternity allowance will be given to

only if she is officially recognized as the unemployed, and from the date of her dismissal on the above-stated bases there passed no more than 12 months. The grant is paid by social security authorities of the population at the place of residence, but only in case of non receipt of a dole (item 36 of the Provision on appointment and payment of welfare payments to the citizens having children, approved by the resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation from 30. 12. 2006 № 865).

In policlinic to the son refused to hand out the reference for the pool with results of analyses. It is lawful?

Each citizen has rights for medical care, can obtain information on a condition of the health which is available in the medical organization in a form, available to it. It data on results of inspection, existence and forecast of development of a disease, assistance methods, possible types of medical intervention, its consequences and results.

According to the legislation on protection of public health at the solution of medical questions capacity of the minor patient comes from 15 years according to item 2 of Art. 54 of the Federal law from 21. 11. 2011 № 323 - Federal Law “About Bases of Protection of Public Health in the Russian Federation“.

If to your son be not

15 years old, then refusal of the employee of policlinic to give results of analyses was lawful. Only you or your husband as the lawful representatives having the right to obtain the specified information.

my three-year-old son is prescribed

at the father with whom I divorced. The ex-husband went to work to other city, and the mother-in-law tries to write out the child from the apartment. It is possible?

the Question rather difficult and for the answer to it is required to

specification of a number of the essential moments. With which of parents on what basis and where now your son actually lives? According to provisions of St. 20 Civil Code of the Russian Federation, the residence of the children who did not reach 14 years the residence of their parents admits. If on the basis of a judgment about divorce accommodation of the child together with you was defined, then and he has to be registered at you.

If the child is registered by

in premises in which the social employer or one of employers wrote down the father, then it is possible to strike it off the registration register on the basis of the fact that he constantly does not live in a place of registration. Then the child registers at the place of residence of other parent.

If your son is registered by

in the apartment, the property right (or a share in the property right) on which belongs to the child`s father, then according to Art. 31 of ZhK Russian Federation he has a right of use of these premises on an equal basis with the owner. To write out the child it is admissible only with the consent of his mother or according to the judgment initiated by the owner of the room.

By hearing of cases about eviction of minors the court considers a set of other circumstances and can keep for the child a right of use of premises for a certain term or in general refuse its eviction.

At neighbors the whole day loudly barks a dog. From - for it my child constantly wakes up and is nervous. Talk did not lead to anything. How to resolve the conflict?

Unfortunately, ways though somehow it is not much to affect consciousness of your neighbors. The current legislation in insufficient degree regulates questions of responsibility of owners of pets for inadequate education and keeping of the pets. Try to file to the district police officer at the place of residence the written statement in which in detail explain a situation, negative consequences for you and the child. If bark of a dog gives an inconvenience and to other neighbors, they can put the signatures.

we Recommend to make to

the complaint in territorial department of Rospotrebnadzor of your city about violation by neighbors sanitarno - epidemiological requirements to accommodation conditions in premises regarding admissible noise level (the SanPiN 2. 1. 2. 2645 - 10), approved as the resolution of the chief state health officer of the Russian Federation from 10. 06. 2010 № 64.