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Education of children on - is American: the nurse is dearer than the husband of

the Beginning

Who the most important person in a family with the small child? For New - York is a nurse. As the American mothers - and who is still necessary, in their opinion, to ensure to the child safety and leaving look for the nurse. Ironic look of two Frenchwomen, authors of the book “Tiptoes in New - York“.

of the Nurse

When the kid comes to this world, all say to themselves that they will not leave it for a minute. This such fragile being, you will not depart from it even on kitchen. As confirmed the recent survey conducted among the women who came to the meeting organized by the International league propagandizing breastfeeding. Eight hands from twelve were raised when the animator asked:

- Which of you visited a toilet with the child on hands?

Nobody argues. Baby is something gentle, touching, to a step without it will not make. If, of course, not to take into account one mummy who forgot the child in a taxi thanks to what she also became famous on the New York Post pages.

But, considering how many sleepless nights she carried out near it, it can find a justification. And, as far as we know, it is called maternal amnesia (maternal amnesia). Though for the majority of us it is impossible to leave the baby on a quarter of hour with foreign people. But after three weeks without dream, the aching seams which do not want to heal in any way of clothes which should be bought anew because baby has a nasty habit to belch mummy feels so tired and become exhausted that she can quite leave the treasure with the stallkeeper selling newspapers at the corner. And at this moment parents come to the decision to employ the woman who will become the most important figure in your life after baby and Habbi (hubby - diminutive from husband, “husband“) - we will call this woman of Nanni.

during the first conversation you want to learn

whether it has an experience. Yes, it looks faultlessly, actually to carp there is nothing. Though what is known to us of it? That it has three children (means, it is more skilled than us) that it has ten fingers by means of which she swaddles your baby less than for half an hour. (At us too ten, but we are not able to use them.) That she sleeps for eight hours a day. That will do?

- it is good

, I employ you.

When Habbi comes back from work, it is covered by doubts. It is shocked by false nails of Nanni which look more terrible than teeth at the vampire. And when it changed pampers, he exclaims:

- is more careful than

, you can scratch the kid! Eventually it becomes clear

by p: Nanni - not the best candidate to this position. If she is not ill, then every day is late, and she has not three adult children as she claimed, and five, two of whom absolutely small. Taking all this into account, one may say, that you were not lucky.

the following stage Begins

: recruitment of personnel. There is one very good way: to give the small announcement. The reference book City Baby (the bible for a nu - York parents) recommends to place an advertisement in Irish Echo (the Irish newspaper).

the Prospect to have the red-haired nurse with nice face freckles seems to

seductive. It, probably, will have eleven brothers and sisters, and she will look after baby as she for own child, will be devoted and true. But on the other hand, nu - York Irishes said goodbye to the aprons for the sake of more profitable work for a long time (especially as in a quantitative sense Irish represent the biggest contingent won in a lottery on Green - the card).

If all of you - publish the announcement in Irish Echo, be ready that within a week your phone will ring, without stopping for a second, and you will have an impression that the population of Caribbean Islands, has Philippines, Brazil, Pakistan and Peru no another matter as soon as to phone to you. Messages on an answering machine will follow one another. And voices with the most various accents will force you to believe that you, sitting in a chair, made a round-the-world trip: accents as at Bob Marley, Salma Hayek, as in Bollywood... the choice remains for you. Before you the worst will defile as the best (Mimi, 35, faultless recommendations, the diploma of the nurse in a pocket, during conversation changed pampers to your kid, and within five minutes he fell asleep at it on hands), and (Cindi, consists in sect “Jehovah`s Witnesses“, was indignant with absence at you moral bases because you vaccinated baby).

to Choose

among four hundred candidates who responded to the announcement - infernal work. It is impossible to have a talk and interrogate, certainly, with everyone each of them. Baby would already enter the university while you mark time. In that case it is necessary - to rely one on intuition.

Some resort to other technologies, and for the aid to instincts get to “nannik“. Nannikam is a chamber of the hidden supervision which can be hidden in an ear of a teddy bear and which will conduct continuous shooting of your assistant without her permission. And though the new object of worship of many families is no more than thimble, he will report to you about everything that you would like to recognize about your Nanni.

Paranoia of parents reached to such an extent that the hidden camera which was earlier used only by the journalists conducting investigations and gangsters became a hit. Though in New - York the law also allowed its use, disputes in society do not cease. Some delighted with it, others say that if the nurse is suspected and they spy on it whether then it is better to refuse its services absolutely.

By the way. Having paid a certain sum, you can appeal to detective agency that they made full investigation on your candidate. In a day you will have addresses of its previous residences, the file of the criminalistic account, names of former employers - to put it briefly, you receive all its past written in black and white.

If in your relations with Nanni there came difficult days, do not despair and do not lower a hand. Write down it on a seminar which program, among others, included the following subjects:“ How to motivate your nurse “?“ how to become friends and to together organize children`s holidays “, “ selection of games and the developing activity for the child depending on his age“.

the Nurse and its problems

of the Problem connected with nurses along with discussion of the identity of New which was a measure - York Rudi Giuliani, construction of new Freedom Tower (Freedom tower) on the place of the destroyed Twin Towers and increase in cost of the ticket at the subway, are among the most burning and discussed subjects in the city. Perhaps, it is the most actual problem and therefore the book Nanny Diaries (“The diary of the nurse“) of Emma Maklaulin and Nikola of Krauss made great success. Being students, authors within eight years worked nurses and in ironic tone told, anything without concealing, about the experience of Mary Poppins. Readers were fascinated by their book which opened for them a behind the scenes of hard work on care of the child in Top Ist - Sidon.

the biggest groups of nurses come to New - York from islands of the Caribbean Region: from Jamaica, Barbados, Trinidad and Saint - Lucia. All girls bear light, solar names: Keyshia, Chandra, Anita, Filippiya, Olivia or Seyra. They speak with lingering island accent, have rounded shapes and a magnificent head of hear. After do them all necessary vaccination, they become full members of a family. Without them a pit of inhabitants of New - York would not be such dizzy, private life would develop less successfully, some dreams and ambitions could not be realized and, eventually, they just would have no time to correct manicure. And women realize that, employing the nurse, they become for it not only employers, but also consultants for social problems.

In the city where there are few preschool institutions of yaselny type, fee of the nurse lays down heavy burden on shoulders of many parents. But every time when you see your kid with a blissful smile running up to Tata or Fifi (that is to Nanni), you with quiet soul go to work (even if at you it is heavy on heart) to steep in the most risky projects (such, for example, as writing of the book about women in New - York), and you say to yourself that game is worth the candle and that Green - the card is better to help it to get, to buy a plane ticket along a route of New - York - Barbados for her son, to carry it on Sundays to Brooklyn in its church, to promote receiving secondary education by it and to give a good award in the end of the year.

the Conversation eavesdropped in a gym

Having come to a gym, I approached exercise bikes. All of them were busy, except one. On the right and to the left of the free exercise machine two chicks as it seemed to me, girlfriends twisted pedals. I wondered why they did not choose two nearby standing the device - such bad luck to appear between them! Birdies to be thrown by phrases over my head as though I did not exist.

Without volition, I was forced to listen to their chatter, and this time my Walkman to me it was not necessary.

Eve, the chick on the right, the blonde with faultless manicure, asks the girlfriend Lisa, the brunette with a horse tail on the head:

- You know Cathie?

- Whom?

- Well, you remember that girl who is engaged in Pilates together with us and who has a floor mat from Prada.

- And, well, of course!

- She too just gave birth to the second child.

- And it has time on three times a week to visit a gym?!

- You know, she was fantastically lucky, it has a nurse living together with it. And therefore to leave the house for it not a problem. Gymnastics, dinners, restaurants, movie theaters.

- Well was also lucky it!

- Yes, I nearly died of envy... Though last month it had one trouble.

- And what?

- her husband died of a heart attack.

- Devil take it! Same present tragedy!

- Well, it has a nurse which works full day, so more and more or less normally.

- Yes, the lucky!

- Lisa, you how many calories burned?

Profession: the expert in children`s safety

Who voluntarily will endanger

the child? Nobody, but to be sure absolutely that nothing threatens your child employ the expert in children`s safety. And in the same way as there are “ghosts hunters“, there are also bebiprufer whose main specialization is scrupulous combing of your house (as a hairbrush) to make sure that the kid will not be put at any risks.

the First visit including detailed survey of surrounding space will cost from fifty to hundred dollars:

“Is not present

, my dear, to store a saw of your husband among the child`s toys not absolutely successful idea!“ And as our girlfriend, the lover of tropes would tell: “Well, Sherlock oblazit everything, now we have nothing to worry!“

Though to be fair should notice

that if baby falls - and it will occur anyway, - it can put itself(himself) a trauma. But if you hear it from the professional`s lips, you will attach to his words bigger significance.

After survey the bebiprufer will suggest you to minimize all risks. To establish safety latches on doors of cases, to upholster corners of tables with soft fabric, to make inaccessible for small curious fingers electric sockets. The estimate for the two-room apartment will cost approximately two hundred dollars. Though all this does not guarantee quiet life, and all of you will equally watch what busy the kid. Because care does not happen much.

Be continued.

From the book “Tiptoes in New - York“