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As a gift on birthday - dance. To the grandmother from the granddaughter of

the Idea to present to the grandmother dance came to birthday by itself. The daughter likes to dance, and the grandmother likes to look at it. Unfortunately, on medical indications the daughter had to pass this “dancing“ year. Occupations and the championship took place without it. But if there is a strong wish, then a little bit it is possible.

the concept Smoothly ripened. Dance developed as if a puzzle - music, choreography, a suit, an image. Such international mix - a combination of the Irish dance to classics under music “The Croatian rhapsody“ turned out.

the Idea to deliver to the daughter dance pulled for itself activization of all imaginable and inconceivable human resources: it is necessary to get access to a good scene, to agree with the sound producer, well and so, on a trifle... Yes, I am not a choreographer, and my child - not the professional dancer, and Petipa, he would be living, for certain showered me with rotten tomatoes in the beginning, and then eggs. But to try a time...

Step by step we create ours a child, our “Spring“ (so called dance) for the grandmother. We sheathe a short skirt lace, sleeves - a ribbon...

Behind a window is swept by an April blizzard. It is possible to enter an image hardly:

- What you here on halfbent trip?! You are Spring, you understand, you are fresh and graceful!

- Tell thank you that I in general came! - the newly made Spring snaps.

We laugh, swear, rejoice to the first results.

Day of shooting does not come in any way. Those days when I do not work, the scene is occupied.

the Photoshoot we carry out


at the next school. Right there we try to remove dance. Alas. In total not that, not so. Two hours Alice plows scene open spaces and when there is no force left at all, the sound producer of the next recreation center contacts:“ You come“.

On wings of spring we rush on a big scene. We are given ten minutes. It is necessary to remove everything for one double. It is necessary. For the grandmother. To dance so that to soul, to the heart! To give all itself, to present. Alice understands it. The last chord sounds. It is removed. The daughter goes down from a scene, embraces her and something whispers. She was very tired, but on a face only pleasure from understanding that the gift for the grandmother is ready.

we arrived To the grandmother with the clip mounted at home. Alice stretches a disk. It to you grandmother, gift!

Anna Kaznovskaya