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The Black Sea - 2013: rest with advantage for health of

What is the correct rest? The answer to this question is known long ago, recipes of useful rest are stated in antique treatises about health, here only in the conditions of the modern market relations every day suggest to buy us not true high-quality rest, but its instant substitute.

Any is not enough

- malsk serious scientific research in the field of improvement belongs to area sanatorno - resort medicine. As if we did not try to lead a healthy lifestyle, to play sports or gymnastics, to go to the pool or to arrange ourselves long bicycle walks - all these efforts have no full positive effect in the conditions of the city, times. Without the thought-over system arranged under biophysical indicators of your organism, two. And without technique of alternation of loadings taking into account their duration, besides, focused on current state of the person - three.

the Trip to the resort, but not in “wild“ conditions, and under guardianship of the qualified doctors - perhaps, the only way to avoid practically all above-mentioned negative factors able to nullify all your efforts on reduction of health in an excellent state. The good sanatorium is not just the building with convenient numbers and the territory with parks, fountains, playgrounds and the pool. The good sanatorium is, first of all, thought-over, evidence-based and effective system of improvement, and that is very important, prevention of diseases. Most thinly adjusted - in full accordance with natural komponenty, specialization of medical staff, existence of the necessary equipment.

the profane person right there will object

of People: but now - that there is also no such sanatorium left already! What a difference in the Soviet Union - any resort was turned into huge sanatorium - a dispensary. And now - one five-stars hotels! And here - a mistake - not one hotels. In the center Sochi, near Winter theater, on two hectares five-stars settled down... sanatorium “Black Sea Coast“! Parks, pools, fountains, walking paths in the shadow of subtropical coniferous and deciduous trees. Luxury numbers in the high-rise modern building, the whole two floors of procedural offices and halls, huge comfortable a conference - the hall.“ Black Sea Coast“ - the luxury representative of the leading network of sanatoria and boarding houses “The Russian Railway - HEALTH“.

The Russian Railway - HEALTH company managed not just to keep all advantages sanatorno - a resort complex, the system developed for many years of scientific researches of the advanced Soviet medicine but also to introduce technological innovations of the XXI century in functionality of the health resorts.


six health resorts of The Russian Railway - HEALTH company all the year round act On the Black Sea coast. Besides “Black Sea Coast“, in the region of Sochi sanatoria “October“ and “Cape Visible“, Ivushka boarding house are located. it is difficult for p to call

“October“ sanatorium in traditional sense. No, the full volume of medical and improving procedures here, certainly, is present. Besides traditional sanatorno - resort procedures - and their list approaches one hundred, here practice such typically resort forms as a peeling by means of Garr Ruff`s small fishes who delete the horny particles from skin. The same function, but only for rejuvenation and treatment of problem sites on a face, Akhatina`s snails whose slime is the natural natural antioxidant regenerating skin carry out here. In “October“, by the way, the zoo, only on all city of Sochi. There are no crocodiles and rhinoceroses: all animals are picked up for criteria of beauty and grace. In sanatorium everything has to cause only positive emotions!

locals call

“Cape Visible“ “an eye of a crocodile“. The matter is that, located on quite steep southern slope of Mount Akhun, the sanatorium from far away looks a bright point against the coniferous forest surrounding it. And the mountain reminds the outlines the head of the reptile lowered in coastal waves. By the way, about the wood. It almost completely consists of a unique pitsundsky pine, the tree growing only in three places on all globe. Here, in Pitsunda, and in Gelendzhik. Flying components of needles of these rare pines, mixing up with a sea breeze, form the unique cocktail having medical effect in air. From - for curative properties of a microclimate here upon termination of the Great Patriotic War arose, on the basis of orthopedic hospital, sanatorium for treatment of wounded fighters of Red army.

the Ivushka Boarding house which territory is protected from noise of brisk Sochi highways by an abrupt hillside literally is buried in verdure and silence broken only by singing of birds and noise of a surf. The excellent, well-groomed beach with a set of services and hire of various “watercrafts“, is in only hundred meters from the inhabited case. And in the indoor pool of boarding house on a case of bad weather the same sea water which is warmed up up to the comfortable temperature. By the way, such indoor pools with sea water in Sochi only two. And it gives the chance to carry out the procedures of thalassotherapy promoting increase of a vitality in boarding house: they almost completely kill back pains, in joints at rheumatism and arthrosis.

Two hectares of own territory - parks, silent natural arbors, avenues - if to speak about merge to the nature, then “Ivushka“ - the ideal place. Exactly here, without being distracted by anybody and it is possible to indulge on anything for hours in meditation and self-scrutiny. Or to admire the blossoming Oriental cherry. Long walks on fresh, clean, sea air will not seem boring - at once behind the territory of boarding house health path of Sochi National Park begins.

Near the city of Tuapse one more boarding house sanatorno - the resort network “The Russian Railway - HEALTH“ is. The site of the foothills on which “Green Guy“ is located is turned into the arboretum. All those who at least once visited “Green Guy“ cannot forget the feelings arising from inhalation of the curative air saturated with plant extracts. Here everything is created in order that to spend as much as possible time in nature, to walk on numerous avenues of the arboretum, or to bathe in the purest sea water, the boarding house is in a distance from the large cities and settlements, near the settlements of Dederkaya and Shepsi. In the territory of Green Guy boarding house all the year round works pass - a zoo, playgrounds, animators work. Children of all age will find to themselves class in taste for the whole day, in the company with parents, or without them, but under vigilant control of tutors and animators.

But the present “the children`s kingdom“ is located near Anapa, on the bank of the sandy bay framing azure waves of the Black Sea. The sanatorium “Aquamarine“ is famous for care of the younger generation. Besides children`s medical and improving programs, the nursery, the hall for competitions and representations work here, in warm months a set of circles and sections on interests work at the open areas, near the huge pool, at the wide sandy beach. For holding concerts and representations in the territory of sanatorium there is a small amphitheater similar to Ancient Greek.

Describing all advantages of the sanatoria and boarding houses of the Black Sea coast belonging to JSC The Russian Railway - HEALTH (all the company unites 17 health resorts located in the most picturesque and environmentally friendly corners of Moscow area, the Central Russia, Zauralie, Caucasus Mineralnye Vody region, the Kaliningrad region), it should be noted strong medical and improving base of all, without exception, sanatoria and boarding houses of the company. A third of all personnel of health resorts - doctors and health workers. Strong medical base with highly skilled medical staff, in a combination to all above-mentioned components, such as comfortable numbers, natural and climatic features of territories, the worthy level of service also forms that thought-over system of useful rest about which it was told at the very beginning of article. You should not forget also about Spa - services, fitness, cosmetology, and a set of other offers with which all health resorts “the Russian Railway - HEALTH“ are rich. A simple example - Spa - the permit in Moscow region boarding house “Buran“, Sergiyev Posad - only 1650 rubles on the person in day, including three meals a day and the Spa set - procedures!

Modern, competently equipped sanatorno - resort rest cannot be compared on the level of favorable impact on health to any different way to spend free time. Think of it. Summer holiday can be not only pleasant, but also useful!

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