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Unusual books for kids: books - pictures and books - a hide-and-seek of

Children like to examine pictures in books which often concern them much more, than the text. And what if to turn the book even not into the comic book where pictures all the same have signatures and remarks, and in the drawn history where heroes and details will speak for themselves? In our review - 6 unusual books for kids who it is necessary not to read, and attentively to consider.

the Creator of such books the artist Ali Mitgush by right is considered. It revived reception which was used by the German engravers of the 17th century, so-called kavaleristsky prospect. The viewer, looking at the image, sees figures as if a little haughtily as if he sits on a horse. Therefore all prospect is slightly overturned, and all characters are represented identical size, irrespective of their arrangement. Mitgush calls it “democratic“ prospect because all figures on an illustration are as equals.

from the moment of creation of the first book - Ali Mitgush`s pictures there passed more than forty years. The genre which is thought up by it was called by Wimmelbuch (“the flickering book“), and it gained extraordinary popularity around the world.

What is books Wimmelbuch? These are informative books - pictures - usually increased format. On each page of such book the set of details, objects and actions which can be considered infinitely is represented. Sources of Wimmelbuch can be tracked not only in the German engravings, but in Pieter Bruegel Sr. and Iyeronim Bosch`s well-known cloths.

Very often creators of these books start a peculiar hide-and-seek with readers - skillfully mask heroes and objects among numerous details.“ The flickering books“ fascinate both children, and adults who with pleasures watch adventures of charming heroes in the wood and in circus, in the city and in the village.

Grant the Town to

, the most known Wimmelbuch are the Town series to Rotraut Susanna Berner. Berner have no pronounced didactic purposes - on pages of its books it is not necessary to find specially heroes, to count objects and to find discrepancies. Just on each turn the rich life of residents of the small cozy town boils. Any character has the history and the adventures which are developed from the book to the book. And in it there is also one of the main secrets of improbable and universal popularity of books Berner - ordinary life in which “nothing occurs“ is far more interesting than fascinating adventures of superheroes. On each page hundreds of fine details and, coming back to the world of the Town which exists in different seasons and in “the night mode“, we always find something new.

of the Adventure Pryatkiny

of the Book about Pryatkinykh are already calculated by

not only on contemplation, but also on active search what the “speaking“ surname of heroes speaks about. Pryatkina not just live the life as heroes Berner, but, for example, actively investigate the new countries. Readers - razglyadyvatel Pryatkinykh have to perform a number of tasks of different degree of complexity that allows to come back to them in process of a growing of the child who from simple looking at pictures will pass to concrete searches of heroes and objects.

Where Volya now?

of the Hero of Martin Hendford is not simple to be found at all. Pages of its books are literally covered, larded and filled up by heroes, objects and fantastic realities. All this is specially created to find Volya was not only it is awfully interesting, but also it is awfully difficult. As well as in “Pryatkinakh“ a task here not only to see all heroes, but also to find certain objects and sketches on each page.

the City of Glyadelkin

Young Polish artists Aleksandra and Daniel Mizelinskiye tell

a story of the city which is developed not at various times years (as, for example, at Berner), and during different eras.“ Davny - long ago in Glyadelkin“ tells about the past of the city - with dragons, kings and wizards. By the way, in this book communication of Wimmelbuch with medieval miniatures and subject gobelins is accurately visible. For the present is responsible “In Glyadelkin once“, and the long-term future with all its signs can be seen in the book “City of Glyadelkin 3000“.

Cheerful day, cheerful year

the Principle the same is find the thought heroes or objects on pages of books. In each book action is developed almost on - Joycean - within one day. Unlike the previous universal series, these books are designed for children of younger age.

One houses

the Dutch artist Luz Rifaguen develops idea of peeping for heroes which soars in Wimmelbuch and adds to it a fantastic plot. All of us dreamed in the childhood that there are houses when things, toys and pets remain one. Luz Rifaguen embodied this children`s game, and now it is possible to study in all details, than malicious small animals are engaged at bright pictures as soon as owners go for a threshold.

of Tradition of Wimmelbuch can be seen also in a coloring where the child has to find and paint a certain fragment of the picture. And some kind of guide to action after survey of the flickering books of Nakhodilki steel of Ksenia Dryzlova. You found all hidden heroes in favourite books? Then go to park, to walk, to the sea and start full-scale natural searches!

Each nakhodilka represents a leaf on which the most different objects, plants, animals, insects are represented. You take a nakhodilka with yourself on walk, your child finds everything that is represented in drawings, and notes a find a tick, or paints it. Or you together photograph it and do houses the detailed photoreport!