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Education of children on - is American: It is always curious to look at early development and supercarriages of

how in other countries raise children. Traveling, always you pay attention to it: as mothers with kids behave that say how they react. Today we will talk about parental cares and habits in the American families: authors of the book “Tiptoes in New - York“ will tell about the supervision. It will be especially interesting to those who read the best-seller “The French Children Are Not Spat by Food“ - here the return, mirror look: two Frenchwomen with undisguised amazement observe how Americans treat the babies.

my mummy and I

Jimmy early go to bed For a long time. And it is normal. Its days are loaded to a limit. In hope to become the perfect man he all day long works on the education. On Tuesdays Jimmy does swimming, on Thursdays - music. On Fridays he comes into contacts, meeting people approximately of its age that within an hour to talk about world around, to share views. One or two times a week he goes to the museum, and will play football and gymnastics soon. Jimmy is the perfect person, the person of the time. Only minus: he does not speak. However, it also does not go. But in it there is nothing terrible: Jimmy is only 11 months.

On the floor where playgrounds of Sydney Playground are located, mummies and their chickens take seats in the hall for games Robin around, the animator which takes a guitar and, having called the pupils for silence, loses several notes and begins to sing the song, some kind of overture and a symbol of the Music for All program.

- Hello everybody, so glad to see you, hello to Jimmy, so glad to see you... (Hi everything, I am so glad you to see, hi, Jimmy, I am so glad you to see...)

of Mother, the nurse and several attendees here of daddies chorus repeat:

- Hello to Lucy, to Oriana, to Seith, hello to the moms, to the dads, to the nannies, to the grandparents, we “re so glad to see yououou... (Hi, Lucie, Oriana, Seyt, hello all children, mummies, daddies, nurses, grandmothers, grandfathers... We are glad to see vaaas...)

cheerful melodies, words in them are easily rhymed by

At songs, all bear a positive charge, call for love and tolerance. In general, the spirit of the American songs differs radically from, for example, French counting rhymes in which suspend Pierre, forbid to cry on pain of the death penalty of Zhannette, glorify the mother Mi - a crack and its gone cat, shepherdess who beats a kitten, and, since diapers, propagandize tobacco smoking: “In my snuffbox excellent tobacco!“

Babies in New - York nearly conduct a stormy life with the birth, attending various courses of hyper stimulation on which occupations if and started them, never stop. Inhabitants New - York, as well as the nature, do not suffer emptiness. Hardly little Trevor starts walking, mother at once writes down him on gymnastics courses. You do not represent how it is difficult to keep balance, going on a log when you have infantile weak legs. Well and that from that! The plain philosophy by which parents are guided is reduced to what needs to be begun as soon as possible that all to be in time and achieve success of life. Begin to practise music since four months, swimming - from eight, and drawing when are not able to hold a pencil yet. And the inner sanctum is a visit of courses of yoga for children. Since three years children are able to do exercise “A greeting to the sun“ and are engaged pranayamy (breath exercises).

To advantages, as well as always in New - York, existence in the city of a set of the most various courses of yoga, for every taste belongs. Junior and his companions, listening to silence, settled down on a carpet. Parents are convinced that their madcaps will learn better, than they to cope with stresses.

A that the notebook of Junior did not look as the minister`s organizer, the program of occupations not difficult and is presented in the form of entertainments.

Even more often parents address therapists that those, observing their posterity, promoted training process acceleration. Early intervention is the program developed for children with an arrest of development. The problem is that not all children develop according to the rhythm set by the nature. If Junior does not get on feet and will not go in a year, it is abnormal. If he pulls off socks from legs or does not like to touch sand in a sandbox, it means that it has tactile and touch problems. And the fact that does not recognize a cap bambino was the cause for a campaign of the therapist who diagnosed for it an arrest of development, on fight which the whole year left. Parents convince themselves:“ If occupations also do not bring benefit, then it will not be worse from it, anyway.

About children`s playgrounds
to the French urbanists do not need to arrive to New - York with own eyes to see children`s playgrounds. As soon as in the sky there is at least one beam of the sun, bands of children take by storm the spaces which are taken away under games. As it always happens, so far as concerns entertainments, Americans quickly understood what kids need and what their parents are concerned by, - playgrounds in green zones are equipped with rubber floor coverings, tobogana (metal hills), a swing with seats in the form of plastic panties where it is possible to put the child who is hardly able to hold a head, without being afraid that he will fall, sandboxes in which you will not meet excrement of animals (at animals “playgrounds“ - places for walking). It is necessary to mention also the well-known sprinklers, fountains operating with approach of the first hot days and until the end of Indian summer where with pleasure kids in pampers lap (even in four months it is impossible to parade the nakedness; probably, Americans not finally got rid of Puritan remnants).

Early development - we begin till the birth

the Situation it develops in such a way that an increasing number of mothers decide to leave well paid work demanding from them full devotion completely to devote itself to children. The purpose of such dedication of “professional mummies“ is demonstration at “a vanity fair“ of achievements of their posterity. But do not take in head to tell them that they do not work. For political correctness it is accepted to speak not “housewife“, but “the woman who is not earning reward for the work“ now. They completely concentrate on education of children, putting heart and soul and money in cultural development of the cherubs, and, organizing school holidays, bake infinite cakes and cakes and sew the white hands suits for Halloween.

This phenomenon is scrupulously studied by

Sharon Heys who called it “intensive motherhood“. But similar approach does not find understanding at three Anglo-Saxon masters of pediatrics: Thomas Berri Breyzelton, Benjamin Spock and Penelope Leitch whose works did not lose relevance also today: they are quoted, refer to them and they became reference books for the most part of a nu - York mothers.

Having read everything that is possible, concerning physical development of children and having brought to perfection the theories on benches of playgrounds, the advanced mothers began unprecedented approach to intelligence of the kids hitherto.

In - the first, it is necessary to read to the child when it still is in a womb; in - the second, since four months it is necessary to acquaint him with perhaps more versatile activity and, in - the third, it is necessary to work on the organization and carrying out a pleydeyt (playdate) constantly.

It - is absolute

a nu - a York innovation. Also do not think that it is about a banal party where treat with chocolate biscuits and juice. To carry out pleydeyt up to standard, parents should meet more than once, it is necessary to think over everything to trifles, to organize games and entertainments not only for children, but also for their mummies who should not miss too.

But even if methodical instructions are dictated by the best motives (and often are effective), educational process, happens, reaches to the point of absurdity. It is quite often possible to see the young mother reading on an ear to the sleeping baby the children`s book from the “Guess how I Love You“ series in library. And here other mother talking to the two-year-old kid by a technique “read on my lips“:

- On - smo - three, be - bi spiiit.

parents who assure as if them 16 - the monthly peanut already learned letters Meet, distinguishes colors and knows by heart words of a children`s song about a spider of Itsy Bitsy Spider. The question is on the tip of the tongue:“ And it did not seize logarithms yet“.

the Syndrome of the child prodigy seized all city. Children are simply obliged to be supercapable. And if yours did not prove the theory of the Big Bang at three-year age bambino, be sure, his life was not successful if did not fail.

the so-called positive thinking was a Consequence of this tendency.

William`s Mother never tells

“no“. It always in high spirits.

Every time when William sticks together a kulichik from sand, she screams from delight:

- My dear as at you well it turned out!

Everyone a quarter of hour William hears

how she addresses it:

- What good boy!

As soon as he begins to cry, mother right there runs up also handfuls of vanities to it in a mouth favourite flakes of the American children of Cheerios or Goldfish, and sometimes, depending on a case, bares a breast to feed him:“ It is so useful for it“.

Once when William nearly beat out an eye to the girlfriend Ashley, having bitten it for a cheek and having taken away from her a doll, his mother got up, brought the madcap to the crying girl and told equal tone:

- William, you very badly arrived, you upset mummy, and now apologize to Ashley. Ashley, William apologizes at you.

But actually her William does not feel any remorse, he does not even know what is it. And to tell the truth, it finds all this quite amusing: Ashley sobs at the top of the voice, mother is busy only with it, it is the center of the universe. Fine!

Having understood

that incident is exhausted, William turns, takes the shovel, gathers in it sand and throws in a girl`s face.


As always at such moments, William`s mother is scattered in apologies and declares:

is not his fault, his father and I, we get divorced, William receives medical treatment at the therapist.

the Baby Ashley, apparently, were not impressed by results of treatment because it began to sob even more loudly, in all power of the lungs, as well as it befits in similar cases.


(science about parents) - the nu - York discipline

is typical

the Brochure on which the photo of two teenagers with the frowned, dissatisfied persons is represented, questions: “You sometime wanted to have the operation manual?“ Certainly, in this or that moment of life parents only also dream of that the instruction was attached to their kid. How to change diapers how to lull how to feed the child how to calm when he is angry? All this, naturally, is very important to take yes to neglect, provide to experience of seniors or just to obey common sense.

B of New - York approach is obvious: here speak “farewell“ to prudence and “welcome“ - to any trainings for parents! Courses and seminars are urged to give irrefragable answers on the questions arising at fathers and mothers. Each maternity hospital in this city teaches young parents to daily care of the baby, including massage. When the child a little grows up, will explain to you what to do if he is capricious or shows aggression (do not even hope that to you will advise to put him under the lock). And maybe, you want to impart to the child love to reading that he became the frequenter of libraries, or to develop in it superabilities? Well, you also will find teachers in it. And any panic if your juvenile offspring rides on the ground, having become angry outright. Moreover, in the city “the hot line“ of education works! Pick up the phone and call the consultant - he will kindly explain to you how to neutralize a bomb. Under a condition, of course, that your cherub was not supplied on delivery with the self-exploding mechanism. Bums... Well, it is not so terrible!

For Julia Ross, the consultant for education, fears of parents became a basis of its business. She with full gravity will explain that the parental instinct does not exist and that spontaneity of behavior - the shortest way to accident. It is better to follow its advice literally. She offers mothers and fathers who are in perplexity seminars and private consultations on 150 dollars for an hour. During one seminar which subject “That it is necessary to do that the child trusted you?“, she explained to forty parents that they, without understanding that, are engaged in sabotage. Not worse than secret agents from “The soldier of a rainbow“ (the ship of “Greenpeace“) they undermine confidence which is tested to them by the child. Its instructions are as follows:

- does not need to be spoken “do not do that - that“ or “be more attentive“. On the contrary, it is necessary to concentrate on positive aspects. And instead of mandative tone to tell the child “Do not forget to make lessons“, tell: “Darling, I hope that today you will quickly make homework“. Or instead of “Be more careful!“ - “It will be pleasant to me if you show care“.

I at last, secret weapon of Julia Ross: daily words of love that the child did not feel deprived.

- Take the handle and write the most beautiful handwriting:“ Dear Suzy, I love you most on light“. Next day note:“ Thanks, my love, for the fact that last night you cleared the table“. Also repeat in the same spirit of ad libitum (at own discretion).

All this

it is absolutely serious, and hundreds of families which lost hope pay big money to hear similar councils. And if everything ended with the fact that yours bambino became the alcoholic and the addict, it means that you made a spelling error in the words of love addressed to it.

the Star of sidewalks

Some time ago, having glanced over the chains of carriages stretched along playgrounds from the Fort Greene Park to Washington - the square and from Betteri Park to Top Ist - Sidon, it was possible to notice that parents generally get functional classical models which in general almost do not differ from each other. The market was divided among themselves by two “heavyweights“: the Italian Peg Perego trademark and the English MacLaren brand which peak in the Scottish cage seemed irreplaceable and eternal. Yes, and still: the well-known three-wheeled Baby Jogger - the real trend! - fans of run chose for themselves.

But today everything changed. The New Yorkers always able to use novelties in the field of high technologies in own interests did not lay aside and baby carriages.

the Superlungs developing one finger with the tiny stereo speakers which are built in under a peak for listening of MP3 - does not have a player, with special office for the mobile phone, from the titan, with a leather seat etc., etc.

, no, not the car, namely a baby carriage, became a symbol of the social status on Manhattan. As its inhabitants quite seldom get car, they are ready to invest not one hundred dollars in this manual vehicle.

Some time ago on sidewalks there was the real star (which such stars as Juliana Moore and Keith Hudson gave preference at once) - Bugaboo carriage, “SUV“ with the wheels rotating around own axis. Evil tongues call it “a hammer with a peak“, hinting on huge, frightening to a look the car of the American army popular among rappers and some Hollywood celebrities (mostly republicans). Bugaboo function of four driving wheels, however, on it unites similarity with “hammer“ and comes to an end. The carriage was developed in the Netherlands, and its look, at the same time stylish and ergonomic, made on ecologically correct New Yorkers ready to pay for it 700 dollars, strong impression. By the way, thanks to Bugaboo of color of a baby carriage became more various and more cheerful: brightly - orange, saturated red, it is dark - violet and is indistinct - blue.

As for those who have money - we mean those who really have money! - that they, buying Silver Cross, Parker, Brook Shields or Madonna imitate Sara Jessica (well not to lag behind them!) And it despite the price - more than two thousand dollars. Rolls - Royce of baby carriages gradually is exposed to democratization, losing the initial appointment - truly to serve successors of the English crown. If only their highnesses do not make a choice for MacLaren from the titan for the same cost or will not decide to get a Burberry brand carriage, from the English producer of goods extra - the class forced to follow policy of increase in prices.

To put it briefly, all means are good that mother looked irresistibly. And even the BabyBjorn company did not remain away from this process, having put on the market “kangaroo“ from skin for carrying the child.

Only lack of carriages of new generation: their high technological effectiveness which has also a reverse side - they maintain weight for 20 kilograms, and it is quite often possible to see six-year-old children with Game Boy in the hands sitting in a carriage as in a chair. It infuriates the American pediatricians seeing in such “settled life“ one more reason of obesity as though the sense of their professional activity also consists in fight against obesity for them.

Be continued.

From the book “Tiptoes in New - York“