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Cosmetics bag for holiday: 6 necessary means and nothing excess

Going on the vacation, we take the cosmetics bag filled by various means. But if to approach collecting intelligently, the quantity of jars will decrease three times.

the Oil path

of Oil - special category of products for moistening of the person, a body and hair. There is an opinion that natural or cosmetic use mainly in the winter when skin dry and is shelled from wind and a frost. But also in the summer application will be found for them. For example, for a hair reconstruction after solar bathtubs. Dried up by a heat, sea water and laying, they become fragile and dim. Oil will saturate a core, will strengthen a bulb and will smooth scales. It is applied on clean moist hair on all length on one and a half - two hours or all night long, then carefully washed away.

it is necessary to Oil a body and a face with care. You should not do it just before an exit to the sun. But it is useful for massage, prevention of a peeling after suntan and acceptance of a bathtub.

Two in one

Leaving for several days, it is convenient to take the universal moisturizing face and body cream. The problem is that it usually has dense, “winter“ texture, it is more suitable for a body. It is ideal for dry skin, and on fat leaves gloss. It is worth looking for cosmetics “easier“ - a milk, gel. And surely pay attention to structure: maximum of natural components, any parabens and dyes.

does not need to be forgotten on holiday about the rejuvenating preparations. Anti-aging face treatments should be taken. And production intended for will be suitable for a bust and a decollete... hands or lifting of a stomach. It will moisten skin, will relieve of wrinkles and pigmentary spots.

If hand cream rather fat, it it is possible to use also for legs, but only after the weakening tray with oil.

Protection against the sun

the Main attribute of a summer cosmetics bag - sun-protection means. For the person, a body, lips, hair... And all this should be carried with itself?! Optional! For lips of rather hygienic lipstick with small SPF - a factor. It is possible to moisten hair and a body with the same cosmetic oil.

for the person we will save

On sunblock cream and we will buy a universal milk with a mark “for a face and a body“. The best exit will become moistening with SPF - the filter.

Under tone

cosmetologists do not recommend to Use

during a heat foundation and powder. A time is hammered, quickly there is a greasy luster, skin ceases to breathe. Let`s go all summer really, without masking casual heat-spots and inflammations? BB - cream, which now at popularity peak, - an excellent exit. For a long time humidifies, and its subtle shade levels tone of skin, doing it ideal. If it has also the sun-protection filter, safely we put it in a traveling bag.

So, in your cosmetics bag:

  1. Gel for washing of hair and a body.
  2. face, body and hair Oil.
  3. Hygienic lipstick with SPF.
  4. Hand cream, bust and legs.
  5. Sun-protection means for a body.
  6. the Moisturizing face cream with SPF or BB - cream.