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Recipes of ice cream with strawberry and sweet cherry: simple and difficult

When there is a wish for some tasty ice cream, it is not obligatory to run behind it in shop at all. Time to try the hand came - and new recipes of home-made ice cream - during a heat they will come in handy. 2 recipes - with sweet cherry and strawberry.

Cherry ice cream with raspberry puree and mint syrup

For a yogurt basis:

Additional ingredients:

For a start needs to separate serum. Establish a colander from above of a pan. Cover a colander bottom a gauze in several layers. Pour out yogurt on a gauze and let`s liquid flow down within 4 - 5 hours. That serum separated quicker, you can carefully mix yogurt by means of a wooden shovel from time to time. As soon as serum finally separated, shift it in the container, cover and put in the refrigerator. At you about 400 g of serum have to turn out.


of 100 ml of milk with corn starch.

Shake up the mixer soft cheese.

of 400 ml of milk, cream, granulated sugar and corn syrup boil thoroughly about 10 minutes on the smallest fire. Remove from fire and connect to starched mix in several calling. Put on small fire and boil thoroughly, constantly stirring slowly, about 3 minutes or until as mix will begin to get denser. Remove from fire and let`s cool down a little.

Make for

sweet cherry, mint syrup and granulated sugar puree. Let`s granulated sugar be dissolved and filter through a sieve.

Connect soft cheese, slivochno - dairy mix, cherry mashed potatoes and serum. Carefully mix and shift in the container. Cover and put in the refrigerator for 6 hours (it is possible for the night).

When the basis will be cooled with

, get it and add raspberry puree. Then shift or in a bowl of your ice-cream parlor, or in the container in which you will freeze it in the freezer. If you have an ice-cream parlor, just follow the instruction of the producer if you freeze in the freezer, you should get and mix ice cream from time to time.

Strawberry ice cream with baked milk

This simplest and tasty ice cream which does not demand preliminary cooking of a kastard. What can be better for summer heat?

Shake up cream. Make strawberry puree, add sugar. In strawberry pour baked milk and carefully mix. Right at the end the accurate movements with the help of a shovel enter cream into weight.

Deliver to

a basis in the refrigerator for a couple of hours. Then get and follow the instruction of your ice-cream parlor or from time to time get the container with ice cream from the freezer and mix.

From the book “Home-made Ice Cream“