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How to photograph on travel: children, beaches, architecture of

All of us photograph on travel and on vacation - who on phone who on a soap tray, but many - on the digital reflex camera. How to achieve qualitative photos of beaches and architectural objects? How to remove children? Councils of the skilled photographer will help those who are sent on leave.

Beach photos

Well as - we arrived to the sea, so, have to be photographed on the beach! Such photos warm many in the winter and give incentive to wait for new holiday. That the desire to return to exotic places did not die away, we will try to learn to take such beach picture with which it is not a shame.

Basic household rule of beach photos: they are never pleasant to the people represented on them. Images from glossy magazines sit in our consciousness too tight. Therefore try to do good pictures, hiding shortcomings of the person and emphasizing his advantages.

Many fans to be photographed by

on the beach are surprised: I go to have a rest to Goa - and photos all the same turn out, as from Tuapse of 1987! Usually a problem in a surrounding situation: people go to the most known public beaches and put chaise lounges there, “where apples could not fall“. And the contingent of Tuapse beaches develops the near or distant abroad, transferring with itself and the unique atmosphere of sovok rest.

What to make that in your pictures was the same as in magazines, - boundless sandy beaches and palm trees, palm trees?. The answer is simpler, than it seems: it is necessary or choose hour when the beach is empty, or to wander and find a little the place where there is not a lot of people, or to go to other, less crowded beach.

Anyway I advise

to pay much attention of an art component of a picture. For this purpose it is necessary to follow composite rules. It is also necessary to consider light: do not remove against the sun (if, of course, you do not expect to receive in a picture only silhouettes), whenever possible photograph in a shadow - the beach umbrellas, trees or palm trees growing nearby for this purpose will approach.

can change
For obtaining bright photos of the sea or the ocean settings of contrast in the menu of a chamber.

As all - to photograph people and to be photographed most? There is a wish to show what you saw the place which visited. And that your pictures caused emotions not only in you, but also in others. For this purpose it is necessary to try not take the picture at optimum technical settings and by rules of composition, but also to put in them sense. “What did the author want to tell this picture?“ - such question should not arise at the viewer. And if, having seen your album, someone tells that he wants to visit this place too, - means, all of you made correctly.

Main on portraits are people, but not a background. The place where the photo is made, and so will be recognizable even if the background of a picture will be indistinct. But the indistinct background does not distract from the most important - the fact that you wanted to transfer by means of this photo.

How to photograph children on vacation

Some prefer not to take

with themselves in travel of children (in particular it concerns babies). To photograph them against sights really there is no special sense therefore at once it is possible to forget about habitual plots of shooting “as at adults“. Children need to create special conditions.

the Child - at the same time both the easiest, and most difficult object for shooting. Everything depends on age. If the kid absolutely small, then to make a photo, is enough to seize the necessary moment. But to photograph children who can already independently move and express the thoughts it is necessary to stock up with inhuman patience. But in an award it is possible to receive almost “exceptional“ pictures. Usually children behave quite naturally and do not worry so the main objective of the photographer - to attract and keep their attention.

the Architectural plan for the photographer

Here I give the most practical councils based on personal experience.

Ideal the shooting point will be of the middle of object down at the level. For this purpose it is necessary to look for the natural or artificial heights which are nearby - buildings, hills and so on.

Quite good pictures of architectural objects can be received by means of any equipment. It is obvious that than the chamber is more professional, especially it gives ample opportunities for shooting. In case of mirror digital cameras I recommend to photograph architecture with a wide-angle lens. At the same time minus only one - distortion of object in a picture is possible, but for nonprofessional photographers it does not matter.

pay special attention to the horizon. At the filled-up building horizon in a picture “fall“, and any of them reminds the Tower of Pisa. In order that it was not, you hold a chamber exactly. In many models of cameras there is even a special function of level - with it quite heavy to be mistaken.

the Most known building which will “fall“ however the horizon was equal is a tower in Pisa. For the sake of one picture on its background (the model which is “propping up“ a construction), crowds of tourists go to this small town.


on a soap tray, try not to apply a zoom - then you will be able to use the maximum viewing angle of your camera.

do not photograph

with flash - it can light only what is in limits of several meters from your chamber. The night photo of a huge cathedral will not benefit from what flash will highlight the midges flying nearby.


When shooting architecture almost same rules work, as when shooting people. The soft reflected light will be ideal (is such in cloudy weather).

If you can find

reflections - look for them: clouds in mirror glasses of skyscrapers, reflections of objects in reservoirs, beautiful indistinct contours of buildings on a smooth surface of city channels. Such incidentally caught pictures often turn out very successful.

do not forget

about details - they sometimes more interesting, than general views of objects. Small figures on facades, fences around rural lodges, splashes of fountains - all this gives individual character to what you photograph.

Pay attention to a background. The it will be more indistinct, the is more volume the picture will turn out.

do not forget to learn a weather forecast before shootings. On travel I do not recommend to photograph during a rain - such pictures bore, and we need positive emotions.

Should not fall apart if for any reasons the photo turns out unlike a “postcard“ picture of an architectural construction against the blue sky. Each city has the characteristic weather creating its unique shape. So, in London which is called foggy Albion it is better to transfer an essence of the city it is possible in such weather, than at a bright sun.

Try to do pictures of those constructions which take the breath away, and it is desirable at that time days when they look most attractively. If color houses of the Venetian quarter of Burano best of all look in the afternoon, then world renowned Spanish Sagrada Familia advantageously looks at night when include illumination. You are not lazy - do not photograph huge creation of Gaudi, standing near it: if to depart a little, the surprising view both of a cathedral, and of a reservoir in which surface trees are artly reflected will open. Beautiful evening pictures it is desirable for p to do

from a support or other “make-shift“, for example from a bridge parapet. So the chamber will not be mobile, and you will be able to receive the minimum degradation in a picture. Be careful: do not put the camera on a slippery surface and do not use very easy pass - a support - under weight of equipment (especially reflex cameras) it can fall from any whiff of a breeze.

The is less crowded

there where you go, the better. And it is better not to depend on group because at guides everything is planned on minutes. For independent movement in some (most dangerous) countries I recommend a taxi, in Europe and America it is worth hiring the car, and in the Asian countries, popular among tourists, it is more convenient to rent the scooter. Anyway, even if only the public transport is available to you, try to reach on it the sights interesting you and to plan the stay there.

From the book “How to Photograph on Travel“