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Pregnancy planning: our way fortunately - slightly longer than year of

Talk on children at us with the husband was for a long time, but always somehow for fun and in future time. Seriously we started talking about it in a year after a wedding. Then we decided that we here will go the second time to Bali, “we will come off“ properly finally and we will actively work on conception of the child.

Work we began

directly there, to Bali in this connection I limited myself in quantity and fortress of drunk. Well and, of course, when we came back home in three weeks, were sure that at us everything turned out. For some reason I always thought what at us will turn out from the first and very much worried into the account of protection (when we did not plan children yet). I refused coffee, appear, that I feel sick, and I test an indisposition. Generally began...

Ya every evening sat at forums, read articles about pregnancy signs, well and, of course, all of them were present at me. I shared them with the husband, we, happy, went, smiled and looked forward to a delay. Without having waited for it, I on 10 - y after alleged conception ran day behind the test. Result negative - nothing, we are not upset, still early, we wait further.

As I cried when “monsters“ came. I had the real hysterics. Dima me which - as calmed though it was visible that very much was upset. And then there were a lot more such months, and every time I roared. How many I translated tests for pregnancy, it is even difficult to count. Every time peered into them with hope. Considered under a different corner and it seemed to me that here it, the second stripe, simply still early, and it it is badly visible, - but is not present, angry “monsters“ came again and again.

From third month of our active planning I went to the doctor. As I always had problems with a cycle, I was sent to the gynecologist - the endocrinologist Irina Aleksandrovna, and we began my inspection. It calmed me, having told that three months are still nonsense that only after a year of planning it is possible to speak about infertility.

Ya made all necessary tests (on TORCh, on hormones and still something, I do not remember any more), money, of course, paid a great lot for it, but to become pregnant, I was ready for all. And here by results of analyses it became clear that I raised Prolactinum (more precisely, it on the upper bound - 495). Irina Aleksandrovna wrote out to me bromokriptin (by this moment we are already half a year as could not become pregnant). I, having read reviews of this preparation and having read the awful list of side effects from it, decided that not such and Prolactinum, high at me, that so to scoff at myself. And we began inspection of the husband.

Should pay it tribute, he did not even discuss need of the inspection, itself registered to the andrologist, handed over a spermogram. And all this with understanding and big desire to help us to become parents. And when I read how husbands do not want to be examined by other girls, I awfully was indignant, two participate in conception and the result depends on both!

Results of its analyses were not ideal

too, viscosity was increased, and the quantity of active spermatozoa was on norm border, generally, prescribed it to drink speman. As ill luck would have it this medicine was not in one drugstore (something happened to the supplier, and it could not even be ordered), and to it replaced it on pro-hundred-norms. He spent on drink it nearly two months and repeated the analysis, but the result strongly did not improve.

by this time we already actively planned

nearly a year (10 months). I began to build schedules of the bazalny temperature (BT), so it was easier for me to trace day of “X“ and to understand, it turned out or not. Thus I did not test any more vain hopes when I had delays (and I had them constantly, from - for the broken cycle). Yes, by the way, according to schedules of BT the ovulation occurred at me every month, and it was one more cause for which I did not begin to drink bromokriptin.

And so, after repeated delivery of a spermogram and already dying away hope to see sometime two stripes on the test, we decided to use our best efforts that at last this miracle came true! And here Dima decided that he will not drink absolutely alcohol and will not go to a bath (since high temperature badly affects sperm), and I all - decided on bromokriptin (that too excludes alcohol intake). And so we lived three more months (it was a little heavy on vacation according to the program “all inclusive“, but we replaced alcohol with fruit).

In September (to planning there was a year and month) I decided that will be enough for us to soar brains about it, and we neglected everything. I decided to open shop of a kidswear, Dima changed the place of work. And somehow we switched to labor everyday life. I flew to Korea, opened shop (thanks to what overcame at last fear of driving), all was given to the business, and there was even no time to trace BT. Therefore October at us in respect of conception as we considered, was missed...

We were going to go for the weekend (on November 8 - 10) to Sheregesh to ride boards, and at me “monsters“ just have to come. I think: I will measure temperature (BT), well that the nobility, they will begin at me there or not. I measure: on Friday 37, on Saturday 37, on Sunday 37... I have suspicions as never longer than one day at me such temperature kept. On Monday morning I decide just in case, to make the test for calm of soul (I did it only with one purpose: to be convinced that I am not pregnant) and - holy Christ! - two strips!

Is not present

, I did not believe the eyes, with the shivering hands rushed about on the apartment, without understanding what to do to me. In ten minutes the strip did not disappear, and I began to believe in its existence a little. Called Dima for work:

- You sit?
- to Sege, and that?
- Seems, I am pregnant.

minute silence is farther than

I... and sea of pleasure.

Then I called mother and asked how further to live. It seemed to me, everything, I cannot do more than anything. Did not want even to get out of a bed. I wanted to hide under a blanket and to be alone with my happiness and to enjoy it eternally! But mother brought me round, and I went for work.

Certainly, this evening and next morning I made two more tests, for belief of. In five days I went for reception to Irina Aleksandrovna, she confirmed my pregnancy, told that she uterine, and with all the heart congratulated me on this remarkable event. In a week we with Dima sat in an office of ultrasonography and listened to heartbeat of ours of a crumb. Our miracle happened, and it lived in me now.

Anna Murzina