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Rest in Barcelona: 4 reasons to choose for holiday Gaudi`s city of

U of each of us the ideas of the place where it is possible to have a rest soul and a body. For our family - it is Barcelona where I spent the unforgettable holidays together with the husband and the sister. It is the city where in air the aroma of magnificent coffee reaching from bars and coffee houses was distinctly felt and to it the sea smell was by all means added... There I want to return surely. With children and grandsons. For now I try to tempt with Barcelona you, dear readers. So, we will begin.

Barcelona positions itself as the city - the cosmopolitan, it is more congenial to other Europe, than other Spanish cities since it is less conservative, more tolerant and infinitely many-sided. Every day it opened to me from the different parties, and to me it is even hard to say in what form it was pleasant to me more.

Barcelona is comfortable

for rest. the Feeling of comfort of life and rest begins with the first steps on the Barcelonian earth here. The tremendous airport which meets tourists literally from all corners of the earth, faultlessly working transport, convenient infrastructure of the city in which it is impossible to be lost or not to deal with the card. If that - all will help, prompt, will deliver. Barcelona is hospitable, and I was not abandoned by thought that all tourists here already not for the first time: so quietly and with skill they were guided in the city.

All Barcelona can be gone round by bicycle. Hire costs kopeks, parking of bicycles continually, and paths for cyclists - from the center to the periphery. It seems, only 4 cities in Spain differ in this sports opportunity.

can spend by

On beaches of the city the whole day that, as a matter of fact, and is done by many. All beaches are equipped with both exercise machines, and a shower, and to have a bite problems does not exist at all: the cafe and restaurants for every taste are located directly on sand or within walking distance. Business - lunches in Port Olimpic less than for 10 euros just inexcusably indulge visitors the refreshing gazpacho (during a heat it is just irreplaceable thing!) then at choice the first, second and a dessert (wine, water or beer are meant too). And when understanding comes that after such plentiful meal you cannot just leave from - for a table, cunning smiling waiter brings chupitos, liqueurs with small cakes, for the sedimentation eaten. Not - e - et, everything, I cannot any more!

Here just right to join those who make jogs on the embankment which extends along all edge of the sea. Early in the morning or in the evening in the light of lamps the great number of fighters for a healthy lifestyle runs or goes by the same bicycle. At the sight of this not interrupted stream there is a wish to pull in more feasibly a stomach and to promise that here after holiday by all means also you will be involved in this fight. Once I even saw how young parents, obviously, the habits which were not wishing to change, ran, pushing before myself a carriage with the baby!

In Barcelona you learn to enjoy life. And also not to hurry, to enjoy communication, tasty food and even a siesta which, at first sight, slightly irritates many Russian tourists, but in principle is quite justified. Often we in whirl and vanity of our life forget about rest and we lose meaning of the life. And Barceloneses - are not present.

Holidays here at the slightest pretext. And even, as sometimes it seems, and without cause. City, regional, quarter scale, they unite people, learn to protect traditions. As they say, if there is no occasion, then we will think up it. I very much liked fairs when from vicinities handicraftsmen and peasants bring something own preparation or made with own hands. These cottage cheeses - just you will lick fingers!

Game of favourite “Barsa“ is always a holiday. It is just pagan worshipped since small years. The city fades when broadcast matches of his favorite team, bars are crowded, and enthusiastic explosions of loud triumph and a petard say that “Barsa“ again at height. I saw the posters stuck on all city which just in case reminded forgetful inhabitants what will be played by “Barsa“ soon and it is necessary to hang out a national Catalan flag from the window or from a balcony. And in day of a match I was just touched by a look 2 - the summer fans equipped in a form of “Barsa“ in due form.

Barcelona - must visit. the Places noted in guides in the city great variety. And there is a lot of them as in historic center, and far away from it. Routes of bus turistic allow to enjoy any sight. In the center, on a pedestrian street of Ramblas (something is similar to our Arbat) it is not be desert. Even at night here it is populous: number of Hard Rock Caf é and not only that attracts crowds of tourists. Someone goes to admire Casa Mila and Casa Batllo Passeidg de Gracia. I think that Antoni Gaudi`s masterpieces will always bring together near themselves thoughtfully reflexing tourists.

Now at night in these house museums can listen to live music and to enjoy a type of the night center behind a kava glass. Well, and Sagrada Familia will always be an exclusive of Barcelona, we will hope that it will be under construction not always though the will is sacred, it is built only on donations, as well as the great master wanted.

If only Chinese do not outstrip

and will not construct the exact copy... They constructed the longest bench, having broken a record of creation of Gaudi in Park Guell. And Chinese tourists here much. Stand, look narrowly...

do not forget to curtail

from Rambla and to see Gothic quarter. By all means you will find cozy small restaurant, some design little shop, maybe, you will award with the attention Picasso`s Museum. And maybe, exactly here you want to stay in hotel - they enjoy popularity from - for peculiar exotic, proximity to the center and the choice of entertainments. On other side of Rambla you will find the well-known market Boqueria, not to notice which is simply unreal. Here it is so extremely bright from variety of fruit, and the moving range of fish counters is ready to pose for you indefinitely.

In cafe at Korolevskaya Square which also two steps away from Rambla, to me and my friends there was amusing, just axiomatic case which we remember as soon as where - or we order juice. We asked freshly squeezed carrot juice. The waiter long could not understand our order, then with astonishment rounded eyes and told that they have no such EXOTIC. There is a pineapple, orange, grapefruit etc., and there is no carrot! It was necessary to agree to banal pineapple freshly squeezed juice. Eh, we do not appreciate the “carrot“ exotic!

Me were subdued by melodies of the singing fountains on the areas of Spain framed with gentle modulations of color and enthusiastic eyes of the audience., It seems, anything special, but bewitches!

A if you want to see all Barcelona and in all its magnificence, then to you - on Montzhuik or Tibidabo: from these mountains all Barcelona clearly. On Montzhuik I rose on foot, slowly going from the royal palace, passing all parks and gardens where Barceloneses like to have a rest. Fortress which should be seen was the final of a route.

Barcelona is creative

. creates feeling Here that artists, architects and designers continuously compete in originality of the interpretation of reality. Sculptural works of Zhoan Miro and other less famous authors give special color to city streets. I and not only me, was a little confused by a monument to a shrimp that near Columbus`s statue, and the image of a giraffe which I saw on crossing of streets of Rambla de Catalunya and Diagonal absolutely inspired. He so “comfortably“ settled on a pedestal that I was visited by thought that I want to sprawl also carefree on the next lawn and to think slowly of the future. Generally, I wanted to become this giraffe - here it, the great force of art! I do not remember the author, I remember that it is his gift to all residents.

Ya I think that if there was no Barcelona, then would not be, perhaps, and great Gaudi. Exactly here probably the unique atmosphere of piece creativity which involves those artists who would not like traditional character of forms and thought is created. The design Custo and Desigual brands could be born only in Barcelona.

In my opinion, all Barcelona - desigual that in translation means “unlike, not such as others“. She aspires to it, it at her turns out and forces us to come back there again and again that every time to find for itself something new.

To new meetings, Barcelona!

Tatyana Voronova