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Home-made ice cream: the recipe with wild strawberry. And chocolate sauce!

there did not pass the wild strawberry season Yet, suggest you to make refined home-made ice cream from these fragrant berries. The recipe allows to do without ice-cream parlor, and one more plus of the ice cream made in house conditions are sauces which can be served to it. Today we try classical chocolate and exotic - with a fig.

Strawberry ice cream with pink pepper

Make for

  • of 5 yolks mashed potatoes from wild strawberry. For this purpose shift berries in a bowl, add a half of sugar and properly shake up the blender before receiving homogeneous mass.

    In other bowl connect milk, cream and pepper. Put on fire and boil thoroughly, constantly stirring slowly and not bringing to boiling until mix slightly thickens. Remove from fire and cool at least 1 hour

    Then properly wipe dairy - creamy mix through a small sieve.

    Shake up yolks and the remained granulated sugar and vanilla sugar. Accurately connect yolk mix with creamy and put on average fire. Boil thoroughly until mix slightly does not thicken. It usually occupies of 15 - 20 minutes me. Remove from a plate and cool.

    As soon as mix will be cooled with

    to room temperature, connect it to strawberry puree. Carefully mix and shift in the container. Close a cover and put in the refrigerator at least for 6 hours (more conveniently - on all night long). Then get and freeze: or in an ice-cream parlor (follow the instruction of the producer), or during 3 - 4 hours in the freezer - only do not forget to get the container from time to time and to mix ice cream.

    Chocolate sauce

    • bitter chocolate of 150 g
    • butter of 125 g
    • natural cocoa - powder of 150 g
    • granulated sugar of 100 g
    • milk of 150 ml
    • whipped cream of 150 ml

    On a water bath kindle chocolate together with oil. As soon as chocolate is kindled, implicate cocoa - powder.

    In a separate bowl mix sugar, milk and cream. Put on small fire and you cook until sugar is dissolved. Then connect to chocolate mix and boil thoroughly about 10 minutes. As soon as thickens, remove from fire.

    This sauce - fine addition to creamy ice cream. Sauce is stored in the refrigerator till 4 days.

    goat cheese Sauce with a fig and rum

    • of 200 g of a dried fig
    • of 100 g of buckwheat honey
    • of 150 ml of bottled water
    • of 7 tablespoons of dark rum
    • of 100 g of soft goat cheese like shavra

    Cut a fig in half, fill in with water with honey. Put on fire and boil 10 minutes. Add cheese and mix. Cool and cast away on a colander. Put in a bowl and add rum. Also give to Pyuriruyta warm.

    From the book “Home-made Ice Cream“