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School backpack or satchel for the first grader: how to choose?

Summer vacation will fly by very quickly. And it means, parents very soon again should buy a school uniform, a stationery and to choose a new portfolio, a backpack or a satchel. Today we will talk about in what this three types of a school bag differ and as to choose the best from the wide range.

the Portfolio, a satchel, a backpack - whether is a difference?

Of course, is. Otherwise why these types of children`s school bags are called differently? Let`s understand.

Easy, convenient and safe: we choose the best

to Choose a good backpack or a satchel for the school student, especially the first grader, not easy. From that, it is how convenient to carry it, health of the child depends. Choosing this or that model of a school bag, do not forget attentively it to study and to estimate all pros and cons!

the Rigid internal framework - invaluable plus. It helps to distribute loading, without allowing sharp objects (for example, to edges of textbooks or pencils) to crash into a back. The satchel with such framework does not get out of a shape, does not fall when it is put, and does not rumple a notebook and the book.

the Orthopedic back - too an important detail. Several dense small pillows fitted by the breathing mesh fabric help to distribute evenly loading on all back of the school student. Besides, anatomic pillows support a correct posture. Material of which the backpack or a satchel is made, it is better for p to choose

dense, synthetic. It is more durable, besides it is simpler to look after it: pollution wash off easier.

the Size a school bag should be selected so that its upper edge did not rest against the school student`s nape, and lower did not press on a waist. This rule also helps to distribute loading evenly and not to displace the center of gravity. Therefore the idea to buy a thing for growth in this case is inappropriate.

Pay attention to satchel weight . Orthopedists assure: the first grader cannot carry behind the back of more than 10% of a body weight. Therefore the mass of an empty portfolio in itself should not exceed 1 kg.

Since September 1, 2011 the resolution of the chief state health officer of the Russian Federation also came into force. It regulates conditions of the organization of training of children, including the most allowable weight of school bags.

Class the Most allowable weight of a portfolio
of 1 - 2 < 1,5 kg
of 3 - 4 < 2 kg
of 4 - 6 < 2,5 kg
of 7 - 6 < 3,5 kg
of 9 - 11 < 4 kg

Surely estimate of a strap . Ideal option - soft, from elastic fabric, about 5 cm wide. Well and, of course, they have to be regulated on length. Additional thongs (zone and breast) will facilitate load of a humeral belt.

has to be

At a satchel or a backpack two and more offices and a simple convenient fastener which is easy for undoing one movement. Closer to a back of a bag it is necessary to put heavy books, and in the second office - smaller and easy things. Additional pockets will become a pleasant bonus - in them conveniently to display any trifles or, for example, to fix a small bottle with water.

the school backpack and a portfolio has also a support function: reflecting elements in a night-time do your child noticeable on the road. Track that they were on a bag from all directions.

to Estimate and try on

presently there is a lot of

of Satchels and backpacks therefore it is difficult to parents to decide on the choice. It is possible to distinguish such brands as McNeill, sigikid, Lassig, Step by Step, TRUNKI and others from producers. They offer school students the interesting, bright, stylish and very ergonomic models of backpacks and portfolios meeting all requirements of a children`s bearing. Complete with some there are cases, purses, bags for footwear and other accessories. It will be for certain pleasant to your child to have all school supplies of one brand.

the Satchel or a backpack by all means should be tried on, perhaps, even to load that the child felt whether he conveniently for it will go to school with this new acquisition.