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Abkhazia: rest with children in June. Exchanged Switzerland for Sukhumi and did not regret!

this year, having exchanged 2 weeks in Switzerland for 1,5 months in Abkhazia, we with the husband and two sons (6 years and 1 year 9 months) were sent at the end of May on leave. The husband was released for 3 weeks, and this happiness. Decided to go by train, to save. In May train tickets are cheaper, than in July, for example. Rented the house in Sukhumi, the price somewhere of of 200 - 250 rub for a bed, but is more expensively, of course. In Gagra - is more expensive though as you will find, 3 years ago we found 200 rub for a bed there. In Gagra the beach in places sandy, and in Sukhumi - pebble.

We travel with friends. Arrived to Sochi by train, got on the bus and reached to Psou (The Cossack market). There on foot crossed the border. The power of attorney from the husband was not required to my friend (she went with the child without husband). We passed according to the Russian passports and children`s birth certificates, friends - according to international passports. After border we sat down on a minibus to Sukhumi. To go approximately one or one and a half hours. To Gagra - minutes 15 - 20. Was already late, and the driver suggested to part on houses for additional 50 rub

Weather wonderful, the sun here. Clean sea, water transparent. Pebble. We lodged in the private house, and this best decision. Though we also had no view of the sea, but there was a big territory for children. Children can walk in one pants, play independently, safely. In the yard a swing and a sandbox. It around the Beacon, at its beginning, it is possible to reach on foot the market, the city beach (embankment) and the sea of 5 minutes.

In June all of us together went on the mountain lake of Rits. Very beautiful place, it is possible to find excursions on 1200 rub, children free of charge, including ecological collecting and a lunch. However, we were waited by disappointment: it is forbidden to swim in the lake. And I and imagined bathing at the height of 950 m above sea level. Water was not really cold.

the mountain small river Bzyb follows From the lake. Beautiful places and the road good if to drive the car. On the road the blue lake, too very picturesque place, small it, the truth meets. And several small falls. The trip took almost all day.

In other day we went on hot springs, water really hot, is several streams with water of different temperature. Several reservoirs also differ on temperature, but it is bad that there is no cold reservoir there. During a heat there is a wish, having absolutely heated up, to plunge into cool water. Then I on the Internet read that there saw a snake and a scorpion, but we observed nobody from living creatures.

in the Evening in the yard I for the first time saw glowworms - as if at the computer or phone the bulb blinks in the dark. During all the time there was a rain few times in the afternoon, quite often there were thunder-storms at night, but by the morning became solar and warm already again. June - a season of such fruit as a medlar: by the form as wild yellow small apples, and to taste - as a ripe pear. Tasty and cheap, it is possible to find in the market for 15 rub for kg.

In general products cost

, probably, as well as in St. Petersburg. We bought local cheese (250 rub/kg), jam from a feijoa and a fig, tangerine juice. Excellent bread - natural, in couple of days already spoils, but we ate 2 loaves a day first.

went To Nartaa restaurant, pizza, only 100 rub especially was pleasant. Local khachapuris - “boats“ in comparison with it - not really. The local cuisine is worth it that to try it. And it is not just a hominy with cheese, but also meat, a dish from beans, sauces from a cherry plum or walnuts, eggplants. In total a little (can, for someone and it is strong) sharp.

can come To restaurant with children - there are big swing and the place where to run about. 10% from above include in the account as tip, probably. Red wine - “Apsna“ - was not pleasant, white “Psou“ - is better. What I tried in pouring local - is absolutely bad. Though there were domestic good local wines, probably, 10 years ago as you will get. On the embankment, as well as in all southern cities, - engines, machines, trampolines and other entertainments for children and adults.

eucalyptus groves Still are near to

, there is also a big park with different coniferous trees, pith, eucalyptuses and many others. It is possible to reach on a minibus, the place is called Agudzera. There in park the herd of horses, peace rushes... There it was pleasant to us, especially eucalyptus avenues. It is a pity that war which was 20 years ago interfered with construction of sanatoria there: there are unfinished several cases directly in eucalyptuses. I hope, in the near future will complete. Wonderful place.

Here rather cheap journey: a minibus - 10 rub, the bus - 5 rub, the trolleybus - 3 rub, and they can stop on demand not at a stop. The grandmother who showed us how to reach a monkey house, asked us to let out at some intersection that the trolleybus easily and made.

the Monkey house - it pride of Abkhazia was p>

, before war there were 250 species of monkeys, now only 2 look remained. Several cages with macaques and baboons. It is a lot of kids, propagate. Entrance of 150 rub, children free of charge. This year it seemed to me that they were more full and happy than 3 years ago. Perhaps, more tourists go them feed. Near nursery - the Botanical garden, 150 rub, children free of charge. Excursion from 8 people, it is free too, we waited, brought together 6 adults and persuaded to count children and to begin, they agreed. It was pleasant. Good bamboo avenues, beautiful photos made.

the Husband regrets what the day after tomorrow already to leave, and we with children and the girlfriend remain for 3 weeks. Here it is good! Next year I will arrive again for about two months.

of Jan Alekseev