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Rest with children: The port of Aventura, Barcelona, Tossa - - Mar - independently

Decided to write the report on our travel. My preparation for a trip lasted half a year, and I lacked such reports - collected information on particles from forums of independent travel. Perhaps, my information will be useful.

the Port of Aventura Air tickets were bought


about New year, one way to Barcelona, with change in Riga for 16 000 rub on four from Airbaltik. Since did not know date of departure, the return tickets were bought in March from Vyyulinga, direct flight for 24 000 rub to four.

After purchase of tickets vacation spots began to plan

. There was a wish to take children to “Port of Aventura“, to take a walk in Barcelona and to finish rest by the coast. Having read responses, decided to choose thematic hotel “Gold River“ in the park. Reserved in the winter, on Booking, there were discounts, 620 euros for 3 nights for all turned out. Cost included accommodation at 4 - local number, breakfasts “buffet“ and an entrance to “Port of Aventura“.

the Hotel in style of the Wild West is thought over by

to trifles - a cowboy`s uniform of personnel, the made old mirrors in number, shod beds, a tile in soul in the form of boards, even paper for the printer not purely white, and with a yellowish old shade. Vintage advertizing, stylish signs of shops - workshops - hairdressing salons hangs on streets of hotel, there is even a funeral office...

In hotel evening animation for children is, in the territory there is an old train in style of the Wild West on which it is possible to polazit, climb inside, - children it is excited. For kids there is a playground.

It is our first trip to such theme park. In three days we managed to look at all representations, to sweep not one time on attractions. If in park you are 2 - 3 days, the express - tickets will not be required. On park there are boards showing load of top attractions and it is always possible to go there where the people have less. Right after opening of attractions there are big turns which through 1 - 2 resolve hour, periodically there are traffic jams on this or that attraction - in that case better to go to other place, but not to waste time in turn.

Surely you descend on the show “Wild West“ - there ridiculous clowns - cowboys, cool tricks, we so had not fun long ago. In park I sank into dotage and took great pleasure, passed all attractions, including 70 - meter “Shambhala“ and 100 - meter “Condor“ of a free fall.

Pay attention at hotel booking to business hours of park. I by a carelessness reserved for dates when the park worked from 10 to 19 o`clock though counted that we will be to 23 there. But in such mode the park began to work only with the middle of June.

On the website “Port of Aventura“ we ordered a transfer from the airport of Barcelona, it cost on all 72 euros, we were met by the minibus. At departure from hotel (we went to Barcelona) it is possible to use a free transfer to railway station “Port of Aventura“, it is enough to ask on a reception, and they will send the car. Departure from hotel till 11:00, but it is possible to leave suitcases in a left-luggage office free of charge until the end of day, and all this day the ticket in park is valid.



In Barcelona reserved Hostal Operaramblas for 3 nights, on Booking too. The hostel has an ideal arrangement: from the railway station of Sants 2 minutes of walking to hostel went to the subway without changes of 5 stops to Liseu station, from the subway, it is practically on Rambla - the central pedestrian street of Barcelona. Since in hostel there are no family numbers, became populated in two double rooms, the friend opposite to the friend. Numbers with all conveniences, purely, quietly, modestly. Three nights cost 396 euros for all.

Barcelona is beautiful

, but since with us there were two children of 8 and 13 years whom the architecture not strongly attracted, it was necessary to adapt to them - an oceanarium, the Museum of science, a trip on “Turistike`s Bass“ around the red and blue line, Guel park.

In the head of me the planned picture of our rest was p>

, I so long prepared for a trip, was going to visit the recommended small restaurants with seafood, to descend in Sagrada, to the Palace of Catalan music on a concert, to look at the singing fountains, shopping eventually...

But it was p, and all others had plans for rest! For the second day of stay in Barsa I nearly got divorced from husband, swore with children, and I did not understand what happens to me. I sat in “McDonald`s“, lost precious minutes on search of toilets... It turned out that in the morning nobody wants to get up a bit earlier, hour left on rise - clothing, an hour more - on searching of cafe for a breakfast and disputes that children want KFC, etc., and we are tapasa and seafood. I nearly sobbed from a downtime and disappointment from my children...

We went on our small street to Raval Boulevard, at the corner came into an inconspicuous cafe, ordered tapas and a jug of sangria of a kava, to children - French fries and burgers. The jug of sangria was on a table in three minutes, cut on a glass. At this time Spaniards come into a cafe, drink coffee, read newspapers, loudly and modulatingly exchange words, our waitress in the course of work sings (cool!) sangria begins to release me, I relax and complain to the husband of destiny. The wise husband suggests to release a situation, to go down stream, not to bother hopes and plans. After the second glass I reconcile, I eat mussels and octopuses, I enjoy the waitress`s voice, children surprisingly like food, and they together with us try tapasa. I relax and I convince myself that I will return here again, already without children.

I go to shopitsya by

Next day. On Pelay Street that goes from the area of Catalonia, is the budgetary shop C & A - three floors female, man`s and kidswear. I plunge into it for a couple of hours and I leave with a huge package of t-shirts, short, Tolstoyans, shirts, hats, scarfs where the most expensive check was 18 euros, and on average 10. Become already bright. Children sleep off in hotel at this time.

Ya I go to hotel on La Rambl and I bring the husband on the market Bokeria. On the way it still resisted, including it not the most interesting place, but then took the words back. We walk on multi-colored ranks, we buy fresh salad from unknown to us fruit for 2,5 euros, we take on a glass of freshly squeezed juice for 1 euro and we enjoy local color. There is no photo, unfortunately, but of them is full on the Internet.

our Moscow “Eksperementanium“ against the Spanish Museum of science faded: if you with children, then surely get there. Fine exhibits which can be touched, twisted, pressed the buttons... We spent three hours there, tickets for all managed 4 euros according to the discount book from “the Bass Turistik“. The description of exhibits is in English.

I even about shopping. There is Shopping Center Lilla on the metro station “Maria Christina“ (that besides on our branch without changes), after Bokeria I went there. On the ground floor there is a Primark shop where a large number of jeans, t-shirts, gifts to relatives, shirts of excellent not Chinese production was bought (the highest check - 13 euros for suede moccasins). When I went back home with the Primarka package, I was stopped few times by foreigners, asking where there is this shop, probably, it is popular.


- - Mar

After eviction from hostel at 11:00 we went to the railway station of Sants and rented a car in Sixt (320 euros in 5 days, Meagen`s Renault, a comprehensive insurance). It was necessary to wait a couple of hours until it is washed up. Walked in the park of industrial art, a hill - a dragon, beacons and the fountain brightened up expectation.

In Spain paid roads are, on the navigator the route was chosen from free, are expensive in an excellent state. Reached quickly, our Club Hotel Giverola hotel is in a bay in 2 km from Toss - - Mar. Too it was reserved on early booking on Booking, on money 410 euros for 5 nights - number - studio with kitchen and a smart view of the sea turned out!

Hotel with a sports bias - tennis courts and a bicycle rental for an additional fee, it is free - a ping - a pong, volleyball courts, pass - the golf covered and the opened pools, a gym and a lot what I did not remember. When settling we were given the nursery and adult programs for the week ahead. For children - the master - classes on a molding, drawing, etc., pass - the disco, animated cartoons, competitions. For adults - shaping, Pilates, water aerobics, tournaments everyones, the evening program - live music, a flamenco, the Celtic dances, jazz evenings.

left hotel in Figeyras in the museum of El Salvador of our Dali. This the head and imagination of the person, I respect! Surprisingly children were keen too. Children iznylis therefore quickly left stopped by in Zhirona on the way back.

For the second time went to Zhirona together with the husband, having left children in hotel, very sincerely took a walk, such cozy, beautiful city. Came into Terra shop, I so understood, it is a network, there such beautiful jewelry, bought couple of bracelets and a puseta, I recommend! Went on walk to Toss - - Mar, ate at fish small restaurant overlooking old fortress, rose in fortress, took a walk in old small streets.


by p the airport by an electric train with adventures: took not that train, in time chukhnutsya therefore managed only nerves. The airport managed to return dachshunds - fr, to buy 5 liters of sangria three times more expensive, than in usual supermarkets, but there was no wish to carry such weight to the airport...

Spain expensive country. Prepared for a trip in advance - a lot of things were paid forward, within half a year. But after data of all accounts the trip turned out not strongly budgetary. The average check of a lunch at restaurant on four - 60 - 70 - 80 euros. the Subway - 10 euros for 10 trips.“ Bass Turistik“ for two days on four - 108 euros, the Museum Gave - 35 euros, a taxi from Park Guell to the railway station - 10 euros for 10 - 15 minutes of driving, the paid road from 2 to 25 euros, parkings from 4 euros and above. But, despite everything, there is a wish to return there again, there such beautiful people! It is no wonder that all around them beautiful and harmonious.

to the Country I put

5+ for the sensitive attitude towards the disabled people and elderly people, it is noticeable everywhere - ramps, elevators in the subway, to “Port of Aventur“ disabled people are allowed on all attractions, on streets often met carriages with disabled people without maintenance, in this country they are absolutely independent and mobile. Also noticed a huge number of the Spanish children from the different cities which take out classes to Barcelona in parks, the museums, train in scuba diving, take out on sea walks, carry out the master - classes - at us in such number of similar did not meet something.

Thieves and pilferers: caution

We read to

cautions about fraud and theft in Spain. Our friends last year got into an unpleasant situation in the crowded electric train on the way from “Port of Aventura“ to Barsa: the second-hand market was artificially created, several pilferers at the same time acted, they were caught by a hand, money remained at friends. In our case nothing of that kind was in 13 days of stay: in electric trains we went in the afternoon (to the people a little), walked on the old city till 21 o`clock. to

But to us. The cash card of the husband was cloned, and already when we were in Toss - - Mar, late at night to him SMS - the notification about payment of the parking in Madrid came to phone. Began to remember where we paid off with the card. The “muddy“ little shop in Gothic quarter with the Indian sellers where bought to the senior child of a t-shirt with heroes of computer games, one more tray with ice cream on Rambla was remembered. In general made purchases by the card much, paid parkings and paid roads, to “Port of Aventur“ and Salou at restaurants, but somehow they inspired trust...

were Called bank, blocked temporarily the card, SMS - left the notification. In a day swindlers once again tried to pay with our card the parking, but could not already. We became farther razborchivy: there was still my card, but it was not chipovanny, to clone it easy as a pie therefore paid with it only hotel. All the rest cash.

Be vigilant

. Take with yourself cash cards with additional chips - it will not allow swindlers to pay at once large purchase since chips demand at commission of purchase from a certain sum of introduction in addition a pin - a code. Conclusions:

do not save
  1. on SMS - notifications about transactions on your card;
  2. do not pay off with
  3. with the card anywhere - only hotels, large shopping centers, shops, a car lease in the international companies;
  4. Have with yourself two cards in case one should be blocked or it will be lost;
  5. Have with yourself cash and you keep them in the safe in hotel, spare no expense for its rent;
  6. you do not hold large sums on the card, it is better to throw them from the account gradually in a private office on the Internet - banking - free wi - fi is across all Spain.