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Career development: how to achieve increase. The 3rd female history

is surprising, but the fact - if you dream of a worthy position, corporate bonuses and a decent salary, all of you receive it. Only stop reading silly books about “the intention force“. You learn to set specific goals. Also begin to work, at last.

However before occupying the company or even I kiss business - the sphere, listen to yourself: whether really you so need this career? The matter is that for the last years to us persistently repeat that without the leading position of people there is a being defective. But in practice not all “main“ are capable to cope with the tasks assigned to their shoulders - often even not owing to nonprofessionalism, and for the reasons internal, spiritual. In a beautiful office with a palm tree they uncomfortablly, uncomfortably also want back - in old kind open - a space.

Besides imagine

that all suddenly took and began to direct... Who will do other work? If you do not like to make important decisions, are not able to be rigid and are ready to gather in submission of friends and acquaintances (by the way, it does not do you by the wicked man at all) - forget about career! Perhaps, ambitious thoughts - no more than intrigues of irrepressible parents or more successful in business - the plan of girlfriends who, of course, cannot present how someone can “cook for years in sad porridge“. And here can if this porridge - it! You definitely not from cooks? Then we pass to our first history. (Names and surnames of heroes are changed.)

is higher and higher than

: concentration on the purpose

of the Summary: Ignatyeva Olga, 27, leading engineer of the furniture company, seniority of 8 years.

of Advantage: flexibility, business intuition, skill to communicate, ability to turn circumstances in own favor.

“Five years ago I graduated

from difficult “Stroganovka“ and fell into a slight depression. While studied as the artist - the restorer, it was necessary to earn additionally in travel agency, at first the secretary, and then the whole sales manager. Several years of practice in tourist industry and the naked diploma demonstrating that I am nature creative. Quite good prospects and the untilled field of the most interesting objects for restoration. Good salary and irregular earnings. Of course, if to choose, then stability and further career development. But I saw myself only an art - the character...

Under sad views of the boss and colleagues left the company, began to work in the specialty. Gradually joined a party, went on exhibitions, abused and praised the modern art in a smoke of small kitchens. Let to itself home the young artist. The artist drew, slept to two o`clock in the afternoon, spoke about the future much and raved study in London. His pictures as it usually happens, nobody bought, and the lodger ate much therefore I had to get a job the consultant in furniture store - money was not absolutely. Colleagues predicted the end of my career. I, honestly to admit, became gloomy.

But suddenly I understood that the skills of communication with people acquired in travel agency multiplied by professional education can yield fruits. I began to leave to clients home, to do measurements, to draw individual projects of arrangement of the dwelling. I was noticed, began to be recommended to friends and colleagues - already as interior designer. Soon from shop of furniture passed into one of firms - producers to a position of the leading engineer. I do in the spare time individual projects and I am not going to be satisfied with what has already been achieved. And the artist - the dependent I expelled“.

Darya Ponomareva, business - the trainer:

Before us - a typical example of intuitive creation of career: when the person possesses a set of certain talents and abilities, is frequent from different areas of knowledge, but at the same time is capable to unite at the right time them in one big charge and to shoot. However more effectively nevertheless to work after careful consideration, but not to go down stream - it will throw out not everyone on the necessary coast.

Blamestorming session

If you only came to work with

to the new company, define for yourself three main issues:

  1. As far as advance on a career ladder is possible within this organization (it is worth learning about it on interview).
  2. If vertical movement is unreal
  3. , possibly, there is a sense to pass over time into other department. Think what useful can be taken from castling: a big salary, professional growth and so forth
  4. That you need to make to achieve the objectives.
the Last point is most important

. Put before yourself a sheet of paper, write the real position in the bottom of a leaf and wished - as heading. For example, you are a logistician, and want to be the head of department of distribution. What professional and moral qualities personally you are ready to use? Designate them.

think Now what strategic maneuvers it will require to achieve the embodiment dream in reality. Pedantically paint each step, designate time which will be required on passing of each stage. Only give yourself year.

do not look for difficult ways, you remember that a direct road - the shortest. Exclude factors which, in your opinion, are not obligatory and will only take away precious months of work. Do not react to criticism, you do not share plans with colleagues. Communicate with the management as much as possible, do not disdain reports and answer for yourself a question: why I am worthy positions of the head of department? Try to behave already as the leader. It can irritate someone, but the majority (including the boss) automatically will begin to perceive you as big and important person. You by all means will feel when it happens. From this point it is possible to consider that a treasured position at you in a pocket.


- light: trainings, courses, seminars

of the Summary: Molokhovets Yulia, 32, senior economist of civil engineering firm, seniority of 10 years.

of Advantage: accurate vision of the purpose, strategic thinking, high degree of learning ability, knowledge of foreign languages.

“I was always a purposeful person and considered cold prudent mind the main advantage. In the childhood practised music, fencing, aikido, English and ballroom dances. While received profession of the economist - the analyst at university, learned German. In the summer between the fourth and fifth courses I for the first time saw Paris and understood that I want to live there.

development of French Began

, in parallel I was integrated into the Moscow community of expats - it was necessary to establish somehow relation with the territory which should be won. I settled to work in rossiysko - the French company, however stay in the city of dream was limited to short business trips.

Instead of complaining and be upset, I analysed a situation and defined two priority tasks. The first - a gain of the authority on eyes of the boss - the Frenchman. The second - professional development. In the help were called: trainings of career development and special courses for economists - foreign affairs specialists. Training of personnel did not practice in the company, however I hoped that the chief who noticed my efforts by all means will allocate necessary funds.

of the Book was advised “to love itself“, “to trust in impossible“ and “not to be afraid of difficulties“. While I estimated and read, the vacant place in the Parisian branch was taken by one silent and ordinary-looking colleague... I endure failure very painfully and yet did not think up how to correct a situation. Perhaps, will tell about it at the scheduled seminar...“

Elena Pavlova, HR - the director:

the Main mistake - desire to have everything and at once. Minor - attempt to live and build career on precepts of doubtful literature and business - trainings.

we Will analyse each “foul“ in more detail. The aspiration to seize as is possible in large volume of knowledge, certainly, is laudable, but within a professional upgrade senselessly. Here quality of information and a possibility of its real application is more important. Before undertaking a foreign language, analyse where and as specifically you plan it to use. You should not go on any seminars “for yourself“ - you only for nothing will spend time and money. From courses of system “become the boss in a week“ run away - you understand that it is impossible. Study only professionally necessary.

In Russia many heads still consider that career or becomes spontaneously, or its construction - a personal record of everyone. They are seldom interested in training of employees because they are afraid that such person will go to other organization - on big money or a high post. And even will take their place. It is not necessary to wait for “freebie“ from the European companies also - in Europe crisis now and save on everything.

Blamestorming session

Accurately determine


that it is necessary for you for transition to a new step of a notorious ladder: foreign language, change of career guidance or study. And maybe, rather honest conversation about your increase with the boss? Then there are several councils: Conversation on increase it is the best of all for p to get

  1. , having remained alone with the chief, staying in kind mood. Choose quiet day without disturbing meetings and an afternoon.
  2. Before conversation prepare data on the executed projects. Will be information for the last half a year enough. Describe only large achievements. If there is a lot of small instructions, allocate them in the separate Other block.
  3. Think over in advance arguments why it is necessary to raise you.
  4. agree About a meeting in advance. You do not approach the boss in the dining room or a corridor with such important question at all.
  5. do not forget
  6. about appearance: put on a strict suit, put footwear, a hairdress, manicure in order.
  7. Rehearse the speech in advance. Do not worry. The worst that can occur, - will just refuse to you. Life on it does not come to an end.
  8. do not demand
  9. from the administration of the answer at once. Agree when it is better to approach to learn a final decision.

And the enemy runs: circulation on corpses?

of the Summary: Belyaeva Victoria, 28, deputy chief of department of crediting of large international bank, seniority 4 years.

of Advantage: Confidence in own forces, ability to manipulate people, lack of an unnecessary reflection.

“For the life I acquired one important truth: surrounding people - only tools for achievement of the objectives. Of course, it is possible to communicate with them and even to be on friendly terms, but not just like that, and only for business. The friendship, love - everything passes. There is only a person. On the first courses of institute I communicated more with “nerds“ (that “to make the record book“), and is closer to the termination passed into the company “criminal“ for which mother and the father prepared “grain“ places in advance (my parents already were by then on pension). Calculation was true. The girlfriend who took a position of the deputy chief of credit department of large bank suited me to herself.

Ya looked around, got acquainted with collective and the administration and drew up the plan of further actions. In the short term saw herself at the position which got to the successful classmate. In more long term planned to become the head of department. I then did not think of an ethical aspect of a question. I had a specific goal - to receive the best of possible.

Ya quickly enough made friends with colleagues, found out their secrets, groped weak places, there gossiped, here provoked - and the objectionable heads fell down from shoulders. Observation showed and understood that it is pleasant to the chief and that, on the contrary, irritates, supported all his offers and actively tried to undertake functions of the deputy while the girlfriend was ill or left on working affairs. Remained to time for performance of direct duties a little, but I sacredly trusted in the mighty force of a human factor, but not knowledge and userdiya. And again was not mistaken: I was noticed and raised. Following in the list of victories - the boss“.

Galina Reznik, psychologist:

Life shows that it is much more such “upstarts“, than it seems at first sight. For certain and in your firm there is a person who reached the head`s chair by intrigues. I suggest to lay emotions aside and to learn which - to what from similar bosses. They accurately see the purpose and go to it, using the shortest way; are able to wrap any circumstances in own favor; really with anybody are not on friendly terms in office, work by the principle “only business, nothing personal“. Strangely enough, they are absolutely right. And instead of “setups“ it is quite possible to use professionalism - if you, of course, want to linger on the leading position for a long time.