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Day of the seventh...

And I Do Not Sleep for a Long Time, I before All Like to Get Up-:-)) we woke up the first again... Lizunka washes, smiles to the sun... The silence of rural morning is broken shrill “By Ku - - re - ku!“ And we with the daughter were not slow to quote a rhyme about a cockerel (the daughter loves at me rhymes, knows them much):

“Petya, Petya, a cockerel - a gold comb,
You why so got up early, “ku - - re - ku“ cried out
? “
“ and then“ - a rooster answered, - that did not oversleep the people
of the sun clear rising!“

We have breakfast, descended behind water on a column. By the way, about a column... while gathered water, Lizaveta became interested in the principle of action of a column... It was necessary to tell, physics, however:-))... the technical page in the encyclopedia turns out.

Meanwhile we watered with

beds, weeded a little... here the family son - zason woke up:-)) and all of us together set to Abzakovo, in an aquapark we wanted - day of the Neptune at us is planned...

All - is felt by

my blood in Lizunke (anyhow:-)?) - we with the daughter simply adore going in the car, looking in a window, is bewitched observing the replaced landscapes. And what landscapes at us!, And what regal nature at us! Come - you will not regret...


It is expensive to Abzakovo of longish, 90 km from Uzyan - Lizaveta fell asleep... woke up already in Abzakovo. Forward in the Aquapark! So... ways at us are followed by an air trampoline, machines, a magnificent playground and... live bear. Well... it... day of the Neptune for hour or so, another is late for technical reasons.:-)))

of Naprygalis, nalazitsya, enjoyed traveling, saw enough of a bear... dotopat at last to the Aquapark - and there a naroduuua... the countless multitudes, day off Saturday today, to us suggested to wait for hour 2 before we get to pools. And we make the cruel decision - to postpone day of the Neptune for weekdays and that it was not very sad, we vorachivatsya on a children`s complex. Mother, my native... what here is only not present: and hills, a various configuration - screw, two-story, abrupt and not really... a swing for every taste and color, complexes with steps, ladders, ropes, accounts, cubes with letters, cubes with game in “crosses - zeroes“, sandboxes, roundabouts, prygalka in the form of planes, rhinoceroses, motorcycles... air trampolines, electric cars, roundabouts... All such bright, is difficult to pass something, there is a wish to play everything... In a word, fairy tale! In total - pleases that the state began to face children, it is so much emotions, memoirs and talk then... And glavn! oye - huge desire to return to this fairy tale... and still... everywhere only smiles and laughter of children and adults, and... feeling of a holiday also she is kind, kind, kind...

Evening... day was hot and we, of course, ran to bathe on the small river warmed the sun... “Hurrah!“, - Lizonka shouts:“ By the seas, on waves, now here, tomorrow there... Mother, went to bathe!“... and skipping - to the small river. Undressed... Lisa, of course, the first in the small river. Ooh, and courageous little girl:-) Seryozha runs joyfully for Lisa and sings along: “I want too... by the seas, on waves...“ Having been delighted that in Sergunke “delfinchik“ woke up, I call him in water... But what happened to my courageous “delfinchik“?. It suddenly again turned into overland... is deeper, than knee-deep does not come. Well it is fine! it does not matter... Lizonka napleskatsya, naplyukhatsya, has a good swim much... both a torpedo, and a small fish, and by steamship visited. And Seryozha decided to wet all stones in the district:-) waters and waters them from a watering can...

Only Lisa with mother Lena went to the house... What is it? Again transformation?... Seryozha throws a watering can, throws the constructed lodges from stones and declares to me: “I want as Lisa! By the seas, on waves...“ Ah, you are my “delfinchik“:-) Well, all right, went, we will try... Oh, what began here... both time swam for a while, and two, and legs of a pobultykhala and so, and a torpedo swam for a while... both three, and four, and ten! I cannot pull out Sergunka from water... it only also does that wails: “EshchT! EshchT! EshchT!!!“ And the sun - that was already going to be rolled up for a hill... We got warm, having caught the last rays, and - home.

So far we with mother Lena made for

a dinner, children with the father Dima mastered the automobile manual pump. Dima for simplicity and visible effect tied a plastic bag to a pump tube. And children together joyfully and cheerfully pump up this package:-)) It is necessary to see it! The persons concentrated, serious... correctly, are engaged in serious business... handles strong squeeze the pump lever... legs strong hold the pump... and time - two - three - four... Well, it is necessary as quickly everything is mastered by our children... look what they strong and skillful!. time - two - three - four and - a package was inflated as a ball:-)) And as cheerfully then to blow off it... Process of a sduvaniye, of course, is pleasant to children more:-), than inflation...

For dinner kids snatched with greed: -) of course, were bought, naprygatsya and the pump took away many forces. Conversation at a table...

Mother Lena: “Seryozha, and you when will grow up whom you will be?“
Seryozha: “Father!“
Father Dima: “Correctly!“
Mother Lena: “Well done! And still whom? As whom will you work?“
Seryozha: “I will be pility (from the word drank ) and the pump . And I will drive in the father`s car still!“
Mother Lena: “A driver, probably, you will be?“
Seryozha, uncertainly so: “Yes.“

Day comes to an end. Much all new was learned by children today. Impressions was a great lot ! Washing in a bath, children remembered last day with delight and pleasure. Lizunka noted:“ On the small river of a cheek at me white, and in a bath red“.:-) And mothers for themselves noted that our kids for this week matured for several months!

Day of the eighth...

“Early in the morning - in the morning the herdboy - “to round - ru - ru“, and cows in a harmony to it lowed: “mu - mu - mu“. We woke up with Lizaveta under it “mu - mu“:-)), the daughter jumped up to a window, lo and behold... and there korovushka... we ran out directly in pajamas on the street. Behind a fence on the road of a cow stamp on a meadow, probably... Adjusts cows of the boy, low growth, a backpack behind shoulders, a small pipe in hands... Lizaveta asks it: “And what is your name?“, the boy answers briefly: “Alyosha“. I watch that I the boy one and am curious: “And you one, perhaps, with such quantity of cows?“ The boy it is proud smiled, the suntanned face was lit up by the beautiful nursery, but in too time an adult smile... “Of course, one!“ - he answered. Here conversation was continued by Lizaveta (she has a subject of “school“ just sick now, very much she wants in school, and nearby there is a rural school, we examined it) “And you go to school?“. The herdboy looked back and told: “To me already 12!“ also ran to catch up with the herd... proceeds from rural! current some kindness and openness... And we went to the house to examine the overlooked dreams...


... We have a game “transformations“. Seryozha: “Hurrah! I am a cow! Mu - mu - mu, of milk to whom ?“. Lizaveta joyfully shouts: “I will be a horse!“, and then: “No, I will be a doggie, and the aunt Yulya - a horse!“... Seryozha right there shouts: “Is not present! aunt Yulya... oh, that is mother:-)) will be hare!“... Mother: “And where at hare a tail?“ ... Lisa took a rag and attached to me a tail... Seryozha ran as a cow, Lizonka skipping runs as a doggie, and mother Yulya jumps - whether as hare, whether as a horse... the main thing a tail is:-))... And all laugh, have fun, and everyone in own way shouts. Here what herd at us turned out.

to Conduct

with a kitchen garden... Evening. Today day of watering of a kitchen garden. In the morning we sleep, - it is impossible to water with day of heat, there is an evening, and evening too all is painted: to walk, eat, play, in a bath to be washed, to sleep to lay children... uf! it seems all affairs remade, and already 12 - y hour. Wow! darkly and nothing is visible. it`s pitch dark. so... what to do? Mother Lena takes a small lamp, I - a watering can, and we together go to a kitchen garden, “to look for“ beds... so, the main thing in a nettle not to walk smack:-)) booolno... and still to find footpaths, not to step on a bed... There is a jolly.... night some watering:-))... Well watered with a duet beds - it turned out not bad. Here what evening (or night?) agricultural it turned out...

Mothers Lena and Yulya