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Rest with children - 2013. Bulgaria, Albena: for kids and not only

the Beginning

Incredibly long and wide snow-white beaches and a soft, flat entrance to water - such beaches are proud of

the American California and the Mexican Cancun, but as it becomes clear, quite really to find them much closer - in Bulgaria. Today we will tell about Albena - the most children`s and most unusual resort of Bulgaria. Hotels, restaurants and entertainments of Albena - in our review.

the Resort of Albena was built by

60 at the end - x years and called by the name of heroines of the drama of the Bulgarian writer of the beginning of the 20th century Yordana Yovkova. Is as well the hotel called in honor and other heroine of this writer - Boryana. Albena is in 30 km to the north of the city of Varna where the airport therefore the way to hotels is near is located.

Albena - recognized children`s paradise: on the beach - it is soft, in the sea - small, in the city - it is cheerful. Average air temperature in the summer +23 - + 28C, waters + 25C. Beach 3 long. 5 km, 100 - 150 meters wide, water attractions, sports grounds - everything is, only molds for kids needed to be brought. Beaches in Bulgaria state. Under the law - 50% of the territory have to remain free and free, the rest is occupied with the umbrellas and plank beds by the subcontractors who in turn are handing over to their tourists. But many hotels already “redeem“ the beach equipment for the lodgers: 1 umbrella, 2 plank beds and 2 mattresses enters number price from last year.

Albena - one their very first resorts of Bulgaria with completely updated hotel fund, is also new constructions. In general, the Albena company Group, since 1991 owning the resort, develops it persistently and persistently. The fact that the owner at all resort one, makes the city similar to one big tourist complex where everything is slowly tightened to the uniform quality standard. And there is a lot of work - not all is restored, some buildings from gray sandstone which remained from Soviet period look quite sadly, but new hotels, multi-colored souvenir shops and restaurants improve mood. Next year for greater entertainment promise to open an aquapark.

the town and from it very house: for the second day you begin to recognize counter people, it is difficult to get lost. The coastline, moving away from the sea, passes into woody mountains - which save Albena from unlimited growth and dense building. It, probably, afflicts investors, but, certainly, pleases tourists. If on the Solar Coast already to count both the third, and sixth line from the sea, then in Albena it is impossible. In the summer construction and big repair in the city in general are forbidden!

Absolutely simple hotels are located on the mountain where the tourist engine goes. During a season gathers on stops to many people, easier happens to get on the mountain, on the long wide ladder reminding of the Crimean resorts or vicinities of Greater Sochi.

of the Russian tourists it is a lot of

- about 30%, but Bulgarians hope for increase in a stream: Russians spend out of hotels more, than tourists from other countries are Germans and Romanians.

Hotels of Albena

of the Territory at hotels small and not closed: all of them as though flow from one in another.


To the types opening from hotels of the first line it will little be compared - the sea extensively. And in hotel of Kaliakra Superior 4 * it can be seen from everywhere. In number Superior, for example, from a bathroom and even lying in a bed - thanks to very interesting planning: the bathroom and a toilet are made the separate block and hidden behind a heavy sliding door which at first sight you take for a case. By the way, cosmetics in a bathroom not anonymous standard, and the French Ives Rocher brand. In general, hotel cozy, food various, it is possible to order food of all inclusive. But with elevators in hotel it is necessary to do something: they are small and it is necessary to wait long though sometimes to rise by 6 - 7 floor on foot happens it is useful.

of of Kaliakra Superior 4 *

the Most magnificent hotel of the resort - of Flamingo Grand 5 * - only five-stars, is constructed in 2008. Two last floors - the eighth and ninth - are called executive floors and are allocated under apartments the VIP - a class. Apartments in Flamingo hotel of 2 types: 3 - room Grand superior - 100 m 2 and 4 - room Maisonettes Grand Superior of 166 meters. At living here - a separate reception and the gastronomic restaurant where give such tasty desserts that it is difficult to stop - and after a lunch it is necessary to run urgently in fitness - the center.

of of Flamingo Grand 5 *

To the word about food: in all hotels it is obligatory to eat the children`s menu. Separate pride - natural juice from own plantations of the same company - the owner of the resort. If usually in all inclusive hotels on “buffet“ pestret instant drinks of poisonous flowers, then in Albena will offer you natural apple juice with pulp.

of Kaliakra Restaurant

In general can be eaten everywhere, it is a lot of resort fast - foot: corn, ice cream, palachinka (pancakes) with the most different stuffings. Supermarkets where it is possible to buy products, in the city a little, the cafe - is a lot of, there are also “exotic“ restaurants: the Mexican Tex Mex which owner, picturesque Burcho, is similar to Nikita Mikhalkov than very much is proud. There is the Italian restaurant Ti amo, a stake - Poco Loco house, restaurant of dietary food “Green apple“.

Sport for children and teenagers
Albena specializes also in children`s sports rest: teams come from around the world, many Russian sports clubs arrange collecting and summer camp here for a long time. There is everything that is necessary for different occupations: big tennis - 13 closed and open courts, 4 football fields, golf - fields, volleyball, handball, field hockey. Also equestrian sport is presented - though horses are ready to be provided also to beginners, and also fans of romantic horse walks along the sea.
is not present

of Children`s clubs in habitual “Turkish“ sense in Albena. There are entertainments on the embankment: paint figurines, mold from plasticine, do a beads. There is a place where it is possible to hand over children while you go shopping, but it is paid: the club under the name “Zanimayka“ works from 9 in the morning to 7 in the evening, with a break with 12 to 14. Payment hourly - from 6 to 8 lev (120 - 170 rubles).

of Standard number Kaliakra Superior 4 *

of Spa and procedure: to luxuriate and receive medical treatment


For all vacationers open the first-class SPA - the ELEMENTS center with saunas, the pool, and the most different procedures for the prices, unreal for Moscow for SPA of such level. Directly opposite - in the most deserved hotel complex “Dobrudja“ - the big medical Medica complex - Albena and a balneolechebnitsa is located. Not in each resort it is possible to meet separate hospital with a totality of experts and even the equipment for a hemodialysis - that is in the resort also those who need continuous medical supervision can have a rest. The combination of soft climate and sea air is already curative in itself, but if there is a wish to be engaged in health closely, then professionals from the center of balneology will help to pick up procedures on the basis of dirt or salts.

As it often happens to

in resorts where there are a lot of children, from time to time Albena is “visited“ by intestinal infections “. Last year there was a virus and, but it is connected with high temperature of air“, - Strakhil Popov, the sales manager of the resort of Albena who in perfection is knowing Russian tells. It entertains journalists jokes about russko - the Bulgarian language discrepancies. For example, that when the Russian tourist comes on respeshn with the words “The Undershirt Fell from a Balcony, Get It from Bushes“, Bulgarians strive to call “ambulance“ “undershirt“ on - Bulgarian - “mother“. And if someone tells that you “strakhotna“, smile: this colloquial word means sincere admiration.

For those who prefer active recreation excursions on vicinities, the jeep - a safari - the truth, there neither jeeps, nor a safari, but all native, familiar are: you jump on “UAZ“ on fields, as on rural vicinities with friends.

to Fans of the nature in Albena is where to clear up: the city borders on the national reserve of Baltat - of 203 hectares. Walks on it are allowed, different types of flora and fauna promise even to specify at special information stands - for city dwellers, unusual to variety.

A for fans of evening entertainments, the jazz - cafe and two discos is. One, under the name, “Mountain the CAR“ (“The forest tsar“) is on the suburb of the town - not to disturb those who wants to have a sleep - and is good the fact that from a dance floor it is possible to leave to breathe night pine air, and then to dance till the morning.

the Program of charter flights to Bulgaria - weekly departures to Varna and Bourgas on Mondays and Fridays - Transaero airlines will last till September 16.