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Mother and nurse: how to reach an ideal. 10 important councils of

So, are solved: mother comes to work, and with the child the nurse will sit. Where to find it how to understand whether it approaches? How to communicate with it to avoid misunderstanding? 10 most important councils which will help to pick up the ideal nurse.

of the Nurse on age?

the opinion that the baby about one year needs the nurse with medical education, for example, the former children`s nurse Occurs. She and massage will make, and will feed correctly, in time will notice that the kid gets sick, with rules of an asepsis and antiseptics problems at her will not arise. Then, when the child will run and talk, it is possible to employ the nurse with pedagogical education - that developed, played, communicated and learned.

, it seems, everything is logical

. But if to ponder, it turns out that the baby needs the automatic machine for leaving, and the senior child - the tutor. But unless it is not necessary to the two-month baby that smiled to him, sang songs, calmed if he begins to cry? The kid about one year should not be perceived as a doll which it is necessary to wash and feed from time to time. This living being demanding communication and warmth. And the child of three - four years - he what, cannot ache? Too it is necessary to watch over its health.

it makes sense to Parents to go p not so much from education how many from experience of the potential nurse. Perhaps she left some trade college, but then gave rise and safely grew up five healthy children. Or perhaps gained the diploma with honors of medical school then 20 years worked as the sales manager and close did not approach children.


the simplest and reliable option - through recruitment agency. You fill in the questionnaire, the manager will consider all your wishes, prosherstit the database and will begin to send you pretenders. When you stop on some candidate, the same agency will help to make the contract where duties of the nurse, its working conditions, compensation and other important points - holiday will be registered, sick-lists, holidays etc. However, the agency will demand commission charges, but it is a lump sum. If the nurse does not suit you, following will select on favorable terms.

this option has obvious pluses, but many prefer to look for the nurse according to the announcement, hanging out it or on the Internet, or in the old manner on a fence. Some are lucky - the nurse is, the kid gets on with it, parents are satisfied, and the agency does not need to pay for service. But this option risky. You never know who will respond? The nurse people usually look for not the poorest. It is required to write in the announcement something it seems “to our small miracle personal Arina Rodionovna“ - means to give to swindlers a signal: I have money and I am a person trustful, you come, will not regret.

Still option - through acquaintances. Your friends or relatives for some reasons leave the nurse and are ready to hand over it. The person who long and well worked in a family familiar to you for certain can be trusted. The only thing - whether will suit this nurse to your child? All children different.

we Get acquainted

the first appointment to the candidate is Very important. You as mother estimate the person to whom you are going to entrust the child. It is possible to begin with inquiries about a family in which the nurse worked earlier: what was represented by her pupil as she managed with him to get on, than they were engaged. Pay attention to how often the pronoun “I“ is heard in her speech. What she tells you about: about the professional growth (“I gave classes in Montessori`s system, I molded with it from plasticine“) - or about the child with whom was engaged (“He learned to hold correctly a spoon, fell in love to draw paints“). The second option is more preferable: it is visible that the child is interesting to the nurse first of all, his education and development is important.


as far as you like this person, and be not afraid to be subjective. You should communicate with the nurse, to agree about delicate things, to discuss behavior of your kid. What at the first meeting slightly irritates you - talks loudly, interrupts, laughs much, confuses “to dress“ and “put on“, - in the future risks to develop into resistant hostility. If at some shortcomings the woman causes in you trust and sympathy - most likely, this is your person.

do not hesitate to ask questions. You have the right to know what education at it where it is registered why left the previous work with what children of age worked whether it has minor children and who with them sits, it at work so far whether there are chronic diseases or an allergy, whether he will be able to work in the summer, to leave with you to other countries, to be late in the evenings what techniques of work with children are known to it. And to her questions listen too. If the nurse is interested what features at the child that he loves, then such meticulousness in this case - plus. If asks generally about a salary and working conditions, it is strange.

Questions for the nurse
  • What the nurse will do if the child of the house strongly hits?
  • As thinks to cope with difficult situations: the kid does not want to put on, brush teeth, is etc.?
  • What plans to be engaged in
  • with the kid?
  • What will undertake in case of high temperature at the child?
  • For as how it is possible to punish children? whether
  • with
  • It agrees to work if in the apartment the surveillance camera is mounted?
we Acquaint

with the child

Not least should estimate reaction of your child to the new person. Kid nurse - the person potentially close, warm and reliable. Between it and the pupil close emotional contact is necessary. You look attentively: you know the child best of all - to you and to predict whether they will make friends.

Do not cost

from - for arrival of the nurse to break a habitual day regimen of the child. Even the most “kind aunt“ will leave a negative print in his memory if from - for it walk was cancelled or viewing of animated cartoons stopped. Also it is not necessary to leave from the first them for all day. Let for a start they will communicate at your presence. If the nurse left, and the kid is already interested when this aunt comes to you on a visit again, is a good sign.

do not hide from it anything that would concern the child: state of health, some not really convenient lines of its character or feature of development. All this will emerge sooner or later. It is better to tell in advance that your kid, for example, is very active and badly fills up or, on the contrary, sits up at the computer, and it it is difficult to persuade to go to have dinner. The professional person himself will ask that it is possible for the child and that is not present, but at acquaintance will not discuss everything.

Humdrum of life

It is good if the majority of questions mother and the nurse discuss in the beginning. How many hours a week it is necessary to work as they will be paid. What belongs to its duties: only care of the child or also the developing occupations. Whether she will be engaged in a household, or cooking - an ironing - washing will lay down on shoulders someone another. Still the important point - as the nurse will eat: whether you will provide access to the refrigerator, or it should bring food with itself. Any reticence at the initial stage can respond the conflict in the future. It is better to prove to be pedantic in the beginning, than subsequently to learn that already several months as the nurse save in itself discontent with the schedule of work, duties or a diet.

financial side of a question has to be accurately stipulated by

: how many you pay on what numbers she receives money whether you pay with it holiday and the compelled idle times. A situation when to you the beloved grandmother came to stay for a while and you released the nurse for a week, and then paid it less, will hardly please: it has plans and financial requirements.


When from - for the employer form unplanned tears in the budget, it hardly promotes conscientiousness and devotion of the worker. Not the worst option - the conclusion of the official contract: let its duties and your financial relations will be reliably fixed in it.

Others in the house!

the Nurse got approval and entered the house. Now your immediate task - it is competent to build up with it the relationship. In an amicable way, in them quite accurate hierarchy has to take place: mother formulates the order, the nurse carries out it. Of course, if you caught the lady with pedagogical education, a wide experience of work with children and the settled views of how it is necessary to bring up younger generation, it makes sense to listen to its recommendations - most likely, bad she will not advise. But the last word has to remain for mother. You are responsible for health of the child, his education.

Other important aspect - borders in the relations of mother and nurse. It will be correct to keep a distance even if you about one age, love the same music and you have a mass of the general subjects for talk. By the way, about talk: there are things which you should not discuss with the nurse. It is your and its private life. It is not necessary that she knew about your friction with the husband and about what difficult character at your mother too much. And you should not listen to hot confessions that for difficulties at it arose in the relations with an opposite sex. It is clear, that the person is many-sided and it is capable to be very different. It is better if the nurse perceives you only as mother of the pupil.

Alarm calls

Happens and so: the nurse was pleasant to you, started the responsibilities, and it is possible to work in the pleasure, without worrying about wellbeing of the child. But you feel something. It is good if the child openly tells about the arising malfunctions. And if he is silent how the guerrilla, or too small accurately to formulate what with the new nurse not so? On what signs to understand that your Arina Rodionovna in actual fact was the real Froken Bock?

the Important alarm signal - sharp change in a mental condition of the child. The most convenient marker - a children`s dream. Any mother will notice if her child became worse to be filled up, tosses and turn or screams, wakes up several times in a night. Not really good sign if at the child the general irritability increased, he began to be rude to you, to snap at harmless remarks or to cry in insignificant occasions. It is not excluded that the reason not in the nurse, maybe, at the child development crisis. Or a problem in yours with it the relations. If you live with constant feeling that you do not give the rest to the kid of attention, “throw“ it on foreign person and are guilty to it, he will not learn to release you from himself. But to check whether all as it should be at them with the nurse, costs.

the Big brother sees you

Many parents ask a question: whether ethically to use such achievements of a modern civilization how tracking cameras? Whether it is correct to spy upon the person, not to trust him? Ethically everything that does well to your child.

what owing to any reasons he cannot tell about, will be told by a chamber. All of us live under supervision today. No visitor will be included into one solid office before the security guard does not see it on the monitor screen. In supermarkets we are met by inscriptions: “Smile, you are removed by the hidden camera!“ And even in many children`s centers there are tracking cameras. In your case the nurse - the teacher, and you - the administration.

As about money?

Sometimes nurses begin to ask a material increase, hint:“ My friend works with the nurse too, so quiet child, and pay it more. Recently to me suggested to work in one family for quite good money - I refused so far, it is a pity to throw the child“.

These phrases she wants to tell

that she in the financial plan is offended by you. One of the most unpleasant situations - the hidden blackmail. Seemingly directly money from you is not asked, but keep in a constant stress: suddenly the nurse will leave, and I will not be able to work because I will not find another; or I will raise it a salary, and in a month she will want bigger again? Such fears are quite widespread.

do not allow any reticences. It is possible and raise its income taking into account inflation, but let its claims will be accurately stipulated. The nurse just came to you and still a month ago conditions suited it? You do not plan to pay it more? Especially “be not conducted“ on hints. It is possible to ask directly: “You intend to leave us?“ In most cases it makes sober. Suddenly it turns out that you suit the nurse. And time so - what claims?

Only the servants

Are opinion: that the child did not get used to the nurse, its each two years should be changed. It is wrong when the nurse feels like the family member. It has certain duties, she receives money for the made work, and the emotional factor has to remain behind brackets. We do not become attached to the housemaid, the electrician or the shop assistant in the nearest shop. Yes, it is simpler to get used to the nurse, especially to the child, it works with the emotional sphere of the kid, is engaged in his education.

to the Vulnerable, thinly feeling child who hard meets with people “change in nurses“ can not be in vain - for certain will respond a stress. And then, you do not change each two years school, and to the good teacher certain children become attached very strong.

Expert: Natalya Loseva, the nurse with 20 - a summer experience