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Citrus. Whether all is known to you of them?

Bright as if the sun, juicy and fragrant citrus fruit are well familiar to each of us since the childhood. It is the real well of vitamins and indispensable attribute of holidays. And the dried orange skins which are accurately spread out in a case reliably protected fur products from attempts of an artful moth... However whether all is known to you of oranges, tangerines and their other “relatives“? Why a citrus named

a citrus?

the Name “citrus“ traces the roots back at the time of antiquity. In language of residents of Ancient Greece there were two terms which are associated with the modern word “citrus“ - “tsedry“ and “öåäðîñ“. The first was used for designation of surprisingly smelling flowers which Greeks collected and referred to the houses as ornament and natural fragrance. And the second they called the exotic fruits which incidentally caught sight to them which also exhaled unusual bewitching aroma. And to final transformation of “tsedros“ into “citrus“ we are obliged to ancient Romans who, actually, and thought up this term.

Now a citrus grows up on the special plantations located practically on all continents of our huge planet. Statistically, the greatest number of these fruits is born in Japan. Other large suppliers of these solar fruit are such countries as Brazil, Greece, Italy, China and the United States of America. In China, by the way, more than two thousand years got acquainted B.C. with a citrus - it is confirmed by the ancient manuscripts found by archeologists. In 1178 Chinese grew up twenty seven unique grades of tangerines and oranges!

Today there are about thirty kinds of citrus fruits. And popular of them orange, a lemon, tangerine, a bergamot, a lime and grapefruit are recognized the best-known. Besides, selectors experiment from time to time and represent absolutely new, hybrid grades. Whether still will be?

Citrus - instead of medicine!

It is known that any illness it is better to warn beforehand, than long and tiresomely to treat. And therefore it is never necessary to neglect a citrus!

In far XVI century when the scurvy raged, it was possible to escape from this horrible disease only on condition of the regular use of segments of a lemon and orange juice. Later one more hundred years doctors opened new curative properties and possibilities of a citrus. At muscular weakness and the general exhaustion of an organism they recommended to drink broths and tinctures from orange crusts. And external use of such tinctures helped to return to face skin its fresh and shining look.

And now the friendship with a citrus by all means will help to live happy and long life without tablets! Rich with strong natural antioxidant - vitamin C, and also vitamins of group B, citrus fruits promote strengthening of immunity and provide powerful protection against development of cancer cells. And the bioflavonoids which are contained in them excellently strengthen the thinnest walls of blood vessels. Moreover, according to scientists from Japan, the regular use of a citrus rescues from a stroke.

the Rating of the most useful citrus

Is remarkable

that among huge variety of grades of a citrus only four are rather useful. Unconditional superiority belongs to orange here. It is surely followed by a lemon. The third step is occupied by grapefruit, and tangerine closes a rating of the most useful citruses. Mission of other, more exotic and exotic citrus fruits - rather esthetic, than curative.

Not to superfluous will know that the individual properties are inherent in each of four listed fruit.

Orange guarantees reliable protection against oncological diseases, and also diseases warmly - vascular system. Very favorably it influences activity of a brain and a condition of nervous system.

The lemon is the real rescue from avitaminosis and gipovitaminoz. Besides, it is strongly recommended to use lemons at quinsy, catarrhal diseases, and also rheumatism. It is capable to protect this fruit and from atherosclerosis.

Grapefruit effectively releases an organism about excess of liquid and promotes decrease in body weight.

Tangerine is the real enemy of microbes. Besides, it helps with treatment of diseases zheludochno - an intestinal path.

You should not forget also about the essential oils which are present at a peel of tiny “suns“. Inhalation of their delicate aroma will help to overcome cold and, of course, will present a charge of inexhaustible energy and optimism!