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``The French kids do not cry`` - and mothers too of

to be successful everywhere - both in a profession, and in family life - any more it does not seem to many modern women an impracticable task. They combine the child`s birth with work, finding ways to care for the kid and to participate in his development. However, during some periods of life of the child it is almost impossible to leave its one, for example, during a prorezyvaniye of the first teeth. The increased temperature, tearfulness, an inflammation of gums, rinoreya and digestion violation - unless it is possible to disregard all this?

It is valid if questions of food and hygiene of kids seem for a long time solved, then children`s “illnesses“ are capable to take any mother unawares. Fortunately, the teething does not concern to those any more: many Russian women can already test favourite means of the French mothers - Dantinorm Bebi 1 , Having used it once, mothers in 9 of 10 cases are ready to apply means again. And it speaks about something: according to the statistics of the last years France - one of leaders of Europe in birth rate level - and this with the fact that average age of newly made mothers makes 30 years - one of peaks of labor career of the woman.

Than Dantinorm Bebi deserved such popularity among the French parents and pediatricians - and they appoint it in seven cases from ten - it is easy to find out.

In - the first, only extracts of plants - camomiles, the Indian ivy and a medicinal rhubarb are a part of medicine. Any preservatives, fragrances, dyes or artificial sweeteners. It arranges not only mothers who try to limit use in everyday life (food, drugs, means of hygiene) chemicals, but also those who carefully watch a raw materials origin: all vegetable components of preparations of BUARON Laboratory pass ecological certification of ECOCERT and therefore meet requirements of the most exacting French mothers.

In - the second, the combination of the components which are a part of a preparation not only reduces morbidity of gums at the cut teeth, but also violation of digestion and tearfulness influences temperature, rinoreyu. That is, on those symptoms which bring the greatest discomfort to the child.

B - the third, packing of a preparation is developed so that it was convenient to be used in way, on walk and in any life situation. Dantinorm Bebi is sealed in special sterile containers which volume is equal to one dose of a preparation: the container it is easy for child to open and dig contents in a mouth without excess contact with gums. Even the most mobile mothers and kids can adhere to strict hygiene thus.

Besides means neutral taste has

, and the kid does not try to spit out it. Dantinorm Bebi does not cause a sleep or an emetic reflex in the child.

Dantinorm Bebi the teething ceased to disturb

Thanks to all advantages the French mothers and kids long ago. It is worth joining them.


1 It is registered in France under TM Camilia