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Bathing of the newborn: what shampoo to choose?

Choosing means on care of the child`s hair, each mother wants that it was not only effective, but also safe, and also did not cause negative emotions when using. How it is correct to choose children`s shampoo? What to pay attention to? What myths and truthful statements exist?

Children`s shampoo can be used from the first days of life: the truth

At the choice of children`s shampoo needs to be remembered that it has to suit your child on age. Therefore attentively study a label. If on a bottle of shampoo there is an instruction that it is recommended for application from the first days of life, then you can safely use this shampoo when bathing the newborn baby.

Children`s shampoo dries hair: the myth

the Shampoos created for kids have the neutral pH level which promotes preservation and formation of a fragile protective layer of hair and head skin. Producers include in composition of children`s shampoo glitserit oleate - a component which strengthens barrier function of skin, softens it and promotes effective moistening. This unique component is received from natural oils and fats. Glitseril oleate completely corresponds to syrovidny greasing - kremovidny substance which covers the child`s skin at the birth.

surfactant which contain in children`s shampoo are unhealthy

the kid: the myth

as soft surfactant (it is superficial - active agents) as a part of children`s cosmetics can see the cook - glyukozid and kokamidopropit a betaine. These are so-called neanionny substances. Connecting to water, these surfactant create the large clearing particles (micelles) which injure skin less, providing at the same time the most careful removal of pollution. Koko - glyukozid can be carried to one of the softest components which promotes removal of pollution and formation of gentle foam. Besides, it perfectly softens, protects and smoothes skin. Ingredient is received from the tenzid (washing substances), coconut oil and starch that causes its good tolerance skin of the kid.

Children`s shampoo hypoallergenic: the truth

Children`s shampoos are hypoallergenic if it is specified on packing. As confirmation of hypoallergenicity serve large-scale checks of products before entry into the market, and also numerous clinical trials with the conclusion of allergists.

If the child has an allergy, it is better to use shampoos which part grass extracts are: the myth

to Children with an allergy in the anamnesis it is undesirable to strong to use the cosmetics containing extracts of herbs, and also aromatic oils as there is a risk of strengthening of an allergy. It is possible to carry to components which can cause undesirable reactions a calendula, oils of a tea tree and Shi`s tree, almonds and some other.

Adult can use children`s shampoo: the truth

While to children cannot use

cosmetics for adults, adults can quite use children`s cosmetics. Moreover, young mothers are even recommended to use one cosmetics with the kid, the probability of irritation of skin from children`s cosmetics is reduced to zero since it is hypoallergenic and contains the softest, checked for safety components. Besides, the light aroma proceeding from mother causes positive emotions during bathing even in the most restless and whimsical kids.

Some adult shampoos are suitable

also for children: the myth

Categorically cannot use usual (adults) children shampoos. They contain substances, harmful to the child, can do harm not only to head skin, but also health of the kid in general. It is possible to carry parabens to such harmful components. These are esters of parahydroxybenzole acid (methyl - ethyl - spent on drink - butyl - isobutyl - parabens, phenoxyethanol). They are used as preservatives, i.e. their function - to prevent reproduction of fungi and bacteria. Popular parabens were made by their low cost. But a reverse side of such economy is high toxicity and allergenicity of these substances.

the Comment of the expert
Anna Leonidovna Karavayeva, the doctor - neonatolog, m of N of page of office of newborns of department of a neonatology and pediatrics of Federal State Budgetary Institution NTSAGIP of V. I. Kulakova, member of advisory council of JOHNSON “S ® Babu:
“Bathing and washing of the head - hygienic procedures which are necessary for each kid. The head of the baby needs to be washed daily, at the very end of bathing as at kids it strongly sweats, and with use purifying gel - skins or shampoos - 2 times a week. During the summer period if necessary - is more often. After bathing hair of the child need to be blotted with a towel. Newborns are recommended to put on a cap or a knitted hat of 5 - 10 minutes. Hair of babies thinner also quickly dry. Not to injure them, try not to use the hair dryer. by
Choosing any nurseries means including children`s shampoo, you remember that means has to suit the child on age, should not contain strong aromatic and dyes, should not contain the components irritating skin, such as lauryl - and lauretsulfat sodium, propylene glycol, parabens and so forth. Means need to give preference those firms which well proved and exist in the market already long time“.