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Why it is important to nurse

Ah what surprising success was achieved by modern chemical industry! From TV screens we will be told what means it is necessary to remove spots what to add during the lunchtime for aroma and taste - and even with what to feed the newborn child!

However if to think, all this is synthesized in laboratories, and once you begin to feed the being who was just born, artificial mixes, new products of chemical industry - allergy medicine, means regulating digestion and skin rashes ointments right there will be necessary. Whether it is better to address the most voskhitelny, the food created by the nature - to breast milk?

Not all young mothers know that breast milk of mother contains optimum amount of all necessary substances intended for her kid. In one laboratory it is impossible to recreate a complex of hormones, enzymes and vitamins which is necessary for your child at a certain stage of its development. And, nevertheless, all this contains in women`s milk - and its players are changed according to requirements and age of the child, being guarantee of health of the kid. For example, in the summer in it there is more water which the kid needs.

Scientists proved that the children who are on breastfeeding not only less often suffer from an allergy, dysbacteriosis, locks, skin violations and rickets, but also develop intellectually much better, unlike the peers who are fed with artificial mixes. Besides, feeding by a breast well influences an organism of the mother, helping it to be restored after the delivery. This process as much as possible reduces risk of development of mastopathy, protects the woman in labor from uterine bleedings, prevents infectious complications and nullifies probability of a postnatal depression. Besides, feeding by a breast helps to get rid of the excess weight gained during pregnancy. And that is important, it is the most economic and convenient way of feeding of the child on the first year of his life as maternal milk, unlike mixes, always fresh, sterile and keeps temperature, necessary for the kid.

Unfortunately, the lactation can be uneven: at certain stages the amount of the produced milk decreases. The reasons for that there can be a set: pathology of pregnancy, complication after the delivery, infectious and endocrine diseases or maybe simply improper feeding of the nursing mother or stresses. For this purpose it is necessary to find out the reason which caused milk disappearance and to eliminate it though many mothers, having faced this problem, right there hurry to buy the kid artificial mixes.

For increase in amount of breast milk several simple rules exist: it is necessary to increase the frequency of feedings, to drink more, to eat, get enough sleep fully properly, but at the same time not to miss night feedings.

Besides, it is not necessary to neglect centuries-old experience of traditional medicine - it is necessary to enter medicinal herbs for production of milk into a diet. Phytocollecting “Laktafitol“ of production “Krasnogorskleksredstva“ will come to the rescue. It is made on the basis of the high-quality medicinal raw materials collected in the environmentally friendly regions of Russia. In its structure medicinal herbs fennel (fennel pharmaceutical), fruits of an anise ordinary and leaves of a nettle a two-blast furnace. Both fennel, and anise are used in pediatrics for elimination of gripes and improvement of digestion at kids long ago. Besides, these plants have antimicrobic effect and improve appetite. Medicinal properties of leaves of a nettle are also well-known long ago, besides vitamin influence, it possesses krovevosstanavlivayushchy action, and the chlorophyll which is contained in leaves improves a metabolism and raises a tone of intestines, uterus and is warm - vascular system. The important advantage of these herbs consists that on an equal basis with the main action - increase in amount of milk - they have extremely salutary versatile effect as on an organism of mother, and the child. It is enough to mention that at mothers using phytocollecting “Laktafitol“ the mastitis phenomena were not noticed. This phytotea is appointed for maintenance of a lactation with 5 - 7 days after the delivery, but not earlier as earlier application can result in stagnation of milk.

“Laktafitol“ is used on 1 - 2 a package in day, filling in with a glass of boiled water and accepting on ½ a glass of infusion during food. It does not cause an allergy, accustoming and can continuously be used on an extent of one or one and a half months. And after a small break the course can be renewed.

Breast milk - a unique product, the created nature, and its value for the little person it is difficult to overestimate. The biggest gift which mother for the child can make is, undoubtedly, to present it life. But gift, the second for the importance, - to try to raise it the milk. And the natural and highly effective preparation “Laktafitol“ can help young mother with it.