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Are on friendly terms with the sun correctly!

Ahead summer: someone will go to the seas and oceans, someone to the village, and someone will remain at himself in the city or at the dacha. The long-awaited sun promises us health, beautiful suntan and mass of positive emotions - under one condition - it is necessary to be on friendly terms with the sun intelligently!

of “The rule of friendship“ are rather simple - to avoid direct sunshine from 11 in the morning to 16 in the evening, to carry headdresses and to use sun-protection means. And if with the first two rules everything is clear, then the third raises the mass of questions among which basic is: “How it is correct to choose sun-protection means for the child?“

the Most important point of the choice of children`s cosmetics - its reliability and quality. Here it is worth giving preference to the proved brands. № 1 in the market of sun-protection cosmetics for children is the NIVEA SUN Kids brand today. Specialists of laboratory with more than 100 - summer history seriously approached questions of protection of children`s skin against the sun and as a result of researches presented the unique means answering to the most strict parameters of quality at the market.

For the most svetlenky and especially for red-haired kids we advise

to pay attention to sun-protection lotion for children with a factor of protection of SPF 50+. The child`s skin is lighter, the above there has to be SPF indicator. Sun-protection NIVEA SUN Kids SPF50 lotion + is developed especially for sensitive children`s skin and provides the maximum protection against negative impact of ultraviolet rays, thanks to the maximum SPF to a factor. Vitamin E as a part of a formula of lotion protects cells of skin, promoting its fast restoration. Lotion superwaterproof therefore the child can play as ashore, and in water. And in the first days of stay on the sun sun-protection means with such high SPF is recommended to all children.



For children, “not getting out of water“, intended sun-protection NIVEA SUN Kids “Play and Bathe“ lotion SPF30. In water action of an ultraviolet amplifies - as beams are reflected from water therefore the formula of lotion is strengthened by special system of filters. Besides, the creating additional protective barrier allowing the kid to be in water long time is its part pantenol.

to the Kids who are not sitting in one place and actively running on the beach, experts of NIVEA prepared separate means - color sun-protection NIVEA SUN Kids SPF30 spray - if means is difficult even to apply on the little fidget, with the help myatno - green spray process easily turns into game! Thanks to color which will disappear in several seconds after putting spray it is always possible to understand what sites of skin are not protected yet, and evenly to put means.

in conclusion we will add some more simple rules of application of sun-protection means: do not forget to update a layer of sun-protection means each two hours, and also after each bathing and a wipe a towel.

Healthy to you rest!