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8 rules of control over the time: how to work more effectively than

American Gretchen Rubin became famous for the book (and the blog) “Happiness Project“ where very much on - American set the task for herself in a year to make the life happier - and in detail reported to readers. Recently there was the second book - “Is happy at home“ where the author - the wife and mother of two daughters - tells how efficiency in work fights for harmony in family life also.

Control the list of affairs

Management of time is a tiresome, persistent fight. It is similar to much, I constantly felt need of work. I feel that somebody puts the gun to my back and orders: “Run! Run! Run!“ . I have to begin the new chapter. I have to study additional materials. I have to analyse the notes. Etc. I was lucky: I love this work and I want to work. But the feeling that I am obliged to work sometimes disturbs my global happiness.

As me constantly pulled

to a table, in my life so constantly there was an intensity between work and other spheres. And this intensity was increased by equipment. To that there were two reasons.

In - the first, the equipment allows me to work in any place. When I worked at office, going beyond doors, left work behind. Dzhastis About “Connor never called me home. Today I am engaged in writing and I can work at any time and in any place. It is sometimes convenient, and sometimes not really. The house stopped being only the house, it turned into a workplace. Flexible hours and lack of long moving (and moving always involve a stress and feeling of social isolation, i.e. are a misfortune source) - it is very good. I like to work. I am pleasant to walk the whole day in a training suit. But, on the other hand, my laptop constantly with me! As Frank Lloyd Wright wrote:“ My office where I: the office is I“. 24 hours a day. 7 days a week. Including days off.

Besides, the equipment created the new types of work requiring constant and immediate attention. I have to respond to letters. I have to study new references. I have to glance in Facebook and Twitter. My familiar specialist in finance Manisha Takor gloomy noticed:

Internet Is and My Life, and a Suffocating Plastic Package on My Head.

Moreover, work on the Internet creates false feeling of high efficiency. One of my secrets of adulthood: work is one of the most dangerous forms of sluggishness.

- Me constantly something distracts, - the girlfriend complained to me. - My attention constantly switches from children to work, and from work on news. I cannot concentrate on anything. I do not manage to think normally.

- I not just distract, I feel like the tired-out horse, - another said. - I need constantly to read something and to answer something. Ten years ago colleagues did not call me on days off. Why we consider necessary to answer mail at 10 in the evening on Saturdays?

Different people differently solve a problem of the list of affairs. I like strategy of my friend: all her letters come to the end with a line:“ Pay attention: in this post yashchk long letters are not welcomed“. Some people for religious or other reasons observe “the technological Sabbath“: any letters, any calls, any Internet.

- On days off I do not even read inartistic literature, - my friend the writer told me. - Only novels.

At other my friend two BlackBerry: one for office mail, another - for personal.

- When letters come to one box, I cannot just cope with this stream, - he told me.

One more my friend never reads to

mail and does not take the call within the two first hours of the working day - time she devotes it to the solution of the most important problems. One my friend took vacation for a week and did not begin to charge the mobile phone that there was no temptation to study office mail.

the Friend told

to me that he never answers mail on days off.

- But how you cope with this shaft on Monday? - I asked. - I constantly check the mail that it did not collect.

One research showed that the ordinary American worker of 107 minutes in day spends for mail. Personally at me on it leaves much more time.

- Generally, - he admitted, - I read letters and I respond to them, but all my mail leaves only on Monday. My subscribers got used that I do not answer during week-end, and the number of letters these days was considerably reduced.

- Means, you nevertheless answer mail on days off! - I reproached him.

- Yes, but it is not terrible. I reduce volumes and I answer only in time, convenient for myself.

of the Technician - the good servant, but the bad owner. The technician needs to use to constrain equipment. Some install programs which in certain time block Internet connection. It helps them to struggle with temptation immediately to appear in a network. My friend who needed to hand over the book in time established the automatic answer by mail:“ If your business urgent, contact my husband the address _____________“. She perfectly assumed that in really emergencies people will address her husband, but properly will think before making it.

But I knew that the equipment is not guilty - a true problem not of the switch of my computer, and of the switch of my brain. To learn to concentrate, I developed eight rules which helped me to control the list of the affairs.

These rules helped me to concentrate, but how to be with efficiency of my work? Researches of psychologists calmed me. They established that when people distract to respond to the letter or phone call, they need 15 minutes on concentrating at difficult mental work. Concentration did my work to more effective.


Of course, me it was very lucky with flexible working hours.

Unlike many I had complete control over the time. But this advantage will not be advantage if I do not use this flexibility for creation of that life of which I dream.

In September when I worked with the property, I understood that I do not need to strive for possession big or smaller - it is necessary to be content with what I have. Thinking of time, I understood that I should not go in cycles in doing more. It is necessary to do what I appreciate. Instead of aspiration to the unattainable purpose of “balance“, I need to fill days with occupations, valuable to me: to re-read favourite books, to play with children, to do notes, to travel. I was always tormented by thought that if I do not sit in front of the computer, then for nothing I spend the time. I forced itself to perceive concept of “efficiency“ in a different way. Time spent with a family and friends cannot be spent for nothing. The office is my workplace, but at the same time and my playground, a backyard, the house on a tree.

From the book “It Is Happy at Home“