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What is a horoscope actually?

Article briefly acquaint with the fact that itself represents a horoscope actually: as it looks what information contains in it that her knowledge and so forth gives us

Daily reading horoscopes on the Internet, the mobile phone, newspapers and magazines, their listening on radio or television - today one of the most popular occupations around the world. For us this opportunity opened more than a quarter of the century ago, but as it is paradoxical, despite such long time and transition to information century, most of people still does not know today that it itself actually represents a horoscope. As it looks what data contain in it for what it serves etc. And therefore they cannot obtain the correct and necessary information and right representation. For this reason, partly, as a result incorrect at us and idea of astrology. And this situation, certainly, demands arrangement of points over “i“ that delusions were succeeded by right understanding, and each person could benefit at most from knowledge of stars.

Actually the horoscope is a map of the sky. In it planets of Solar system, a star, a comet and some other space objects, on some certain exact timepoint are recorded the Sun. A certain photo of an arrangement of heavenly objects, its example it is possible to see on the image attached to article. As a timepoint for creation of a horoscope the beginning of any event can serve: the birth of the person, creation of a subject, acquaintance or the conclusion of the contract, departure in travel or a trip, registration of the enterprise, formation of a family or the state, etc. information Volume which is stored in a horoscope is so huge

that it in the size can be compared with a large book-depository or date - the center, and even more. This information represents the description of the play according to which all human life, a subject or some other object or education, from beginning to end will proceed. With the instruction not only the general and strategic provisions, but also tactical, technology of execution and realization, all fine and concrete details, a full and exhaustive portrait with all list of characteristics, and also all options of succession of events. In a horoscope, including, there is information and on time when it is possible to make changes to the play what options and contents they have. And it only the main thing, in the card is available a lot more useful and important information.

Except all this, the horoscope can be calculated on different formulas, and it allows to look at object under different corners that better to understand it and to study. For example, for the person it is possible to construct a horoscope of his household life, spiritual, health, interaction with an environment etc. In total such versions more than three tens. Without this information even very well educated person knows himself no more than for 15%.

Here It should be noted that have no relation to these horoscopes “love“, “sexual“ or “the mobile horoscope“ which can be met in mass media is already fruits of the imagination of journalists. And that we usually there read or we hear - it is only short treatment of the forecast from a horoscope per day, month, year or some other period at what for typical representatives of Zodiac signs. And them only 3%. In former years and decades the mark “for typical representatives“ was almost universal in editions. Its disappearance together with other factors also served emergence of ordinary and wrong estimates “horoscopes are inexact“, “astrology does not work“, etc.

It is also important to emphasize that the horoscope contains not strictly set program excluding adjustment and changes, namely the play which, it is similar to theatrical has some severity of laws in the basis, but at the same time in it there is a lot of freedom and it is possible to create and improvise.

It is easy to guess that the contents of such information in a horoscope allow to receive the full and real power and management over itself, the destiny and any situation which is separately taken in it. And by that - an opportunity not only to influence, but also to really change itself and the life. At what as shows experience, in most cases the potential of changes and our opportunities is so big that it is possible to reconstruct everything even radically. One of the main meanings, one of the main tasks consists in it and astrologies are more whole - to show to the person his real potential, a true portrait, possibilities of the development and a way to lives that it did not go on it to the touch, did not get lost, did not lose the chances and developed harmoniously and in a right direction.

Also simply from given above to understand that as the nature does not create doubles, to receive similar according to contents, quality and volume information from other sources it is impossible. There is no alternative of astrology also.

At a horoscope and its application there is a lot of opportunities, within one article it is impossible to tell about everything. The best way of acquaintance to all this information - to learn to build a horoscope independently, it feasible to any person. Or to get acquainted with the horoscope at the astrologer.