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New life: as I grew thin from 90 to 58 kg of

As long as I could remember, always was fat, and never it disturbed me. Because the high breast, a beautiful chestnut braid and a healthy flush were pleasant bonuses (alas, it was necessary to leave all this soon). I carried and pass - skirts, always had success in an opposite sex.

Married in marriage for love. The daughter was born. And here the first problems began. The weight gained during pregnancy (90 kg with a growth 165), did not leave as I hoped but only it was added. Disagreements with the husband began (it the role of the only supporter did not arrange, earlier I earned more it). He often did not spend the night at home, I waited for him with an unclaimed dinner which ate next day, “that was not gone“.

Here I for the first time learned that, appears, all call very full twenty-year-old girls “woman“. And what “such sizes is not sewed“. It was necessary to fall in love with clothes style and - la Alla of Pugachev - another did not approach. Problems with health were added, the endocrinologist wrote out tablets from which I began heartbeat. Hair got out packs, the breast after GV was blown off and became the strange size.

Ya came to work. Disagreements with the husband did not decrease. Learned suddenly that I “thick and ugly and not young“ (aha, in 29 years), - also filed for divorce. The husband came to the last court session with the thin young girl.

At 6 o`clock in the morning, still in the dark, I, having hastily taken coffee, rushed for work (the road one way took 2 hours), in the evening - too in the dark - came crawling home, tired, angry and hungry as a hunter - and devastated the refrigerator: ate everything prepared by my mother (it took away and brought the daughter from a garden). I at that time wore the “pregnant“ trousers (others did not approach). I was even often given way in transport: thought, the lady on snosyakh. I weighed then about 90 kg, in a mirror did not look, did not use cosmetics, my lipsticks dried up finally. During week-end walked with the daughter Masha, buying by themselves different sweets, is and there was all entertainment: to sit on a bench and to chew a roll.

When we with Masha went medical examination for receipt to school, the doctor defined at it degree of obesity and on ultrasonography fatty changes of a liver, and also a problem with joints.

it deafened Me by

: I could wave a hand on myself (more true, for a long time waved), but health of my child was paramount.

we began with

I new life. I left former work (the employer understood me and wrote the good recommendation), found another - closer to the house, with small loss of a salary, but it was possible to find more time for the child and to be at home more.

was engaged in

Ya in establishing healthy food. Now I prepared everything (earlier it was done by mother) and could think over the menu in advance. Carried all corn, sweets, a breading, potatoes, sausages from a diet. In our house the double boiler appeared. Fried dishes disappeared.

Also we with the daughter bought bicycles. At first just on days off rode near the house, then it turned into daily and nightly trips. Now we even participate in competitions and we do not miss any cycle race.

Also we had a new family member - a puppy Peas. Mother`s son - the thoroughbred fox terrier and not purebred father who remained incognito. It changed our life to the best: it was necessary to nurse him, to walk on 10 times a day, and also to get acquainted with all neighboring dog lovers.

In three years I grew thin from 90 kg to 58 kg. It was necessary to update completely clothes, but it only pleased me: farewell, “pregnant“ trousers! For memory of that time I had blouse of the huge size similar to a curtain. The daughter became thin, was very much extended, has the first sports category.

I did not make Any special discoveries in respect of weight loss, but here several moments which to me help to keep in shape:

Ware in the house I all replaced

This summer I for the first time am going to put on an open bathing suit and shorts. Began to try to catch on herself eyes of men again. By the way, the ex-husband was drawn on the horizon and suggested to start everything anew. But it to me is already uninteresting: already other inquiries and opportunities, and I wait for changes in the private life.

Lada Zapolsky