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Care of the kid: the most useful and interesting books. The review of

in the Summer, taking out kids on the dacha, many mothers worry from - for possible diseases, injuries and other troubles. Good books on care of babies will help to cope with alarm. The most interesting and useful editions for young mothers - in our review.

We will tell

to you about the most interesting editions devoted to motherhood. Domestic or foreign authors, encyclopedias or creative book projects, the books devoted to one aspect (pregnancy, childbirth, feeding) or covering all process from conception before the subsequent care of the kid - all of them will help you and your relatives to spend the forthcoming nine months with the maximum advantage and a precise mind.

However, it is worth to remember that even the best book will not replace the doctor, but also at any troubles you should not panic (and about female suspiciousness it is possible to compose legends), perhaps, your experiences are just the fly inflated to the sizes of an elephant.

to have to do to the Pregnant woman everything for two. There are no candies and cakes in kilograms, namely to think of that as as you eat. Healthy food - guarantee of health of future child and guarantee of your good mood.

Only lazy did not hear about “System minus 60“ which won huge popularity among women. Ekaterina Mirimanova, the author of a technique - mother, also knows firsthand about what any woman during this unusual period of life faces. Mirimanova is not the psychologist and not the doctor, but the writer, but writes the books in a co-authorship with experts - gynecologists, obstetricians, nutritionists, trainers. Means, it is possible to listen both to them, and to the organism. There is a wish for some chocolate? Eat - but in reasonable quantities, certainly.

the Married couple Marta and William Sirs - the popular authors who wrote more than 30 books about motherhood. He is pediatrician, she is a midwife, together they are parents of eight children. Sirs`s couple popularized a baby sling, a joint dream of parents and the child and feeding on demand. They in detail tell future parents about all stages preceding appearance of the child from the first to ninth month of pregnancy. Expectation of the kid - responsible and wonderful time, sometimes, that the woman needs to reconsider many of the habits. Therefore, the main thing - a positive spirit and self-confidence, in what you do, and a competent practical advice will not be superfluous. For example, what to do to future mother on the big term of pregnancy conveniently to fall asleep? It is correct to lay down! Authors advise to lay down on the left side and to enclose, at least, five pillows. Two under the head, two under the leg lying from above and one between a back and a mattress. Sweet dreams to mummy and kid!

Try to treat your new state with some share of humour. The good mood helps young mother easier to endure this difficult period. How to give birth to the child and not to lose itself? American Jane Saymons - the journalist and mother of two children who wrote the surprising, frank cheerful and informative book asked this question. Real woman always coquette:“ See enough for the future, darling: in the closest nine months of my waist to you not to see“. This and other remarks belong to the heroes of the book famous and not really. The edition is illustrated with pictures in 50 style - x years with ridiculous signatures.


and read, increase degree of your mood and be afraid of nothing! About all serious joking, easily and easy: vitamins, sugar level in blood, emotion, intimate life, physical activities, myths, superstitions and the medical truth.


Childbirth, certainly, natural and natural process, but it is necessary to approach it thoughtfully. The pregnant organism is similar to the classical car, it is harmful to them to overheat. Therefore the author advises to be prepared for a trip to maternity hospital in advance. To pack necessary things for itself and the child: several sets of free and convenient clothes from natural materials and still, which - what important trifles. Too you should not forget about a cosmetics bag, you still should smile to the photographer at an extract.

I here the happy moment came - the kid was born. What further? And is farther not and not less interestingly. In the very first days the child completely depends on you, and all your forces are directed to him. You turn into supermother even if beginning. Not you the first, not you the last: all mothers are concerned by absolutely identical fears - understanding it, it becomes far easier to live.



On everything needs time. Present it to yourself. Will pass one or two days, and you will feel comfortably in a new role. Even if the first days spent at home together with the kid will seem to you not such iridescent, it is not an occasion to be frightened and hang a label of a postnatal depression. The postnatal depression happens not so often, and unimportant emotional health - quite natural phenomenon for the first days after the birth of the kid. That and your husband did not have a stress (yes, it happens to newly made fathers too), divide all cares for two. Then nobody will feel left, thrown or forgotten.

At first young mothers concentrate on care of health of the kid. And it is correct. Domestic experts, Kaleriya Ladodo and Lidiya Druzhinina, tell everything about baby food. What the child from the birth and about one year has to eat? It is no secret that process of healthy food begins in a maternal womb. So mother has to eat properly both before childbirth and after them.

If you nurse

, then for certain know that breast milk - the most healthy food for the newborn. It is adapted for all features of digestion and a metabolism of the baby, contains all necessary elements in optimum quantities.“ Women`s milk contains free amino acid - tuarin, promoting maturing of the central nervous system and formation of sight“, - experts claim. During feeding it is important to women to observe the drinking mode: consume liquid, tea, milk, juice. If milk became less from - for a stress, prepare for yourself morkovno - milkshake. Development of breast milk is positively influenced by fennel, caraway seeds, fennel and an anise.

the Child grows at

, his organism begins to feel need for other minerals, vegetable proteins and mineral substances. When “the reflex of pushing out of a spoon“ disappears, experts advise to begin a feeding up. For this purpose recommend to use unicomponent vegetable or fruit juice. The quantity of new food has to be small: in total half of a teaspoon. Gradually at good tolerance of a product the amount of juice is increased. Experts recommend to begin with apple as it differs in low acidity and does not cause allergic reactions. During a feeding up flavoring habits of future adult are put. Here you also start the education mechanism.

the Psychology of the relations of parents and children is not less important

, than care of the kid, treatment of sores and a prorezyvaniye of zubik. Experts claim that education begins page. children`s crying and ours to it the relations! To rush to the child on the first call or to wait a little? Authors convince - one right recipe and one correct theory is absent. Listen to yourself and to the child, try to understand yourself and the kid. Do not charge-off the intuition. Intonations of crying, activity of movements, expression of eyes and turns of the head - the answer to your question whether what you do is pleasant to the child or not. Kids can react to the same situation differently. For example, boys differ from girls. Even when breastfeeding it is possible to notice a difference: boys are more active. Try - tear off it from process! And here girls are accurater and quiet.



to Each child needs an individual approach, it already, though very small, but the personality. Kids have various nervous system and temperament. Yes, newborns are divided into sanguine persons, choleric persons, melancholiacs and phlegmatic persons too. In the first days of life it is possible to define what psychotype your offspring treats. If with enthusiasm examines everything around and cries much - most likely, the choleric person. And here the little phlegmatic person will almost sleep and cry less than the others, just all the time because he is excessively patient. Actually, to such kid even more your attention is required, he there is nothing to you does not admit that this fold on a diaper well very much disturbs it.

the First year of life of the kid - very important period and in many respects defining, is put bases of health and development at this time, the child begins to open and perceive world around. A task of parents - not only to protect the baby, but also to lay the foundation of independence and further correct development.