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As I shaped up after the delivery

my forms, in principle, suit me. And always arranged. I am not a thin person, but what it matters if I am pleasant to myself and the husband? Any different techniques of diagnostics of excess body weight claimed that with a height of 164 cm and the weight of 56 kg I had no obesity. But after the birth of the second son I began to worry. Having gained 14 kg (and having strongly disturbed my obstetrician) during pregnancy, after the delivery I weighed 61 kg instead of habitual 56 kg.

Someone will tell

:“ The nonsense, is not enough“, but to me in that weight was uncomfortable, rather heavy, perhaps, though the clothes cardinally had not to be changed, and the husband only slightly bantered. I will tell about my technique of reduction of in a form.

I Will begin
  1. with the fact that weight loss I as it is told, “did not bother“. Truth! Excess weight did not concern me so to lose appetite and a dream. Upset a little - yes; influenced my mood - NO. As well as many not thin girls, at me had sitting periods on diets and daily campaigns in fitness - clubs. But if you are not a masochist and not a perfektsionistka, i.e. you do not derive pleasure from process, then I pound a little, and the mood spoils.
  2. the Best way to grow thin is to bring the small child.

I Joke, of course, but the grain of truth in it is. So many cares, efforts (especially if the child the first, and experience is not enough) lean at once that the first that does an organism - it grows thin. And if is more detailed, I often did not have time and/or forces for eating: I felt heavy responsibility for the kid and for any minor problems which happened to it, and of which I accused myself. In response to a stress my organism always grows thin (for each session at institute I dumped 2 - 3 kg on , which then on vacation “nayedat“ back).

With the child needs to walk daily, add to it that else it is necessary to come into shops to buy all necessary for it and to the house, and an infantile carriage - piece quite heavy so daily occupations on this “exercise machine“ fine slim.

of Mother of babies sleep a little, and from it you grow thin (if, of course, you do not “jam“ a sleep debt) though I will advise such way of weight loss to nobody!

  1. When the child grew up, and to it knocked year, I persuaded the husband to go for dances. Social dances are, perhaps, not really big loading for an organism, and changes of weight were not, but muscles fine stretched and came to a tone without any special exercises or exercise machines. Add to it the sea of a positive, good mood, the cheerful company and new acquaintances, and also the fact that we with the husband began to understand and feel better each other (who faced social dances, will understand me).
  2. All aforesaid is not new
  3. , and here my own “counter“: every time when I am very angry and/or upset, I twist a hoop or I swing a press until does not “release“ me, well, or I will not be tired yet. It very much promotes symmetry of a waist, and at the same time helps to cope with problems, and being in quieter state. I will sum up the result: especially without growing thin, I dumped in one and a half years 4 kg (to 57 kg). My weight and appearance are not ideal - but I am arranged. It seems to me, all of us have to aspire to it, but not to the imposed standards of weight and beauty.

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