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Porridge for the athlete. The first feeding up of the baby

your kid grows, and already from a certain age breast milk ceases to satisfy all needs of the child completely. Comes it is time to enter a feeding up!

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Specialists in baby food unanimously meet on the first place that before 4 months (17 weeks) you should not give a feeding up. Too early introduction of juice, porridges and mashed potatoes can provoke an allergy, iron deficiency anemia, violation of work of a stomach and intestines. However, too it is not necessary to delay input of a feeding up too. After 6 months with breast milk less than 50% of everything necessary for the kid of vitamins and minerals arrive. Deficiency of iron, calcium, zinc, energy at late (after 26 - 28 weeks of life) introduction of a feeding up can lead to formation of anemia, rickets, decrease in growth rates etc.

the Exact time of input of a feeding up depends on the child: it has to double weight at the birth, learn to sit on a lap mothers, to be able to turn away from a spoon and, of course, to show active interest in food in parental plates.

Having decided by

on time of the first feeding up, begin to choose products of baby food. In house conditions it is difficult to check vegetables for nitrate content, and grain on lack of dangerous fungi. Therefore the Russian pediatricians give preference to industrial products of a feeding up as they are made of high-quality raw materials, conform to strict hygienic requirements and indicators of safety, have the guaranteed chemical composition, including vitamin, irrespective of a season, various extent of crushing.

In the list of the first products of a feeding up for kids are especially allocated by squashes:

Richness of the choice

as the very first feeding up of porridge will be ideally suited for children at whom it is noted:


the Ideal beginning

For the first grain feeding up use nonmilk squashes without sugar and gluten. It is not casual, use of bezglyutenovy porridges (rice, buckwheat, corn) allows to avoid development of a tseliakiya (the specific inflammation in intestines caused by gluten which is in wheat, rye, millet). Lack of milk excludes probability of reaction to proteins of cow`s milk. Therefore Heinz for the first feeding up offers “low allergy“ nonmilk squashes from buckwheat, rice or corn. The rice squash in this list holds a specific place. In rice - the minimum quantity of food fibers therefore products on its basis possess the fixing properties and are optimum for children with an unstable chair. Besides, the rice squash well sates (with rather small power value!) also possesses low allergy properties, i.e. is ideally suited for the first feeding up. Enrichment of “A low allergy rice squash“ of Heinz calcium allows to take care, along with introduction of a feeding up, about health of bones and teeth of the kid.

After introduction of the first squash line for multicomponent products. The combination of several grain in multigrain squashes and addition of fruit impacts to ready squashes unique relish, allows - in one plate! - to combine useful properties of different products. The range of multigrain children`s Heinz porridges commands respect: here and squashes from 5 cereals, with fruit and without, and a special squash “before going to bed“. Many parents give to children of a squash not in the morning, and on the contrary, in the evening that the full kid slept peacefully, without waking up from hunger. A novelty of the Heinz “Multigrain Squash from 3 Cereals with a Linden and a Camomile“ company - the excellent choice for evening “meal“. Wheat and corn grain there is enough kaloriyna to provide to the child long feeling of satiety, and grits are rich with protein. Extract of a linden and a camomile promotes fast falling asleep and a quiet dream of the kid, and medicinal properties of a linden and a camomile promote the prevention of gripes, GAZ cars and other reasons of belly-aches which often prevent children to sleep. , of course, all squashes of Heinz it is simple and easy for p to prepare

I. It is not necessary to cook anything! It is enough to add warm (400C) waters, the necessary amount of porridge to a plate and to mix carefully. Squashes are well dissolved, without education hated to children of lumps, they do not need to be poured in a small bottle. They are rather dense to feed the kid from a spoon as it and is recommended by specialists in baby food. Squashes play an important role in food of children of early age. The wide range and a high nutrition value of Heinz porridges allow to choose an optimal variant of a feeding up for each child. Squashes of Heinz enjoy wide popularity among mothers, and in 2012 children`s squashes of Heinz received in Russia an honorary title “the choice of mothers № 1“ *.

Information on the Heinz company

C of 1869 the Heinz company, following philosophy of the founder G. J. Heinz “To do ordinary things unusually well“, is one of world leaders in baby food, makes and delivers the production more than to 100 countries of the world. The company installed strict monitoring systems of production at Heinz factories around the world, applying the latest scientific developments and technological achievements to production of baby food.

natural properties of fruit and vegetables in ready-made products allow to keep

of the Production technology of Heinz. Heinz makes the whole series, products, necessary for a full-fledged diet of the child, - porridges, mashed potatoes, cookies, vermicelli, tea, juice.

A for the full-fledged healthy growth and development of kids production is in addition enriched with vitamins and minerals.

of Heinz Baby in Russia

Breast milk - the most useful to your kid. Before introduction of a feeding up consult with the pediatrician.

* by results of the researches Baby Index. Goods and services for children to 4 - x years: preferences of mothers“ 2012/II wave, carried out by LLC Sinoveyt Komkon