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First aid to your skin of

Beautiful skin - the best ornament. Ordinary phrase, isn`t it? But what you put in it? Perhaps, healthy flush and equal complexion? Or clean skin without inflammations? And maybe, absence of wrinkles?

you are right

, all this is important - but it is not everything, and the speech not only about the person. Very few people remember at once such imperfections which nullify all efforts on care of body skin at once. Warts. Presented and shuddered? Nothing surprising, fastidiousness in relation to them is almost an instinct.


the Virus nature

to explain what such categoriality is connected with, we will make small retreat about the nature of warts. Their emergence is connected with one of types of a virus of papilloma of the person. Getting on skin, on condition of the weakened immunity he infects healthy fabrics that he leads to formation of recognizable rough consolidation of an oval form. In most cases it occurs at direct contact with the infected skin, however is shown not at once, and several weeks of the incubatory period later.

From the most widespread types of warts is distinguished ordinary - they can appear on palms, fingers of hands, elbows, - and plantar which resemble ordinary superficially, but settle down on stupnyakh and toes. Besides that these new growths have not esthetic appearance, they possess very unpleasant property - ability to an autoinokulyation, in other words to distribution on adjacent healthy fabrics. For lack of treatment one small wart can quite turn into five and for this reason it is recommended to get rid of such gifts as soon as possible. It is obvious that to remove a small wart more simply and quicker, than old and large.

Fight against warts

But that, actually, such “house warts medicine“? Infusion of a wormwood or the potato tuber exorcized by the folk healer? Fortunately, today such tricks will not be necessary for you.

Relatively recently one of the most popular clinical methods of removal of warts was adapted by

for house application. It is about cryodestruction which is based on impact of low temperatures on an affected area of skin. As a rule, it is painless and simple procedure as a result of which the frozen infected fabrics exfoliate over time, and under them the healthy and uninjured skin is restored.


In beauty shops for this purpose apply liquid nitrogen, and means of WARTNER ® will be suitable for removal in house conditions; Cryo. It is comfortable in use: in a set, except the bottle with coolant, the convenient holder and 12 disposable applicators enters. It means that it is possible to use means 12 times. It quite has to be enough to stop distribution of warts in your family.

the Main condition - exact observance of all points of the instruction. So, for removal of new growths on hands it will be required to 20 - second influence, and for warts on stupnyakh - 40 - second. Besides, it is impossible to use WARTNER ® at all; Cryo for removal of warts on other parts of a body, except palms, a foot and fingers. If the wart began to change color or a form, it is necessary to consult as soon as possible with the dermatologist - in this case only he will be able to appoint suitable treatment.



Thus, quite often to take care of skin, do not need difficult saloon procedures - it is possible to keep beautiful smooth skin of all family in house conditions and without excess efforts!

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