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Jealousy of damned

twenty minutes of the eighth, and blessed had to return to seven. The second time in a week is late. And suddenly it changes me?! And as me managed to marry such prominent man! Now I stay at home with the child and I wind myself.

you Think, I am a cranky, hysterical woman? At all not. To a marriage considered herself as the clever and judicious woman, tried to prove everyone and everything that jealousy - destiny of fools that it humiliates the person, and in general, spouses have to trust each other. Who could think that I will turn suddenly into Othello in a skirt.

What to do? Perhaps to employ the private detective? Will bring me in a week a pack of the photos showing as the husband “is late at work“: the secretary in night-clothes, it - in boxer shorts. How he can act this way with me?! It seems, I faint: in fog everything, the head is turned.

Oh as though the door slapped? Returned! With flowers. To me? And it to me? I - the most favourite? (It is blubbered such and with red spots on a face?) There is no, darling, I did not get sick. Just the jealousy damned tortured!

the Comment of the psychologist S. K. Nartova - Bochaver:

the Jealousy from the woman is some infantilism of the personality and dissoluteness. It as well as envy, arises when comparing itself with someone more successful. That it did not occur, it is necessary to be positive positively to all the acquisitions, especially by the child`s birth. You should not forget that the period of communication with the baby will end soon and can repeat any more any more never therefore it is necessary to manage to receive from it the mass of positive emotions. To mother it is necessary not only to worry, but also to show the pleasure and deep satisfaction from what she tests, to behave so that she was envied by the people around deprived of similar pleasure. Besides, it is worth finding an interesting side job and to show the solvency not only in motherhood, but also in the professional sphere, and even to arrange peculiar “self-realization competition“ with own husband.

Of course, it is necessary to behave in a tone and not to be dismissed: negligence and the soiled dressing gown will not add the spouse of desire early to come back home, and on the contrary will force to be lost in contemplation of slender and well-groomed colleagues and, perhaps, to seek entertainments elsewhere. The husband has to be sure that behavior of his spouse and her appearance - model for imitation and a subject of his pride.

If darling nevertheless is lost in contemplation of other girls, it is, of course, a bad sign. It is unlikely, the motherhood and the changed way of life of the wife became the reason for that. Probably, communication between spouses - both spiritual, and intimate weakened, - and to the husband family life became uninteresting. Means, it is necessary to change something in house life and a thicket to happen together, and the general household chores and family holidays will help with it.