Rus Articles Journal

Where we lived to a birth? The Sky the winter will pour over


prisypit the soft earth a snowball.
In our possession, having looked haughtily,
as a dream, will swim in clouds. Gentle flakes in a palm squeeze
. be not afraid of
of the Sky, and sleep - fall asleep

On a pink cloud the sun lives,
In lilac shape floats evening,
On yellow longs willful fire,
the Side blue shines rain water,
On white comfortably fell asleep the moon,
Green pretended to be the fairy tale.
of the Bead - squeeze stars in a palm, be not afraid of
of Night, and sleep - fall asleep

In transparent houses of a charodeyka live, animals on a visit call
In carved towers,
of the Entertainment opened the house gold,
Crafty gnomes - the palace blue, the Crimson house own
A lodged in blue houses whales. Pebbles in a handful collect
more safely, exhausting with
be not afraid, and sleep - fall asleep Whales forget

about the ocean,
Flowers sing words of the distant countries,
to them birds and butterflies to act in the winter,
as from the South they arrive home. Ripe clusters of fruits collect
, be not afraid of
of the wood, and sleep - fill up

red pines There, there squirrels live,
and star locks on the sky float.
to us dreams light the sparks,
I everything understand one cornflowers.
take cover More warmly, close eyes, be not afraid of
of a blizzard, and sleep - fall asleep

Where we lived to a birth?

Where we lived to a birth?
In the gold singing thickets,
We looked for adventures
in summer solar gardens.
In the star nursery all loved
us - the players flying.
our angels forgot
about grieves and works.

What the planet
in a weightless waltz is turns?
We are the famous tramps,
children of musical spheres,
we go to Earth,
to test that the friendship means,
we are creators and squabblers,
stars of future premieres. by

Choosing mother with the father,
we connected them by love,
as they wait for us and love,
we is the most important for them.
do not mourn if the father
does not live with you now,
even if he will forget
birthday of yours.

is Trusted by me, you will become an adult:
wise, knowing, brave.
you Are responsible for all, you will keep
of the fairy tale in heart.
I to the country where to act stars,
you will come back once,
to that country where all of us are children.
do not forget it, the KID.