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After the delivery: where extra kilos of

in our country - time of the exhausting heat leave Summer, and one this fact already promotes weight loss. Yes, together with extra kilos, but together with them - forces, energy and cheerfulness leave then.

If we lived where - nibud in the north, trainings in the gym could become alternative to our Tashkent summer. And not simple, and on serious power simulators. But, as they say, the house is the house, and we appreciate and we love it. And besides, even in the conditions of hot climate pyshechek among a fine half of the population is enough here!

But I want to tell


about own ways of fight against excess weight. Yes what there fight - it never was also trace! But about everything on - to an order.


in the Spring of last year at me gave birth the little son, and now it reached that age with different versions of the names “look in both“, “do not yawn“, “toropyzhka“, “runner“, “fidget“. Though all this is perfectly replaced with one definition: healthy, active kid. And in order to avoid injuries and preservation of good mood it was necessary to become active also to his mother, that is me! Before leaving in a maternity leave, I spent the whole day at office, at the computer, coming off it only to come to kitchen and to eat, or to make tea. Such sedentary life was not in vain, and persistently reminded of itself, especially at direct contact with a mirror. But after the child`s birth everything changed. I realized that emergence in a family of the baby is the second chance for parents to return to the childhood. And I stay there more than a year! What was only not during this time! At first - invoicing of circles on the room in attempts to lull my child weighing 3800 (4900, 5800 and further on increasing) grams. Then, together with my Kostik, or rather in turn - performance of a set of exercises on a gymnastic ball, that is a fitball. On this huge green sphere there was also a part of my fatty deposits! On a back, on strengthening of buttocks on such ball it is much easier to carry out exercises on a press, than in the standard way as loading is distributed evenly, and efforts it is necessary to spend less.

Then the most interesting began

: my little son learned to creep - and mother had to get up on all fours too and to investigate each corner in the apartment. Together with weight loss it gave a set of other bonuses - I could estimate the dangers trapping the child at height of his eyes and hands, and in time to eliminate them. And for cleaning the new horizons opened!

Then the peanut began to creep very quickly - acceleration had to be included also to me. And in breaks between crawling Kostik kept a tight rein on mother, without allowing to relax and get out of a shape. To which of mothers this are not familiar infinite running from kitchen in a bathtub, from a bathtub - in a bedroom, from a bedroom - on walk, from walk - again on kitchen, and so around the whole day. And then the kid falls asleep, you, being ready to drop, sit down at the computer, and the husband comes with words here: “It is good to you at home, you have a rest! And I here was dog-tired!“

of the Tired supporter needs to feed, wash the dishes urgently. Yes what I tell: the list of all household chores is infinite, and I am not a hero, each young mother passed all this way, and many - and more than once. Just for my figure such active movement became saving - in a year I returned to that weight which I had during the most harmonous time of life - 53 kilograms.“ The movement is life“ - difficultly not to agree with it, and for women, I am sure, the movement is also youth, grace and beauty.

there Came the summer, and it means that couple more of kilograms will sink into a non-existence. My members of household began to glance at me cautiously, and accidentally add a sound if on the TV there is a transfer about anorexia. Of course, I calm them the excellent appetite - the feeding mother is not recommended to hold a diet!


And for a lazy season - winter, at me prepared an effective way how to keep the weight is a contrast shower - the real panacea for health and beauty.

Ania Gritsenko