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How to come on journalism faculty to MSU? A look of the entrant of

this year before me all - treasured doors of faculty of journalism of Lomonosov Moscow State University opened in honor of what I would like to share this article with everyone to treat on the journalism faculty of MSU which is so loved by me, and also those who consider that it is unreal! I only did not hear

of What within the last academic year! Daily tens of excuses and sneers of parents and friends poured to me on the head: “you should not dream of the budget“, “nothing comes out of the sack but what was in it“, “to get to MSU it is unreal“ and so on. However not, and the heads are higher it was succeeded to jump, and on the budgetary office got! How exactly - now I will tell.

Passed the Unified State Examination not in the best way, in the sum for three examinations (Russian, literature, English) 231 points were got. After delivery of state exams I hurriedly began to prepare for internal. June courses about which it is possible to learn on the official site of faculty helped with some measure, but you should not hope that visit of courses or School of the Young Journalist guarantees receipt. Courses and ShYuZh help to understand what is internal test and what it is necessary to prepare in the future, no more for.

So, internal test, or a creative competition, is carried out in July and consists of two stages.

The first stage - the creative composition , in 2014 passed on July 11.

At choice of entrants two subjects were offered: And “If the friend appeared “Interview with the class teacher“ suddenly...“. The genre could be chosen any, but as explained to us on courses if in a subject it is in advance defined, how, for example, in the first, then it is worth writing exactly as want: interview is told - means, there has to be an interview, however work not necessarily has to consist entirely of one interview, it is enough insert at least its fragment.

First of all it is necessary to choose a problem - to think up what to write about, it is worth trying with original heading as for it additional points are put. It is important to remember that work has to be sustained in a certain style, existence of 1 - 2 acute, actual issues and at least 5 references to the source of information is obligatory (it is, as a rule, said about it how you passed creative test and send to display of works). It is better not to use hackneyed trite phrases and not to pour proverbs yes sayings. In spite of the fact that many teachers on courses advise not to risk, high points can be got if work is original, and for this purpose sometimes it is necessary to risk with the choice of a subject. Only about 4 hours are given, check of works takes several days then results are hung out on the official site.

The second stage is necessary to you only if you successfully passed the first, namely gained more than 27 points (this year the threshold through passage was lowered by three points). I will remind that the maximum number of points for the composition - 70.

If you the good fellow also gained enough points, then on July 17, 18 or 19 (date and time of the second stage the commission defines) you are expected by an editorial task . It is the following: the entrant comes to time for faculty fixed for him, passes in audience where the commission sits, in the old manner delays the ticket a subject (the subject can be any, as a rule, it something very extensive: the fashion, health, smoking, unemployment, roads, books, small business, theater, space and so on), is given ten minutes on preparing the plan of material for this subject. At first it is necessary to define a genre: interview, reporting (thematic or event), sketch etc. After you decided on a genre, think up interesting heading and a lead if it is pertinent, further throw on a draft copy step by step the course of work on material:

1) a source of information or from where you learn about a topic which you will cover;

2) as you plan to collect information;

3) whom you will interview (questions it is obligatory to paint - they will need to be read to the commission);

4) to what help specifically of experts you will resort;

5) for what source you do this material.

You have to stipulate each point of the plan. If you forget something, you can be asked, but it is better to forget nothing!

After you presented the plan, the commission asks you questions with the purpose to reveal your level of erudition. Questions can be any! At least it is necessary to know all territorial subjects of the Russian Federation with the capitals; if you not from Moscow, ask questions of the city in which you live, will ask to call important historical events with dates, large media holdings and names of persons who head them. To put it briefly, it is necessary to study not only elements of geography, history and social science, but also information on all significant persons in the sphere of journalism. And, of course, always try to be aware of the events in the world as and about what channels you watch and that on them is transferred, asked!

Arriving next year sincerely I wish good luck because they are waited very also by very hard summer!