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``For what I love England``: one in London

you Remember this nostalgic school United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland? From one name of Great Britain I feel as the yesterday`s romantic little girl reading the next detective story of Agatha Christie in the original avidly and dreaming to appear on tea drinking in some respectable hotel just as the real English lady!

my Great Britain has

no competitors: I love it long ago, hopelessly and forever... I love for the fact that it always changes, but at the same time remains same noble and refined, the real example for imitation as the lady who is changing dresses, but not changing the essence.

Ya I love England for inimitable sense of humour (glory to Monty Python, Dzhivs and Worcester!) . For the Bond with its cocktails and racing cars. For the music, best in the world, - for Beatles, Queen, Led Zeppelin, Sex Pistols, Oasis and Damon Albarn. For me England is not something conservative and inert, and one of the most dynamic and magnetic places in the world. And still - British absolutely not envious and, in my opinion, differ in the best sense of humour in the world, not without reason expression “the English humour“ means a mental ability to notice their comic parties in the phenomena. They are always ready to smile, praise, pay a compliment. Among them many odd fellows are but odd fellows rather lovely and amusing. Also they excellent, just born dealers - in the market in Camden you will not manage and to look back as to you something will be pushed with the sweetest smile. I got on this rod while all life considered herself as the person judicious and logical: sold me a dresser of the 19th century - ancient, heavy, having promised that it will perfectly look in my Izhevsk apartment. In me about fifty kilograms, and the English dresser was only twice easier... How I brought it to Izhevsk, it is possible to write separate history.

So, dreaming of a cup of the English tea after long walk across London, chilled from unfriendly wind, I came into one of pubs... also took couple of glasses of beer. Do not think nothing bad, just the sweetest waiter told that in their pub very tasty beer. After excellent “tea drinking“ of a leg incurred me on the market, by the way, in England the best markets - and improbable shopping. Result of my spontaneous shopping: a leather jacket of a coloring of the English flag, the Scottish kilt for the husband and the rare moonshine still... for the father. It is necessary to explain that I work at office, I wear classical clothes, the husband at me - very conservative person, and the father does not take alcohol at all. You think, after these adventures I was not in England any more? By no means!

Geniuses, alchemists, adventurers, the best minds and the most desperate heads - all aspired to England so if in you there is something similar, you will not be able to resist charm of this place - will attract you there again and again...

Olga Saltykova