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Lists of references for younger and high school. That it to allow to read reading for summer of

the child? All good parents ask this question. Especially actually this question sounds now when the child spends time at the dacha and does not even think of opening the book and to read the first paragraph. We offer you lists of home reading: the most interesting books for all summer for school students of different age.

Children`s publishing houses annually release

thousands of books and how to understand this variety of styles, genres and directions, sometimes absolutely unclear.

A even not less difficult question of age is. Whether not rather early to read “The mysterious island“? And whether “Sherlock Holmes“ will be interesting to a ten-year school?

In such questions wants not to guess, and to trust in authoritative professionals.

First of all, this opinion of teacher`s community. It is no casual in the school program there is a home reading. It is some kind of bridge thrown from school in house life. The main task of home reading - to awaken in the child interest in a literary world outside the training program, to teach him to thoughtful conscious reading. And it is useful then to pupils during SFE and USE, with their artful questions and analytical tasks!

the Teacher forms lists of home reading for each age, selecting the most suitable works of domestic and foreign literature. He solves, proceeding from interests and needs of the pupils and their level of development with what works to add school lessons of literature.

in the Winter of 2013 of the Ministry of Education and Science published the list of 100 books on history, culture and literature of the people of the Russian Federation recommended to school students for independent reading. The list generated a set of discussions, however the fact that it has advisory nature is important and it will be regularly updated and be processed. It is some kind of the best of domestic literature from which both the teacher, and the parent can make a start.

Alternative lists of the recommended literature were made by teachers within All-Russian online - poll on home reading. More than 4500 teachers and parents who answered questions that as well as why modern children at school and at home read took part in this large-scale research. The lists made by teachers included the literature “checked“ not by one generation of school students. Before you a top - 10 books recommended by teachers for elementary and high school, you can study other list here.

Home reading for children 6 - 10 years

Home reading for children 11 - 14 years

Skilled teachers advise “scarlet sails“ to parents to pay attention to quality of reading, but not to the number of the “swallowed“ pages: let the child read a little, but completely “acquires“ material.

And how to understand what acquired?

it is the Most important

, experts say, it is not simple to ask control questions, and to involve children in discussion of books by means of various quizes, games, the presentations based on read;“ to consolidate effect“ by visit of theatrical performances, screen versions, excursions in the literary museum and on exhibitions of a book illustration. In other words - immerse the child in a literary world with the head, and he will surely read with pleasure!

However all creative efforts of the teacher will pass

for nothing if the child has no practice of reading house. The love to books arises in a family which most often and becomes the catalyst of literary hobbies of the child. It is brightly shown by results of poll. Teachers and parents are uniform in many questions concerning home and house reading. Contrary to classical installation, the majority considers that the child cannot force to be read. It needs to be induced and motivated softly, first of all, with a personal example.

you Want

that the child began to read? Read and, the most important, read aloud!

according to 80% of teachers and 68% of parents, it is necessary to read aloud and it is useful for children of any age: to both kids, and mladsheshkolnik, and teenagers.

I do not despair if the child does not start on the book under no circumstances.

many parents face

such problem: only 15% from among participants of poll note that their children read much, not according to the program and without reminder.

I of only 44% is claimed that during vacation children read more books.

Experts in reply recommend to build in reading a daily daily routine, for example, to allow some time before going to bed. Regular reading is the key to success.


At the same time poll that most of school students keeps within time recommended by teachers. Younger school students have to give to independent reading on average 3 - 4 hour in a week, and senior - not less of 5 - 6 hours.

the Important practical result of poll formation of lists for home reading on age became nobr>. Online - poll generalized experience not only teachers, but also parents who recommend the best books for reading with children too.

of the Book for independent reading by children 6 - 10 years

of the Book for independent reading by children 11 - 14 years

Lists of books for home reading will be excellent help as for teachers who watch relevance of the recommendations, and for parents who can study now what enjoys special popularity at children of this or that age.

Completely recommended lists and the report you can look at