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We choose the obstetrician - the gynecologist for conducting pregnancy

Intimate health - a thing fragile. And if men, being by definition more pragmatic, go to the urologist without special expectations as regards a psychological situation and emotional comfort, then at women everything is differently. To the woman it is important that the doctor whom she allows in an inner sanctum, caused absolute trust and only positive emotions.

Especially it is important

for future mothers who sharply feel what the choice of the obstetrician - the gynecologist they do for two - for themselves and future kid. So there is a wish that yet not been born little man felt care, heat and sincere interest in the destiny.

everything is arranged to

In clinic of the international Medicine level so that future woman in labor felt the surrounded care and attention. To services of patients the most modern digital equipment which equipped office of obstetrics and gynecology. Screening inspections, an ultrasonic fetometriya, 3D - and 4D - ultrasonography - techniques for high-quality diagnostics of a condition of the pregnant woman and a fruit a set, they are made related by the highest informational content and absolute safety. In clinic “Medicine“ is also own laboratory ready to quickly make all necessary analyses. Inspections and conducting pregnancy in clinic are carried out according to standards and the order MZ Russian Federation.

Valuable feature of clinic is that there are doctors specializing in problem pregnancies: with the aggravating pathologies, not incubation, a Rhesus factor - the conflict, etc. Enormous experience and high qualification of doctors help to build safely the heaviest pregnancies, up to the happy final - the birth of the healthy kid.

Special popularity in clinic “Medicine“ genetic tests among future parents enjoy

. People want to know precisely what hereditary diseases and with what share of probability they can transmit to posterity. Scientists developed the tests helping to define many serious hereditary illness at children for identification of similar risks. Genetic test is without fail recommended to be passed to the people having hereditary family diseases, experience with harmful substances, to women 35 years, in particular, are more senior if in the past abortions, the stood pregnancy, the deadborn child etc.

the Human body - a whole took place. The reproductive system exists in close connection with other systems of an organism: nervous, it is warm - vascular etc.“ Medicine“ - clinic versatile, its capacities allow to consider all nuances of functioning of an organism. Therefore also women observe experts of all vital directions. And not only women, but also her partner. In a situation when pregnancy is planned or the expected pregnancy for any reasons does not come, it is extremely important. It is important that the gynecologist worked in a tandem with the urologist and doctors of other specializations conducting couple. On supervision of doctors, such the integrated approach becomes the main guarantee of emergence of healthy posterity. An integrated approach - some kind of “business card“ of clinic “Medicine“. For doctors it is a possibility of full assistance to patients, and for patients - strong confidence that all under control plus elementary comfort. It is convenient and reliable when all doctors “near at hand“ also work in a sheaf.


For women with gynecologic diseases provided supervision and treatment - both in policlinic, and in a hospital that provides full and faultless continuity of stages of treatment. The clinic “Medicine“ is the modern gynecologic surgery conducting in the sphere at women of any age category. As indications to surgery most often serve endometriosis, myoma of a uterus, a tumor and a cyst of ovaries, giperplaziya and so forth. The preference is given to aim low-invasive manipulations in clinic by means of hysteroscopy and a laparoscopy. The low injury of similar operations allows patients to leave home in day of operation after hysteroscopy or for the 3rd day after a laparoscopy.

Diagnostics and treatment of gynecologic diseases and infertility, the program of extracorporal fertilization (EKO), preparation for pregnancy and its maintenance up to childbirth, supervision of kids from the first days of life - all this composed safe female destiny have personal measurement for each patient. Full immersion in a personal situation is, along with an integrated approach , the basic principle of delivery of health care in clinic “Medicine“.

C of 1990 thousands of women and men entrusted intimate health and wellbeing of the kids to specialists of clinic “Medicine“. People come here, the establishments impressed with the royal status.“ The medicine“ is the only clinic in Russia accredited according to the international JCI standards (Joint Commission International). It is the most prestigious international certification in the field of health care recognized by “the gold standard“ of quality. Besides, the clinic “Medicine“ is included into association of the leading clinics of Switzerland (SLH), and in 2012 is recognized as the best private clinic of Moscow. But people remain faithful to clinic, of course, not from - for its regalia. The feeling of confidence, security and comprehensive care with which they are surrounded by personnel is much more important. And still people appreciate efficiency and comfort, it is so natural!

Office of gynecology of clinic “Medicine“, the center for treatment of infertility and EKO, pediatric office - “links“ of one “chain“ - health of mothers and kids.