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Breastfeeding or mix? And, maybe, wet nurse?

did not manage to be nursed? You do not hurry to transfer the kid to artificial feeding. There is other exit - bank of donor milk.

Donors hurry to the aid

to representatives of the highest estates was forbidden to feed Couples centuries ago children with the milk. Similar was considered obscene. Presence of the wet nurse was obligatory for a noble family. But sometimes the maternal instinct got the best, and ladies of light neglected decencies, shocking society.

Today women who hurry to separate the child from a breast are surprising or at all refuse to put it. But what to do if owing to the objective reasons there is no lactation? It is possible to transfer the child to artificial mixes. Or to address to bank of donor milk. But whether is such in our country?

Milk from bank

of Officially registered banks of donor breast milk in Russia is not present

yet. And here in Europe their more than 180. There is even the European association of banks of milk. “Contribution“ is made in the form of donations, that is on a grant basis.

Earlier in some large Russian cities collection points for milk at maternity hospitals existed. Now almost all of them are closed. But the tradition of mutual aid among young mothers is still live.“ Dairy banks“ begin to revive.

Who hands over to

milk? First of all, women with a hyper lactation. At some after the delivery runs from 500 ml to 1 l of milk a day - in excess of what their babies eat.

Some offer

the milk free of charge, others - for money. The price of 1 l of milk in Moscow reaches 1000 rubles.

Invaluable advantage

Why at abundance of mixes for artificial feeding to be engaged in searches of donor milk? Doctors are sure: women`s milk all the same more preferable option for the baby, than industrial mixes. It is acquired better, in it remains ideal mineralno - proteinaceous structure, the risk of emergence of nekrozny enterokolit at the child is less.

Pasteurization of the decanted milk minimizes losses of its useful properties. Only the part of vitamins and some immunoglobulins leaves. Experts consider that impact of donor and “native“ milk on an organism of the kid is approximately identical.

Especially premature children need such help. Pediatricians came to a conclusion that newborns with extremely low weight can give only breast milk. Means, demand for it will grow!

Feyskontrol for the wet nurse

you decided to find to the child dairy mother? Consider a number of criteria.

the Age difference of your baby and his foster brother (sister) has to make no more than two - three months. In this case the composition of liquid is optimum. If the child of the wet nurse is much more senior, milk will correspond not quite to inquiries of your kid.

of Age criteria for mother - the donor does not exist. But there are a lot of requirements to a state of her health. It has to provide the certificate of absence of chronic and infectious diseases. Contraindications: exacerbation of infectious diseases, smoking, application of nicotinic preparations, alcohol.

If the woman for the last year did to

blood transfusion, change of fabrics or bodies, punctures of a body or a tattoo - its milk is no good. Donors among vegetarians, mothers who regularly take medicine and those who within the last five years were treated for oncology are not welcomed.

Expert: Vera Goncharova, consultant of AKEV, pediatrician of the highest category, national teacher of WHO / UNICEF of breastfeeding, Zelenograd