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How to learn to photograph. 8 rules of composition

Some pictures turn out successful, and some do not draw attention of the viewer at all. Most often it is connected with observance or non-compliance with composite rules. Let`s consider 8 rules of interposition of elements of the photo.

Any picture has to make to

sense. The successful embodiment of a creative idea depends not only on extent of possession of technical parameters of a chamber, but also on that, how clearly the photographer, let and the beginner, imagines contents of future photo. Unfortunately, in advance it is impossible to give the composite decision for each plot - such decisions can be much. Nevertheless, there are elementary rules which remain true for all shootings.

needs to be operated the viewer`s look, it is correct to place accents. The picture has to have syuzhetno - the composite center allocated in the most successful way.

How to operate the viewer`s look

the Rule of thirds (the simplified rule of a golden ratio). If to divide a shot into three equal parts across and down, then will turn out four points of intersection - it is so-called knots of attention. In these points it is better to have the main objects of a shot.

the Vast majority of the viewers examine the photo in the order of knots of attention 1 - 2 - 3 - 4, and most stare at the top left knot of attention (2).

the Horizon has to be horizontal. you Hold a chamber exactly that it was not necessary to correct the photo, turning it on the necessary corner by means of the special computer program. If you hear the phrase “The horizon is filled up“, then the speech not about the visible line of the horizon in which the earth meets with the sky and which goes on nature only in the pictures made. In the photo this phrase means that horizontals are inclined rather top or lower party of a picture, and a vertical - concerning its left or right side. For example, if the picture of model is made in the room at a window and at the same time it turned out that the window sill and eaves are located at an angle, then most likely it is not strange design of the room, namely the horizon is filled up - that is the photographer unevenly held a chamber. In other words, the image should not be inclined if it is so not conceived.

Rule of diagonals. At creation of a shot use the natural diagonal or just inclined lines formed by the road, walls, plants and other objects in a shot. Such lines direct the viewer`s look to what you want to show in a picture. It not only gives to the photo volume, but also emphasizes idea of a picture. At the same time the lines ascending from left to right give to a plot dynamics, and descending - tranquility.

Geometrical prospect. the Prospect is a representation of objects on the plane such what they see each other to us in space. It is possible to give volume to a picture, having photographed the person, for example, against the removed street. The decreasing houses and as if the parallel sides of the street which are crossed in the distance turn the flat photo into “volume“.

Voice-frequency prospect. can Give volume to the image also by means of light and color. If the foreground of the photo is more dark back, then the feeling of depth because dark objects seem closer to the viewer, and light - more remote amplifies.

Background of object of shooting. the Background is minor, but important part of a picture. Avoid bright spots against object of shooting if they are not part of a creative idea. Also you watch that the object of shooting did not merge with a background. A white background for the blonde dressed in a white t-shirt - not the best choice of the photographer.

Forward, average and back plans. Use of these three plans will also help to give to a picture volume. If you photograph, for example, the manager on his workplace, then on the foreground place the laptop or books on a table, on average - the person, and the room will act as a background of a picture. So the photo will turn out volume and will be filled with sense.

Harmony. Correctly made composition (all over the world, to color, lines and other factors) has to lead to obtaining the harmonious photo in which it is easy to read the sense put by the author.

it is desirable for p to Conform to these rules, but it does not mean what needs to be photographed on a template. Combine rules with what prompts imagination. The photo is a creativity, create!

the Task Print

  1. or open several works of the famous photographers in one of graphic computer programs (they can be loaded from the Internet, having entered in any searcher inquiry “masterpieces of the world photo“).
  2. Divide pictures by means of a ruler by the rule of thirds and on diagonals. Try to define where are located syuzhetno - the composite centers of pictures - in knots of attention or on diagonals.
  3. by
  4. Choose the photos corresponding to each point:
    • of a photo with geometrical prospect;
    • of a photo with voice-frequency prospect;
    • of a photo with the unsuccessful choice of a background;
    • of a photo with use of forward, average and back plans. Consider each detail of composition of these pictures and try to understand why the author chose such way of the embodiment of creative idea.

From the book “How to Photograph People“